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Dre Kirkpatrick has allowed one touchdown in his entire life

02.26.12 at 4:19 pm ET

INDIANAPOLIS — These Alabama defenders sure have been entertaining at the scouting combine.

A day after Crimson Tide linebacker Courtney Upshaw dissed the Patriots, it was Alabama cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick who had the reporters chuckling on Sunday.

Kirkpatrick was asked whether he had given up any touchdowns last season as a junior.

“Yes sir, I did,” he replied. “Florida game. My only one. First ever.”

Later, the very serious Kirkpatrick clarified his answer by saying calling the touchdown he allowed the “first ever in my life.”

Kirkpatrick said his lifelong streak of having never allowed a touchdown dated back to when he started playing football in eighth grade. Then came the first play of Alabama’s Oct. 1 meeting with Florida.

“I don’t know the receiver name, but he ran a fade route on me,” Kirkpatrick said. “I was just playing over aggressive, too hyped up on the first play of the game and just misread my steps.”

He admitted he didn’t want to know the receiver’s name, but it was Florida sophomore Andre Dobose. Kirkpatrick didn’t have a single interception as a junior, but when you never allow touchdowns, you don’t get thrown on much.

As an Alabama product, there’s the Patriots connection given that Kirkpatrick played under Nick Saban. Kirkpatrick said he played mostly man coverage, but Saban has prepared him be good in zone as well.

“With Coach Saban, we play a lot of both,” he said. “A lot of man, a lot of zone, a lot of off. It’s pretty much everything. The main thing we really play is man, bump and run, but I feel like I’m very happy where I’m at with [my zone skills].”

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