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Matt Light: Indy’s Dwight Freeney was the best I’ve ever played against

05.07.12 at 3:59 pm ET

Matt Light (AP)

FOXBORO — Working as a left tackle in the NFL, you get a chance to come across some of the best edge rushers in the league on a daily basis, and in his 11 years as the man charged with protecting Tom Brady’s backside, Matt Light had a chance to see them all. On Monday, I asked him about the best he’s ever gone against, and he said it was Indianapolis’ Dwight Freeney.

“He’s a guy that I had a lot of respect for. It’s not just the way he plays the game, it’s how many different ways he can make you look silly out there, [of] which, there are plenty,” Light said of Freeney. “I can go through them all. We can go watch film of he and I, and you’ll see it yourself. He’s just an all around great player. And he’s not a guy that talks a lot out there, he doesn’t have anything to say to you, he’s not trying to beat you with his words. He’s going to go out there and he’s going to put the work in and he’s going to show you how bad you can look.

“I always appreciated that out of him — not making me look bad — but definitely the challenge, going out there and trying to face a guy like him. And he was really in our division as much as anybody else is in our division, so we saw each other a lot.

“There was a lot of great players. Early in my career, I never forget my rookie year facing a guy in Miami, a hundred million degrees, and his last name was [Jason] Taylor. Boy, he didn’t go away for my entire career pretty much. He was a menace from day one to the end. Even in our own division, guys like John Abraham, [Aaron] Schobel, and all the rest of those guys.”

Light said Monday that it always helped having the rest of the left side to provide support.

“You know, it’s always good when you can have a wingman who can support you and make you look good, so I had a great cast,” he said. “You know [Dan Koppen] and Logan [Mankins] and Steve Neal, all the other guys that were a part of it, [Nick] Kazcur, over the years there’s been a lot of different faces. I’ve been blessed to have those guys next to me, they saved the day many a time, because when Freeney spun past me, and then he would sometimes spin past Logan, he would eventually have to run into Kop, and that was always good.”

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