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Steve Gregory (AP)

Steve Gregory (AP)

This is a 2012 photo of Steve Gregory of the New England Patriots NFL football team. This image reflects the New England Patriots active roster as of Monday, June 11, 2012 when this image was taken. (AP Photo)

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  1. Pjoyce0527 Says:

    put buch in the bullpen if he can stand the heat and not give up home runs!!!!trade gonzo for 2 starting pitchers!!!

  2. BobbyV likes what he sees Says:

    AGon makes $21M this year and he can’t get a hit off a position-player-turned-pitcher at the most important point in the game.  Seems a worthwhile investment.  And sticking with Clay Buchholz is nuts at this point.

  3. tekton8 Says:


  4. Bobby Dapkus Says:

    how much worse can things get for the red sox??? Getting swept by the O’s, Bucholz having the worst numbers of any starting pitcher in baseball, Gonzo making $21M and can’t even get a hit off a position player turned pitcher this afternoon, Bobby V. appears lost, second guessing his own decisions. If I wasn’t a die hard fan, this would be comical. Papi and Predoria seem like the only two playing with any intensity and pride. The rest of the 23 players should donate their pay to charity because they sure are not earning any of it. How much worse can things get for this team? It seems like September 2011 just keeps going on into this year. It truly is a shame so many fans are paying as much as a mortgage payment to watch this bunch of guys who just don’t care for us fans. I say all the fans should start boycotting this team until the attitudes change. As to the trio of owners and the baseball ops dept., please do something, anything to shock this team back to reality. We need Bob Lobel’s PANIC BUTTON. I  will run not walk to push the button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    No mention of WMB not running out a FB to LF and ending up with only a single.

    Why was Doubront not used.  Managers do this all the time in extra inning games, using the next day starter for an inning or two.  The Orioles were conceding the game by using Davis having already won the series and heading into a tough series with Texas.  Red Sox face the hapless Royals next.  Instead, Boibby V goes with D-Mac who is no Nick Green.

    No mention of the bad call to send the runner home with Davis on the mound and Sweeney up next?

    The offense scored 6 runs in 17 innings, 2 of them pitched by a position player.  Hard to say they turned it around.

  6. voice of reason Says:

    it is time to blow this thing up this team will be lucky if they can win 81 games

  7. ECar Says:

    Blow it up…… Send a message and fire Bobby V.  Find a new home for Youk and his old body.  Find Beckett a new home as well.  Put Buch in the minors and tell him him when he stops looking like a dear in the headlights he might find his way back to the majors…..  Bring up Lavarnway because Saltalcrappia can’t hit and he can’t field his position all that well either.  The brand is dead!!!  Thanks Theo – you left the place worst than when you got it !!!

  8. Kevin Clark Says:

    Personally, I have not watched the past 3 games because I am boycotting this organization until they A) reach .500 and B) have at least a 3 game winning streak after reaching .500. I could see this not happening this season. At this point I am hoping Beckett and Youk can be healthy and productive for June and July so we can get something for them come the trade deadline.

  9. LT Says:

    This whole season I keep thinking of Bull Durham when the coach threw all the bats into the shower and yelled at the team – maybe that’s what Bobby V should do. Can’t hurt…

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Could there be anyone worse at the catcher position than Jarrod Saltalamacchia? 

  11. Craig Says:

    First off I love Will Middlebrooks, that being said he’d have been sitting on the bench after his “single” in extra innings.  Give me a break, 4 games MLB experiance and he watches a drive down the line and GIVES UP on it, WHAT!  Thats our Sox in a nutshell.  The seasons dropping off a cliff, your in an extra innings and your walking to first, adios rook, take a seat, grab some pine.  Keep in mind people this rookie made a pro rated $3000 for yesterdays game, run the friggen ball out!  No run, no play, that goes for Papi’s trot outs on grounders to second, everyone.  Had to laugh watching the game and that stupid Sox/NESN commerical 25 times about Every game, Every Play, Every Moment, Every yadda yadda yadda is important. 

  12. jksd Says:

    Let’s keep in mind that the Sox are playing some outstanding teams….its really hard to beat the A’s or the O”s…especially at home when the pressure is on.   AGON is just now starting to get his swing back…and its a great swing…did you see him  yesterday, he had some great cuts.  LUV THE SOX…go SOX!!!!

  13. Chickey19 Says:

    After the awful April last year, did you say Francona appeared lost? Or, how about after the great collapse in September. Give this guy a chance . He’s lost 33% of his starting line-up to the DL. On top of that the closer that Francona leaned on, is is Philly.
    You want to blame the right people, how about the Soccer owner, or Race Car owner?
    Let’s make sure we sing Sweet Caroline and keep the sell out streak alive.

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