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Rob Gronkowski on his dip in production: ‘Whatever plays are called, I’m just going out there and doing my job’

09.26.12 at 2:10 pm ET

FOXBORO — Rob Gronkowski said Wednesday that the Patriots have moved on from Sunday night’s dramatic loss to the Ravens, and have changed their focus to the Bills.

Speaking on a conference call with Buffalo media, the New England tight end — a native of upstate New York — acknowledged that it’s been a tough couple of days, but they’ve turned the page to Buffalo.

“Yeah, it definitely is harder to let go of a game, but it’€™s a new week now,” said Gronkowski. “A couple days have passed now and it’€™s a new week and it’€™s just about focusing now on the next opponent.

“Around here the coaches just stress [to] us every single week to prepare the hardest we can, no matter if it’€™s after a loss or after a win and no matter who the opponent is. Every week is the same basically; just going out and preparing as hard as we can for the opponent coming up.”

One of the things that stood about the defeat to Baltimore was Gronkowski’s stat line: two catches on three targets for 21 yards. It was one of his least productive games (in terms of receiving) he’s had as a member of the Patriots. (Last year against the Raiders, he was held to one catch for 15 yards.)

“I mean, it’€™s a team game. Whatever plays are called, [I’m] just going out there and doing my job,” he said when asked about being eliminated from the game.

“Whatever is asked of me, I’€™m just going to go out there and perform my routes based on how I’€™ve been coached that week. Perform in the running game, pass blocking, run blocking, whatever it is and just going out there and doing my own job and whatever happens, happens.”

Here are a few more highlights from Gronkowski’s Q&A from Wednesday afternoon:

What do you see from the Bills’€™ defensive line? It looks totally different from the last time you played them. When you are looking at film what stands out to you?

“Yes, definitely. They’€™ve got a great defensive line. They’€™ve got great edge rushers and great inside players. They’€™re fast, they’€™re big and they can cause havoc if you’€™re not stopping them. You’€™ve got to be ready, you’€™ve got to be prepared mentally and physically and it’€™s going to be a physical game against them.”

Does it help that you are familiar with Mark Anderson? Does that help you at all this week?

“I mean, you want to get familiar with all of your opponents, whoever you’€™re playing. Just because he’€™s been on my team before and everything, I’€™m definitely familiar with him. But you want to be familiar with everyone and be able to know everyone to the best of your abilities going into the game.”

You mentioned earlier about going with the plays that are called whether you need to block or run a route. How much would you say your game against the Ravens was that versus what the Ravens were doing defensively?

“I put that game in the past. That was last game. Just focused on the Bills now and just focused on what the Buffalo Bills are doing. Focused on their defense, their defensive line and what I can control from here on out.”

How much do you think you will see Bryan Scott on Sunday?

“He’€™s a great player and he’€™s a great coverage guy. It all depends on how much they play him. We can’€™t control how much we see him and we’€™ve got to be prepared for anyone at any time on the Buffalo Bills defensive roster. We could see him every play, we could see him a little, but we’€™ve got to be prepared for anyone at anytime.”

How many tickets do you think you’€™re going to be responsible for this weekend?

“Oh man, a couple. My parents, both my father and my mother, are both looking to get some. So I’€™ve got to talk to them today.”

How often do you get to play in front of your brothers? Probably not too often right?

“Not too often. My oldest brother, yes, he comes to a lot of games. I’€™ve got to talk to him too and see what he’€™s doing and he’€™ll probably be there.”

Is your cereal any good?

“Oh yeah.”

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