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With bye week looming, expect Patriots to dive into self-scouting process

10.30.12 at 7:18 pm ET

With the bye week, the Patriots’€™ coaching staff will get a few extra days to do some self-scouting and examine what sort of things they’€™re doing right, as well as some things they might need some work on. According to Bill Belichick, the self-scouting process involves ‘€œa combination of things,’€ including some statistical analysis, film study, meetings with positional coaches and looking at how other teams have played them.

‘€œWe take a look at our statistical information, what we’€™ve done, how productive it has or hasn’€™t been in all aspects, see what tendencies we have created and whether we’€™re happy with those tendencies or whether we want to change them,’€ Belichick said on a conference call with reporters on Tuesday afternoon. ‘€œThen we go back and look at each of the individual plays and groups of plays and see if there’€™s something that jumps out or maybe we go into it looking for something and see what we can find.

‘€œSometimes we just look at it, and you see a group of 15 or 20 plays in a certain situation ‘€“ red area, two minute, third down, outside runs, inside runs, whatever it happens to be. Sometimes something just jumps out at you,’€ he added. ‘€œIt’€™s probably something you’€™re aware of, but maybe it’€™s a little bit more prevalent than what you expected — the self-scouting process, the film evaluation, kind of taking a look at how other teams have played us, if there’€™s a common thread there, if we’€™re kind of seeing the same coverages or the same front or the same plays or the same formations are repeating.’€

On the offensive side of the ball, Josh McDaniels said the self-scouting process is all about being able to ‘€œidentify areas that you can make some progress and/or make some improvements — or at least make your players aware of some things we need to try to do better.’€ But you also have to be mindful of the time you do have.

‘€œYou can’€™t hit everything in a bye week. It’€™s too short in terms of time that you have with the payers,’€ the Patriots offensive coordinator said Tuesday. ‘€œBut if we find a few things that we feel like can make a difference for us in some area of our games, that’€™s definitely something you try to get done. I think if you try to tackle 100 things you probably don’€™t get anything accomplished.

‘€œWe’€™re in the process now of just trying to look back over the first half of the season and maybe more specifically the last so many games here and try to focus on some things that we think can make us better heading into the last eight games.’€

According to defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, the key is to pinpoint a few areas of emphasis — not give players a series of ‘€œmass pieces.’€

‘€œObviously that’€™s a big part of this week for us certainly — to take a look at everything that we’€™re doing and see some areas where we can improve and hopefully find some areas where we are doing some things that are also OK and good, and things that we can build off of,’€™ Patricia said. ‘€œSo we’€™ll certainly take a look at that as well.

‘€œHopefully [you] try to find a couple areas once you take a look at it and show the players a couple avenues where we can really do some things better and improve that would really make a difference in our team. I think you’€™ve got to try to narrow that down — after you take a good look at all of it — and give them a smaller scope so that you’€™re not just looking at everything and try to get something done instead of just giving them mass pieces.’€

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