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Vince Wilfork shows his love and appreciation for Bianca: ‘Every ball I get, she gets – it’s not mine’

Vince Wilfork [1] is a good family man and a great husband. He makes sure he and wife Bianca WIlfork share everything.

Bianca is unquestionably the most visibly supportive spouse among all Patriots players.

She’s at every game, home and on the road.

And Vince has a great way of showing his appreciation.

Any time he gets a fumble recovery – or an interception as was the case in 2011 – his first course of business is to head to the sidelines and hand the ball to his bride. Such was the case Sunday when Trevor Scott [2] broke through in the second quarter and stripped Ryan Tannehill of the ball. The ball popped up in the air and right at the feet of Wilfork, who hopped on it for his team-leading fourth fumble recovery.

‘€œEvery ball I get, she gets. It’€™s not mine,” Wilfork said. “It’€™s like I make plays for her. She was excited, I was excited, and the team was excited. This defense, we’€™ve done a real good job of getting turnovers. We had a couple on the ground today but we didn’€™t get. We walked away with one. But it’€™s always good to get them and I was just in the right place at the right time, and I was pretty excited about it.”

TV cameras confirmed this fact as they showed vince flipping the ball to Bianca in the front row of seats behind the Patriots bench.