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Tom Brady really wants Wes Welker – ‘a quarterback’s dream’ – back in 2013

FOXBORO — With all respect to David Dunn and Athletes First, there is NO better agent for Wes Welker [1] than Tom Brady [2].

We heard Brady say after the team’s most recent win that the Patriots “couldn’t be in this situation” without Welker.

On Wednesday, Brady continued his not-so thinly veiled campaign to persuade the Patriots to keep Welker in New England after this season, when he is again a restricted free agent who could be franchised for approximately $12 million.

Welker is leading the league in receptions (92) and seventh in yards (1,064).  As if to be set up like a ball on the 18th at Pebble Beach [3], Brady was asked this week again if he marvels at Welker’s consistency on Sundays, about his ability to bring everything in, and his ability to get up after some of the big hits he takes.

Brady drove it 345 yards, with a draw right over the water, and put it right in the middle of the fairway.

“Well, it’€™s not only Sunday; it’€™s Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for him, too,” Brady began. “I think that’€™s the exceptional part: how he takes care of himself. Wes loves to play football. There’€™s nothing more important in Wes’€™s life than being a football player and thinking about football and making the big play and running the right route and getting open when it’€™s most important.

“That’s what quarterbacks dream about too: having receivers that do that. And Wes is everything you look for in his ability, not only when he catches the ball to be an important part of the play, but also on plays when other guys are supposed to get the ball, he busts his butt harder than anybody to make sure he’€™s doing his job to clear out on a certain route or to take some coverage with him so another guy can get the ball. I think that’€™s what makes Wes really special is his selflessness as a player. But the ball always seems to find a way to him.”

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