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Tom Brady is still learning a lot from Bill Belichick: ‘There’s no better coach out there’

FOXBORO — Tom Brady [1] knows exactly how to act at this time of year. After all, he learned from Bill Belichick [2]. And, as we found out on Wednesday, that process is ongoing.

“Of course, oh yeah,” Brady answered when asked if he’s still learning from the master of the game-by-game mentality. “I mean, you can never stop learning in this game and you can never stop improving. He’s been at it a for a lot longer than I have and I’m sure he feels like he’s still improving ad a coach and I’€™d agree. The things that we talk about, the things that; we’€™re trying to accomplish, those change. There are times when game plan changes or the opponent changes, but what you do individually to prepare yourself needs to be better. Certainly I’€™ve found ways to do that as I’€™ve gained more experience that I can prepare better and I can hopefully be a better leader and teammate and so forth, and ultimately go out there and execute well enough to win.”

Many of the highlights for the media going into Friday’s sessions with Belichick come when the Patriots coach waxes poetic about football history. Turns out, the same is true when Brady sits down with Belichick for one of their frequent weekly meetings in Belichick’s office, as was documented in the NFL Network’s “A Football Life: Bill Belichick” in 2011.

“He’s got a great memory, so his history lessons are some of the most fun meetings that we have,” Brady said. “When he gets to talking about previous players that he coached against or that he coached with, there are some pretty great stories and some history. Because I’€™m a pretty big football fan, it’€™s nice to hear those.”

How has Belichick’s stability helped him in preparing for games at this time of year?

“There’€™s no better coach out there and there’€™s no one that I’€™d ever want to play for,” Brady said. “He brings a consistency to our team in terms of our motivation, our focus, our execution, his expectations for us. I think winning is the most important thing and that’€™s the most important thing to him, and that’€™s what it’€™s all about, it’€™s a competition. There’€™s a test at the end of every week to see how well we did, and I think it’€™s important for us to ‘€“ it’€™s great when you don’€™t play your best to still win the games. You play better some weeks and lose games, but it comes down to wining the games and beating the opponent that you’re facing and that’€™s the goal of coach Belichick. And [it’€™s] what he talks about and preaches to us every single week about our execution and our attention to detail so that we can go out and be at our best competitively so we can score more points than the other team.”