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Heath Evans

Heath Evans

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  1. dino marconi Says:

    Trading Agon does not bode well for the future of this team. One way it hurts is the fact that the Sox invested so much in him, gave him a long term deal and then traded him in less than 2 years. How will that affect other FA’s and players they trade for in the near future ?  The Sox will come back, but not for a while.

  2. Mirko Myrddin Says:

     It’s the price you pay for getting rid of 3 useless players, 2 of which are making a lot of money. A-Gon’s stats can easily be replaced with the $250+ million they will be freeing up.

  3. Simon jeffries Says:

    they have to do something to shake up that team, and also this is a salary dump. Every body should know that the Red Sox where not going to stand pat. if you were them would you?

  4. Pipes5048 Says:

     What will it cost to replace Beckett and Crawfords out put, a small fraction of what they are payed. Not to mention Crawford never really fit in Boston and even if he had played to his full potential he was still way over payed. Beckett, no explanation needed why this guy gets dumped.
    Agon hurts, but you have to give up something to get something I cant believe Boston got as much as they did from LA.

  5. JimDaytona Says:

    This should energized LA and put them into the wildcard picture very nicely. Too bad CC is not ready to go.

  6. Pesky's Ghost Says:

    The FA ‘s would have not wanted any part of the record collapse. Now that it is broken up it
    changes everything. There is more to come.

  7. Pesky's Ghost Says:

    Loney and the rest got first class RR tickets.

  8. Lgenewicz Says:

    players may not like playing in boston. i do think they have built a great reputation around the league however as an oasis of sorts to grab tommy johns and pick up 20 mil!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Now they can trade for Verlander, King Felix and Pujols.

  10. Rallan1968 Says:

    It was Gods will that those guys got traded. Right, Adrian. Btw, Beckett will pitch well in L.A. He became a slug here, but he ll do what Manny did and check in there. For awhile anyway. Remember, baseball is not his first priority

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