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Terrell Suggs: ‘Ever since Spygate, [Patriots] haven’t been able to win’

01.21.13 at 1:00 am ET

FOXBORO — The first thing Terrell Suggs did after leaving the Gillette Stadium field and entering the hallways after the Ravens’€™ 28-13 beating of the Patriots was shout, all the way to the locker room, ‘€œTell them to have fun in the Pro Bowl! Arrogant f***ers.’€

Suggs was overheard taking verbal shots at the Patriots, and was captured by Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel on his Twitter feed, calling them “the most arrogant pricks in the world, starting with [Bill] Belichick on down.”

Wetzel also tweeted that Suggs said, “That’s funny, ever since Spygate they haven’t been able to win.”

Suggs and the Ravens avenged a playoff loss in Foxboro last year with a convincing 28-13 win on Sunday night that included a second-half shutout of the league’€™s top-ranked offense in points per game. Afterwards, Suggs spoke several times with reporters, and eventually toned down his distaste for New England by paying tribute to the former AFC champs.

‘€œThat’€™s a hell of a team out there. That’€™s a hell of a ballclub,’€ Suggs said. ‘€œBut not to take anything away from the men in this locker room. We went out there and we played a game, and both sides — offense and defense, and special teams — played damn near flawless, and that’€™s what you have to do to come here and beat a giant. All praise be to God.’€

When asked if he was surprised at all by the win over the Patriots, Suggs answered with an emphatic, ‘€œNope.’€

‘€œWe know we match up real good with them,’€ he said. ‘€œWe’€™re probably the only team in the AFC that matches up really good with the boy, number 12 (Tom Brady) over there. And it’€™s cool. We came and we was ourselves. Like I said, they’€™re a good ball club, but we’€™ve got a hell of a locker room ourselves.’€

Despite the underdog role, the Ravens have been able to travel to Denver and Foxboro in consecutive weeks and defeat the higher-ranked teams. Last week, the Ravens played the Broncos to double overtime and won on a Justin Tucker field goal, 38-35.

Claiming that everyone was against them, Suggs said that he was thankful for everyone to bet against his team.

‘€œWe know all of y’€™all had them picked,’€ Suggs said. ‘€œBut like I said, unfortunately the bandwagon is full, and coming in two weeks, we want you all to bet against us again, because it’€™s all still the same. Next question’€

Later in a separate session with the media when discussing Joe Flacco and his play this postseason, Suggs said, ‘€œI can’€™t wait to hear what Skip Bayless says tomorrow, ‘€˜cause Joe once again, two years in a row, outplayed the great number 12, and he showed just how Joe cool he is. But he’€™s still got one more to get, so we ain’€™t satisfied by any means. We’€™ll celebrate tonight, but tomorrow it’€™s back to work.’€

The adjustment at halftime that Baltimore made which led to the second-half shutout, Suggs said, was just to come out and ‘€œbe ourselves.’€

‘€œWe played together, we stayed together,’€ he said. ‘€œWe’€™ve got a lot of leaders in this locker room ‘€“ Ed Reed, 52 (Ray Lewis), Haloti [Ngata], Joe, Anquan [Boldin].’€

Walking around the locker room, Suggs repeatedly and energetically yelled, ‘€œThe Ravens’€¦ are going’€¦ to the Super Bowl.’€

After the Ravens club had time to digest the win, and spend some time with the Lamar Hunt Trophy, Suggs spoke with the media again, wrapping up his stay in New England.

Suggs said that you can’€™t just go for the knockout punch against the Patriots, but rather try to win each individual round. The Patriots won the first half, but the Ravens played strategically in the second half and ‘€œwon the round.’€

‘€œThese two teams are very opposite of each other,’€ Suggs said. ‘€œThey’€™re a team known about their offense, we’€™re a team known for our defense. They’€™re a lot better looking than us, especially with the guy, number 12. But we’€™re the opposite; it’€™s definitely the two teams’€™ style of football clash, and it’€™s definitely more than just football.’€

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