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Greg Schiano has nothing bad to say about Aqib Talib, the player

INDIANAPOLIS — With all the uncertainty surrounding Aqib Talib [1]‘s future with the Patriots, Bucaneers head coach Greg Schiano was asked Thursday to assess his dealings with Talib in the limited time the two spent together.

Talib played the first four games of the season for the Bucs before being suspended for Adderall use. During his suspension, the Bucs traded the former first-round pick to the Patriots in exchange for a fourth-round pick. Talib stepped in as a dependable starter for the Pats [2], but is set to become a free agent, with questions surrounding whether the troubled player (he’s also had multiple run-ins with the law) is worth a big financial commitment.

“I really can’t comment on — Talib’s under contract with another club — but when Talib was with the Bucs, I enjoyed coaching him,” Schiano said. “He did the things we asked. I’m not naive that there were some things in his past.”

As for the trade itself, Schiano said he continues to feel good about it, as it gives Tampa Bay more draft currency entering April 25.

“I think any time you draft, if you have picks, you have ammunition to do things,” he said. “Whether you pick at that spot or move around with those picks. It was something that was very helpful to us last year, being able to move up and get Doug Martin [3]. To have some ammunition I think is good.”