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Rex Ryan: ‘We’re going to take our shots’

INDIANAPOLIS — A slightly chastened Rex Ryan [1] addressed the media at the NFL scouting combine on Thursday, and the Jets coach — who has never been shy about making predictions in the past — was asked about the gap between the Patriots and the rest of the AFC East.

“Each year is different, [but] I can honestly say that we’€™re going to get our shots. We’€™re going to get our swings,” Ryan said Thursday afternoon. “We’€™re stepping up to plate with a bat in our hand and we’€™re not going to let any strikes go by without swinging. We are going to take our cuts. We may take a cut at a ball in the ground as well, but we are definitely going to take our cuts.

“To me, I have that vision,” he added. “Some may say, ‘Well, you’€™re aggressive on defense.’ I don’€™t think we’€™re close to being as aggressive as we’€™re going to be this year in all three phases of the game, and I’€™m looking forward to it. How many wins? Nobody can tell you that. But I know one thing — we’€™re going to take our shots.”

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