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Bristol County sheriff Tom Hodgson on D&C: ‘Rude awakening’ in jail for Aaron Hernandez

06.27.13 at 10:11 am ET

Bristol County sheriff Tom Hodgson joined Dennis & Callahan on Thursday morning to talk about Aaron Hernandez and what the former Patriot should expect in the days to come while he is incarcerated awaiting his trial on murder and weapons charges.

Hodgson said Hernandez will be kept in a single-person cell in the medical unit for 23 hours a day, with no television or radio, probably through the weekend while his situation is assessed.

“There’s been a huge shift in his lifestyle, obviously,” Hodgson said. “He’s left a 7,100-square foot home to a 7-foot-by-10-foot cell. That for anybody would be I think a pretty rude awakening. The fact that the meal portions are just based on nutrition, it’s probably not anything that he’s used to. There’s certain things like that as the day progresses and he’s into our system — the lack of freedom to be able to use a cell phone and talk to somebody, there’s no TVs, we took TVs out of the cells when I came here, we got rid of the weights. So there’s none of that. Things that he’s probably used to doing, his extracurricular activity, he’s basically lost the choice.”

Added Hodgson: “It’s a pretty austere kind of life. It’s jail. When you come here, regardless of your status on the outside world — in his case, for example, he had a life where he walked into a stadium and thousands of thousands of people were cheering for him, to being housed in a facility where he just becomes a number. So, there’s those transitions that, as I say, become a stark reality.”

Hodgson said he spoke with Hernandez on Wednesday and found him to be well-behaved and seemingly in control of his emotions.

“When he first came in, of course, he was booked in. He was going through the standard screening we do for mental health and physical well being,” Hodgson said. “I spent a few minutes with him sort of laying out the fact that he would be treated just like every other inmate here, no better, no worse. And if he had any issues or problems to let me know, let our command staff know. He wasn’t unnerved. He seemed very normal. He was very polite, very respectful.

“After that, he was issued his prison garb. He was assigned to the medical unit, where he is currently in a single cell and will be in that cell 23 hours a day, until probably through the weekend, I would think. And then at that point we’ll assess the reports. We have to do a security assessment as well, we have to look at the tattoos that he has to make sure there are no issues around gang affiliations and so forth. And if there are, there will be discussions with our intelligence unit, and at that point making a determination on the security assessment, the medical assessment, the mental health assessment at the end of the weekend as to where he’ll be classified, whether it’s general population or what have you.”

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