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Ross Tucker on M&M: Media is ‘No. 1 topic of conversation in every team meeting’ with Patriots

07.25.13 at 11:53 am ET

Former Patriots offensive lineman Ross Tucker, who now hosts a show on SiriusXM NFL Radio and is an NFL columnist for Sporting News, joined Mut & Merloni on Thursday to talk about the Aaron Hernandez situation and Bill Belichick‘s strategy in dealing with the media.

Tucker, who played for the Patriots in 2005 and 2006 as part of a seven-year career, said he thought Belichick handled his Wednesday press conference well.

“I didn’t think that even he would be arrogant enough to kind of just go up there and just stonewall and not say anything,” Tucker said. “So, I give him a lot of credit. That’s the longest I’ve ever heard him talk at one time, an opening statement like that. I felt like he showed sincere regret, remorse, he was apologetic. And he wasn’t really any of those things with spygate, some of the other things that have happened. So, I give him high marks for all of that.

“I’m a little disappointed that he wouldn’t answer any questions, really, and he just kind of went into the, ‘Out of respect for the judicial process, I’ve been advised ‘€¦’ When I was watching it, I thought, yeah, you’ve been advised by yourself not to say anything. But in fairness, I’ve talked to a couple of lawyers since then, and there could be civil liability down the line for the Patriots, depending on what he said, he could get called to the witness stand as a character witness. So, I guess I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one.”

Added Tucker: “I’ve seen him have emotion, but I haven’t seen him kind of have the regret, the remorse and come across as genuinely sorry.”

Tucker said Belichick spends a lot of time warning his team about how to deal with the media.

“He’s the master with the media. He really is,” Tucker said. “I’ve never quite understood why it’s that important to him. I was talking to Chad Brown yesterday, who played a couple of seasons for the Pats. I played for five teams, Chad played for three teams in 15 years, a bunch of different coaches. Neither one of us had ever had a coach emphasize the media nearly as much as Belichick. It’s not even close. It’s the No. 1 topic of conversation in every team meeting. And Chad even said ‘€¦ he’s almost like a media coach as much as a football coach. I never really understood why it was that high of a priority for him, but I guess it’s hard to argue with the results.”

A half-dozen Patriots players are meeting with the media Thursday in Foxboro, but Tucker said he doesn’t expect much to be revealed.

“I think it will be Patriot talk,” he said. “I think it will be very similar to what [Tom] Brady said to Peter King in his new website. I just think that their message will be all about moving on and what type of people they are and where the focus needs to be. I highly doubt they’re going to talk about Aaron Hernandez at all or go into the depths that Belichick did about the process. Because they’re not involved in that process.”

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