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Tom Brady on D&C: ‘Crash course’ taking place in receiver/QB dynamics

08.12.13 at 7:22 am ET

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, in his weekly interview on the Dennis & Callahan show, said that the building of chemistry in New England’s offense remains a work-in-progress. He noted that the team has only completed about 25 practices, leaving plenty of room for improvement.

“It all takes work. Football is too challenging to think that you can have it all figured out. You certainly don’t want to be peaking the first week of August. It’s a constant building process. You’re still learning who your team is, the depth and quality of your team, through October and November,” said Brady. “We’re so far from where we’re going to be. We’re teeing off on the first hole. We’ve got a lot more to go. We’re going to stay at it.

“The guys that have been out there, we’ve seen the improvements that we’ve all made with one another,” he added. “We’ve got to continue to be able to do that. I said the other week, the train moves fast. You never want to get left behind. You’ve got to get on board, you’ve got to go with it and do whatever Coach [Bill] Belichick asks us to do. Every other team is doing the exact same thing.”

Brady, in response to a question about working with wide receiver Danny Amendola, discussed the need to gain greater comfort with a receiving corps that is drastically different than was the case a year ago.

“It’s been really fun. Since the day he’s come here, he’s been coming in, wanting to learn from Coach Belichick and [Josh McDaniels]. He and I have had a lot of conversations about football,” said Brady. “We’ve seen games together. It’s just been constant communication between the two of us. You really need to be able to anticipate what each other is going to do.

“We’ve had turnover at the receiver position and the tight end position,” added Brady. “That’s part of what happens in the NFL every single year. You’ve got to be able to adjust and take what people may perceive as not really a strength of ours and make it a strength of ours. We’ve been putting a lot of time in with practice time, post-practice time, with the walkthroughs and the film room, really make it a crash course in getting up to speed at the quarterback/receiver position.”

To listen to the complete interview, check back at the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page. Here are some additional highlights:

On the Patriots as an offense that, contrary to perception, values the run: “We were third or fourth in the league rushing last year. Running the football is so critical to the success of your team. It’s so critical to the toughness [of a team] . . . especially running when they know you’re going to run it — like goal-line situations, short-yardage situations, end-of-the-game situations.

“All the good teams run the football. You can’t play finesses seven-on-seven football in the NFL and expect to win on a consistent basis. It’s too hard,” he added. “You want to see how we can handle the teams physically up front and then see what the backs do with the ball when they get it in their hands.”

On his recent claim in an interview for Men’s Health magazine that he would like to play until he’s 50:

“I’m not sure I quite said I would play until I was 50. … I love the game. I love playing. I love the preparation. I love being around my teammates. … I’ve been fortunate to play for Mr. [Robert] Kraft and Jonathan and the Kraft family, I’ve played under Coach Belichick. … I couldn’t have asked for a better career and experience than I’ve had here. I hope it doesn’t end soon.”

On whether he feels different now waking up than he did as a 27-year-old:

“Yeah, definitely. The biggest difference is I feel better now than I used to feel. That’s the encouraging part to me,” said Brady. “I’ve found ways that I can prepare my body and I can prepare myself so that I don’t go through that.

“I don’t buy into the fact that as you get older you’re just going to have to feel crappy for the rest of your life. I try to live my life, take what I’ve lived over the years, apply that to my everyday living so that I can wake up, feel good in the morning and be excited about going to work,” he continued. “It’s really a lifestyle decision. There’s certain steps that work for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute that at some point to some other athletes and younger players. That’s actually something I feel really strongly about, because I do see so many athletes that say the exact same thing that you just said: ‘I’m older so I’m going to start feeling like crap.’ I haven’t had that experience. I’d love to be able to share that message with other people as well.”

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