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Pete Prisco on D&C: Tim Tebow ‘just not good enough to play in the National Football League’

08.22.13 at 11:04 am ET

Pete Prisco checked in with Dennis & Callahan on Thursday morning, and the senior NFL writer didn’€™t hold back when it comes to expressing his dramatic views on Tim Tebow and the Patriots’€™ AFC East rivals.

Tebow, as Prisco sees it, doesn’€™t have an NFL future, nor did he ever. The only reason he’€™s still in Patriots camp is because Bill Belichick is stubborn and is still trying to prove everyone wrong.

‘€œHe is what he is,’€ Prisco said of Tebow.

‘€œHe’€™s just not good enough to play in the National Football League, and if his name was anything other than Tim Tebow, the New England Patriots would have cut him by now. How can the Patriots look at that skill set and think he should be a quarterback in the National Football League? OK, let’€™s talk about other the positions. What else can he do? He can’€™t do anything else. The bottom line is he needs to be let go, he needs to get on with his life’€™s work, let the end come.’€

Fortunately for the Patriots, their season doesn’€™t exactly hinge on Tebow’€™s fate. Prisco said he expects Tom Brady and the offense to be just fine this season, despite the losses of Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez, plus Rob Gronkowski‘€™s pending health situation.

Prisco went as far to say the combo of Brady and Danny Amendola would be even more productive than the Peyton Manning-Welker duo in Denever, if only because Brady has fewer receiving weapons.

‘€œLast year, even with Gronkowski and Hernandez, when you watched them play and they put up big numbers, they were a slow team,’€ Prisco said of the Pats offense. ‘€œThey were a slow offense. I think this year you’€™re going to see a faster offense, so from that standpoint there’€™s going to be some change, some adjustment, but it’€™s Tom Brady. Brady will make those younger guys be better football players.’€

The Patriots are set to play the Lions Thursday night in the third preseason game — widely considered to be the most important of the four August contests — but Prisco tried to temper the excitement.

‘€œEverybody acts like this third preseason game is actually a real game, and the reality is it’€™s not,’€ Prisco said. ‘€œThey don’€™t actually game-plan. They go through the process of, this is how it’€™s going to be in the regular season, but they don’€™t go through individual matchups or anything.’€

Following are more highlights from the conversation. To listen to the interview, visit the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page. For more Patriots news, visit

On Rex Ryan‘€™s status with the Jets: “He might make it through the year, but he’€™s not going to make it to 2014. He’€™s a dead man walking. He’€™s done. He’€™s finished. He wasn’€™t hired by this general manger [John Idzik], so anything less than a playoff berth, he’€™s gone.

“That’€™s why there’€™s this fight for the quarterback, I think. If you’€™re Rex Ryan, you want to start Mark Sanchez because he’€™s the guy who understands what you want him to do, he’€™s comfortable, he’€™s got more experience, it’€™s not a learning experience right from the get-go. But if you’€™re John Idzik, and he knows that this team isn’€™t going to be where it should be, then you want to start the kid, because the kid — Geno Smith — the more experience he gets on the field, the better off he’€™ll be down the road.

“That’€™s why I think you’€™re seeing all this infighting inside the Jets. The coach wants to play the guy who can win now — or at least perceive to win now — and the general manager wants to play the guy for the long term.”

On the Bengals: “I picked them to win it all. I picked them when I play out the season, I tally up all the things, I came to the playoffs, I played out the playoffs and I picked them to win it all. I think that team, from top to bottom, is as talented as team in the NFL. You have to take the quarterback out of the equation because Andy Dalton isn’€™t in the same class as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, but when you look at their roster, and go up and down the roster, they are as talented as San Francisco, who everybody considers to be the most talented team in the league.”

On the Dolphins and whether they can take a big jump this season: “There’€™s a sense [that can happen] of people who aren’€™t really paying attention, I don’€™t think. If you look at the Dolphins’€™ schedule, it’€™s brutal. ‘€¦ What about [Ryan] Tannehill? Does he take the next step? That’€™s the big question, too, people are just assuming he’€™s going to do that. I don’€™t see them competing with New England. I don’€™t think [Tannehill is] going to take a huge step, to be honest with you. I think he’€™s going to take a little bit of a step, and it’€™s going to be year three before he takes the big step, if he takes the big step.”

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