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Fantasy Football: Week 2 waiver wire

09.10.13 at 1:38 pm ET

Did anybody else have a crazy Week 1? It’€™s amazing how all the best-laid plans of fantasy GMs can get shot to heck with just 60 minutes of real football. Well, fear not. We’€™ve got you covered with some quality pickups. Jim Hackett and I will be back later this week with the Mohegan Sun Fantasy Football Podcast where we’€™ll break down some of the madness and try to give you some peace of mind.

The players listed below are free agent targets who make sense in typical 10-team fantasy leagues. If you play in a deeper format, don’€™t fret. Just head over to later Tuesday and check out my expanded waiver wire with targets for leagues of any size. You’€™ll see me referencing player availability in this space. I obtained my player data from


Sam Bradford, Rams

For the same reasons I wanted you to draft him, I think he makes a good free agent pickup at quarterback. He’€™s a solid player, but it’€™s the weapons at his disposal that make him so viable in fantasy. He’€™s only owned in 48 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

Terrelle Pryor, Raiders

As I said at Rotobahn toward the end of the summer, Pryor has solid athleticism and playmaking ability. There is little doubt that you can start him in larger formats. Where I get concerned is with his durability. Pryor leaves himself open for big hits. He doesn’€™t protect himself as well as a guy like Cam Newton. Still, for now, Pryor should be owned in all leagues. His upside merits that much for sure. Pryor is unowned in 89 percent of leagues, and that is amazing.

Jay Cutler, Bears

The Bears looked very good against a tough Bengals defense, and things will be even better most weeks. Cutler is finally getting some protection from his offensive line and he has a QB guru for a head coach in Marc Trestman. Things are definitely looking up in Chicago. Cutler can be a very solid QB2 in 10-team formats and is only owned in 50 percent of leagues.

Carson Palmer, Cardinals

He’€™s available in 41 percent of Yahoo! leagues, so he may be there if you want him. He’€™s got three outstanding receivers and one of them will get a first-ballot trip to Canton. Palmer can help you for as long as he stays healthy.


Ben Tate, Texans

Tate is available in 27 percent of leagues, but he really needs to be owned in all of them because of his upside and Arian Foster‘€™s potential for injury. If Foster’€™s owner is going to leave Tate on the wire, I suggest you scoop him up as a stash or flex.

Le’€™Veon Bell, Steelers

He is available in 27 percent of leagues, and he needs to be owned everywhere due to his upside as a starter in the Pittsburgh offense. The Steelers need Bell and will wear him out if he gets back at full strength. He’€™s a no-brainer as a stash option in any league size.

Joique Bell, Lions

Bell is a very underrated player, as I said during preseason. He has completely supplanted Mikel Leshoure as the Lions’€™ backup tailback, and when you consider Reggie Bush‘€™s injury history, that’€™s a valuable spot to be in. Bell is available in 67 percent of leagues, so you have a nice shot at adding him. Run to the wire to get him if you start Bush.

Knowshon Moreno, Broncos

Are you in need of immediate help? While I do not like Moreno much for the long haul, he does have the biggest role in the Broncos backfield for the time being and can be started for teams that have a dire need. If you need a plug-and-play guy for Week 2, Moreno can help you, and he’€™s there in more than half of leagues.

Vick Ballard, Colts

He played well, and the Colts have a very solid offense. When you consider how brittle Ahmad Bradshaw has been and how little RB talent exists on the roster behind Ballard, he needs to rostered in all leagues, and he’€™s only owned in 42 percent of them. Bradshaw owners should be all over this guy if Bradshaw is their RB2.

Shane Vereen, Patriots

He looked so good that I’€™d still pick him up despite his wrist injury. Vereen’€™s versatility plays very well in the Patriots offense. If it’€™s just a few weeks, I am very willing to wait. He’€™s currently available in 19 percent of leagues, and that number should climb with the injury.  That’€™s opportunity, folks. His pass protection and route quality are going to give him a major role as long as he is healthy.

Da’€™Rel Scott, Giants

With David Wilson‘€™s ball security issues, Scott’€™s talents suddenly are on the front burner. I’€™d spend some coin to get him if I had Wilson as my RB2 and a weak bench. This is perhaps more crucial in larger formats, but Scott is a lottery ticket even in smaller formats, because he’€™s got a shot at being the lead back in New York with just one more Wilson fumble.

Kendall Hunter, 49ers

He’€™s available in 88 percent of leagues and he’€™s one hit away from being a very solid RB2. Being that Frank Gore is 30 years old and has a significant injury history, I’€™d stash Hunter if I had the roster space. The 49ers block the run like nobody’€™s business.

Daniel Thomas, Dolphins

While I don’€™t have much faith in Thomas, the Dolphins coaches seem to like him. If you own Lamar Miller, you might want to add Thomas just to cover your tail in the short term. We still expect Miller to emerge as the back to own, but the facts on the ground say Thomas is a threat for now. He’€™s available in 87 percent of leagues.


Josh Gordon, Browns

He is only owned in 68 percent of leagues, and I’€™d make sure your league is one of them. Gordon has legitimate WR2 upside right away upon his Week 3 return. He’€™ll be the top target for Brandon Weeden, and Cleveland has enough talent where teams can’€™t just double team him. Get him if you can. Don’€™t wait.

Michael Floyd, Cardinals

He’€™s a big time playmaker and he gets No. 2 corners on a consistent basis. Carson Palmer will find him for a few big ones on most weeks and he’€™ll be a red zone target. Floyd needs to be owned in all leagues. You can currently get him in 31 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

Chris Givens, Rams

He was quiet last week, but I’€˜d still be adding him. He’€™s only available in one out of four leagues, but he may get dropped in some league this week, so look out for that. He won’€™t be lined up opposite Patrick Peterson every week, folks. Better days lay ahead for Mr. Givens. Worry not.

Brian Hartline, Dolphins

Will he go off every week like he did in Week 1?  Not likely, because Mike Wallace won’€™t be locked up with Joe Haden every week, but Hartline finding the end zone was a very good sign as was the strong play of starting QB Ryan Tannehill. Hartline should be owned in most formats and is available in 54 percent of leagues.

Rueben Randle, Giants

You can add him in more than half of Yahoo! leagues and he’€™s going to be a staple of the Giants passing attack. The real value could come with another injury to Hakeem Nicks as Randle has WR2 potential if he is starting. Still, the Giants use a ton of three-wide sets as they did on Sunday night vs. the Cowboys.

Justin Blackmon, Jaguars

He’€™ll be back by Week 5, so he can help you during the bye weeks.  He’€™s available in half of Yahoo! leagues and he really shouldn’€™t be. Blackmon has a lot of upside and could be a weekly starter soon after his return.

Andre Roberts, Cardinals

If you play in a PPR format, Roberts can help you as he gets free underneath a whole lot with both Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd dragging coverage downfield. Roberts can be had in 78 percent of leagues right now, and that number is too high.

Julian Edelman, Patriots

Will his health last? Who knows, but he can be a starter for you in any league size until he either gets hurt or cools off. He’€™s on the wire in 78 percent of Yahoo! leagues, and that number will get a lot smaller by Wednesday. If you want to add some immediate punch to your WR3 spot, this could be your guy.

Kenny Stills, Saints

Yes, I talk about Kenny Stills a lot, but that’€™s because we see so much fantasy value and he’€™s available in most leagues, to the tune of 89 percent. I’€™d scoop him up and stash him on my bench as a WR5 with some nice upside playing alongside Drew Brees.

Marlon Brown, Ravens

With the injury to Jacoby Jones, Moore should play a sizable role in the coming weeks and could lock up a starting spot if he plays well enough. He’€™s a guy to add in all 10-team leagues after being active and finding the end zone in Week 1. He’s more of an upside add vs. a guy to start, and he is available in 95 percent of leagues.


Cameron Jordan, Browns

Apparently the fact that we ranked Jordan as TE1 this preseason didn’€™t cause him to be universally drafted. Use this to your advantage if you can. Jordan can still be added in 21 percent of leagues and he has serious upside as a TE1 in any league size or format.

Martellus Bennett, Bears

He looked very good in his first outing against the Bengals, and he should get even more looks against weaker opponents. Bennett has the look of a serious red zone threat in the Bears’ new offense. He is owned in 73 percent of leagues and that number is going to rise up in the coming weeks.

Julius Thomas, Broncos

Sort of obvious, huh? Thomas is a guy we’€™ve been recommending for a few weeks now. He’€™s looking more and more like a breakout candidate. I was lucky enough to have him filling in for Rob Gronkowski last week. Thomas needs to be owned in all formats at this point just for his obvious Peyton Manning-related upside. You can get him 45 percent of leagues right now.

Dwayne Allen, Colts

If you are hurting at tight end for some reason, Allen could be a weekly starter if his health continues to hold up. He’€™s perhaps the best player the Colts have on offense after Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne. This will become more apparent over time, and I suggest you add him now if tight end is a position of need. He’€™s here for the taking in 78 percent of leagues.

Ed Dickson, Ravens

He had a rough outing in Week 1, but he was coming off of a layoff, so I wouldn’€™t overreact. On the other hand, Dallas Clark looked old and brittle Thursday night. Dickson should gain value in the coming weeks. He’€™s a playable tight end in 12-team formats and a potential riser in 10-team formats. Right now you can add him in 89 percent of leagues. Take one of the higher-ranked guys first, but if all else fails, Dickson or a guy like Seattle’€™s Zach Miller, who is also universally available, can help you.

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