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Michael Irvin on Patriots receivers and Tom Brady: ‘You can tell these guys are not on the same page’

09.13.13 at 10:05 pm ET

In the wake of the Patriots 13-10 win over the Jets Thursday night in Foxboro, the NFL Network crew of Michael Irvin, Steve Mariucci and Marshall Faulk weighed in on several topics on the New England side of the ball, including Tom Brady‘s visible frustration with his receivers.

On the Patriots’€™ miscommunication on offense in the win over the Jets:

Irvin: ‘€œWe saw it a whole lot [Thursday]; a lot of dropped balls, miscommunication ‘€“ it didn’€™t look like the New England Patriots we’€™re used to seeing out here. And we keep talking about sooner or later they’€™ll come together and they’€™ll play well together. They certainly didn’€™t do that [Thursday]. And not only did they drop some balls, there were a few balls that Tom Brady didn’€™t put to where we’€™re used to seeing Tom Brady lay the football’€¦On both sides [quarterback and wide receivers], you can tell that these guys are not on the same page.’€

Faulk: ‘€œThere was a special tonight that we ran [during the pregame show] with a bunch of [Tom Brady’€™s] former receivers who talked about Brady, and just how patient and how much of a competitor he is. All of that patience and all of his competitiveness, he’€™s going to have to channel that to kind of carry these guys along because they don’€™t have other answers outside of the guys that they’€™re playing right now. You’€™re going to get [Rob Gronkowski] back, fine, and you’€™ll get [Danny] Amendola back but he moves in for [Julian] Edelman ‘€“ you still have the two guys [Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson] on the outside. I want to see how Tom continues to put his arm around those guys and bring them along.’€

On Brady looking visibly frustrated with dropped balls and miscommunication on offense:

Irvin: ‘€œI actually got sick and tired of seeing Tom Brady [being visibly frustrated] when everybody missed the ball because they are young guys. OK, they made a mistake, we know you’€™re upset ‘€“ now let me see you take a different approach and try to raise these guys up so maybe they can go back and make plays’€¦I got tired of seeing it. As a wide receiver, I would have said something.’€

Mariucci: ‘€œTom’€™s the captain of this football team and he’€™s been here for a long time. I hear what you’€™re saying [directed to Michael Irvin] because there are ways to lead, especially with the quarterback, but we don’€™t know why [there was] the frustration. Was it those couple plays? Has this been going on in practice? Are they working hard enough? There is certainly frustration right there but he knows enough that these are going to be the guys he’€™s playing with next week against Tampa so he’€™ll lift them back up somehow. But he wants perfection. That’€™s how they got here. He wants perfection with all of his players, I don’€™t care if they’€™re 21 or 31.’€

Irvin: ‘€œYou talk about how difficult the offense is ‘€“ these are young guys, they’€™re playing in their first couple games in the NFL, their first couple games with these guys. I don’€™t mind Tom getting down on these guys some time and going after them, but as a receiver I saw way too much of it. I saw way too much of it for these young guys. I didn’€™t see him do it one time when he messed up. I would have problem with that, regardless whether I’€™m a Hall of Famer or a young guy. I would have an issue with that. Tom is a great leader, he’€™s done a wonderful job and I’€™m sure he’€™ll lead these guys ‘€“ I would have issues with that.’€

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