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What pundits were saying about Patriots on Sunday

10.27.13 at 11:54 pm ET

Here’s a quick rundown of what some NFL analysts were saying about the Patriots before and after Sunday’s game against the Dolphins.

LaDainian Tomlinson on NFL Network, following the game: ‘€œYou know a team is good when they have to [play a certain way] and they can do it. They had to run the football, because they couldn’€™t throw the football today and they got it done. Just an all-around performance by this Patriots team. I continue to be impressed by the coaching staff, the job they are doing. [It is] just unbelievable to watch them win games.’€

Michael Irvin on NFL Network, before the game, on Tom Brady and the Patriots offense: ‘€œWe know that Tom Brady and what he does works; we really don’€™t have that understanding for everybody else. One thing I’€™ve always said and I’€™ve always lived by as a receiver: it is never my quarterback’€™s fault. I don’€™t want to put it on my quarterback because I don’€™t want him hesitating in the next throw. Don’€™t worry about it, that’€™s on me. Certainly in this situation, it’€™s more on the receivers than it is on Tom Brady to get this right.’€

Tom Jackson on ESPN, before the game, on whether or not he’s concerned about Brady and the Patriots offense: ‘€œYeah, I’€™m concerned. You look at the bigger picture. Number one, he’€™s a first-ballot Hall of Famer, multiple Super Bowl winner. Any conversation about best quarterback ever, Tom Brady is going to be included. So we preface things by saying that. I don’€™t know of any elite quarterback who is more affected by getting hit than is Tom Brady. He is on pace right now to be sacked 46 times this year and if that happens, they will not end up playing in New Jersey for a Super Bowl. It cannot happen.’€

Mike Ditka on ESPN, before the game, on the Patriots offense: ‘€œHow do you get better protection? Get a running game, use some play-action. That will help you a little bit. That’€™s one thing they have to do. These young receivers aren’€™t the problem. Their offensive line protection is the biggest problem right now.’€

Keyshawn Johnson on ESPN, before the game, on the Patriots offense: ‘€œWhen you look at Tom Brady and the way he’€™s playing and you go back to those three championships ‘€“ he’€™s not playing any different than those three championships. The difference is, he’€™s a little older, he’€™s, you know, he’€™s more mature. But it’€™s the personnel. He doesn’€™t have the right personnel.’€

Cris Carter on ESPN, before the game, on Brady and the Patriots offense: ‘€œIf you go to Tom Brady today, Tom Brady’€™s going to tell you though, it’€™s me guys. Alright. I need to be better at doing my job. Alright. He’€™s going to take that onus. He’€™s not going to put it on the offensive line. But the real problem is the wide receivers. Okay. You cannot hide from having young wide receivers. Wide receiver is one of the tougher positions to transfer from college into the pros.’€



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