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Taking a look at negative numbers for Patriots offense through first half of 2013 season

10.29.13 at 10:05 pm ET

Avoiding negative plays is always a point of emphasis for the New England offense — several players spoke about it as a main focus following Sunday’s win over the Dolphins. To this point in the season, the Patriots have run 562 offensive plays (according to NFL game books), and not counting end-of-half kneeldowns from quarterback Tom Brady, 44 of the plays have gone for negative yardage, a rate of 8 percent. (That includes the 23 sacks taken by Brady.) Here’s a breakdown from each one of the first eight games, as well as a per-game percentage:

Bills — 4 negative plays on 89 snaps — 4 percent
Jets — 6 negative plays on 64 snaps — 9 percent
Bucs — 5 negative plays on 72 snaps — 7 percent
Falcons — 3 negative plays on 62 snaps — 5 percent
Bengals — 5 negative plays on 60 snaps — 8 percent
Saints — 10 negative plays on 83 snaps — 12 percent
Jets — 5 negative plays on 70 snaps — 7 percent
Dolphins — 6 negative plays on 62 snaps — 10 percent

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