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Wes Welker on returning to New England: ‘It’s a big game’

11.21.13 at 10:25 pm ET

Thanks to the Broncos PR staff, here’s a transcript of the Thursday Q&A between Wes Welker and the Denver media.

On not going sleeveless in the cold weather: ‘€œNo, not for practice. Maybe for a game, but not for practice. Try and bundle up, stay warm.’€

On being excited for the Patriots game: ‘€œDefinitely excited. It’€™s a big game, a big matchup. Great environment and everything else. I really look forward to it.’€

On if it will be strange playing in New England as a visitor: ‘€œSince Miami, yeah, I’€™m sure it will be, a little bit. But it’€™s another game, another field’€”it’€™s still the same size and everything else. I’€™m familiar with it, so that’€™s an advantage for sure.’€

On whether he has shared some of his experiences from New England with players in the locker room: ‘€œTrying to the best I can, just try and enlighten those guys and help them out the best I can. And really just preparing myself.’€

On how he’€™s feeling: ‘€œFeeling good.’€

On whether he will play on Sunday: ‘€œThat’€™s what I’€™m hoping for. Just listen to what the doctors say and go from there.’€

On his recovery process this week: ‘€œJust meeting with the independent doctors and going through multiple tests and everything else.’€

On how he felt in practice: ‘€œI felt fine. I feel fine. I’€™m just preparing myself, getting ready and hopefully just get cleared for Sunday.’€

On whether he immediately knew he had a concussion on Sunday: ‘€œI wasn’€™t really sure. I wasn’€™t sure.’€

On when he came out of the game and went back in before coming back out and going through a concussion evaluation: ‘€œI came out of the game and obviously it was a tough hit and everything else. And then went back in and came back out again.’€

On whether he felt symptoms when he came out of the game for the second time: ‘€œYeah. And so I decided it was probably in our best interest to get on out and put somebody in there that knows what they’€™re doing.’€

On running the ball: ‘€œWhatever we have to do to move the ball down the field. If it’€™s running the ball, passing the ball, whatever we have to do. And making sure that we’€™re putting ourselves in the right play and taking care of that. And just moving the ball down the field and scoring points.’€

On if he was getting his neck checked out the first time he left the game: ‘€œYou know, I sat there and got checked and then just went back in.’€

On every week being a big game: ‘€œYeah absolutely, they’€™re always big games in the NFL but there’€™s definitely some down the stretch that can put you in position for later on in the season and this is definitely one of those games against a really good team. We have to make sure that we’€™re coming out and playing the way we need to be to have a chance to win.’€

On keeping tabs with Patriots QB Tom Brady: ‘€œYeah for sure, I stay in contact with Tom. Not this week. This week, we’€™re pretty much enemies (laughing) but no, we’€™re really tight and close. I wish the best for him’€”just not this week.’€

On not wanting to sit out: ‘€œI want to be out there. I mean, there are not too many games I’€™ve missed in my whole career and I love playing the game especially in big atmospheres like this. So I’€™m doing everything possible in my power to make sure that I get the opportunity to play in a game like this.’€

On how he serves as a leader to the younger players: ‘€œFor me it’€™s just going out there and trying to lead by example and really just going out there in practice and working hard and preparing and just trying to set an example. I think they do a great job themselves setting an example for myself and everyone else.’€

On it being beneficial to prepare for New England in the cold weather: ‘€œFor sure, for sure. It’€™s great to have this type of weather and get you ready for what you’€™re going to see come game time.’€

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