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What pundits were saying about Patriots on Sunday

12.09.13 at 8:51 am ET
Marshall Faulk

Marshall Faulk

Here’s a quick rundown of what some NFL analysts were saying about the Patriots before and after Sunday’s game against the Browns.

Sterling Sharpe on NFL Network on the Patriots, before the game: “If they stay healthy, nobody wants them to come to your place or certainly go to Foxborough in the playoffs…This football team’s going be hard to deal with down the stretch.”

Marshall Faulk on NFL Network on Patriots running back Shane Vereen, before the game: “[Shane] Vereen, coupled with Tom Brady, could be the best back they’ve had come out of the backfield since Brady has been there because of his ability to stretch the field.”

Michael Irvin on the Patriots on NFL Network before the game: “I say they are built for the long-haul…Their three losses were all by one possession; they were all tough, [hard] fought games. They would blow everybody out for years and then get in the playoffs and go up against a tough team like Baltimore [who would say], ‘We’ll just be physical with them.’ Now they have this, they have been physical.”

Tony Dungy on NBC after the game: “I get so frustrated watching people not know how to play situational football. But good teams, like New England and Baltimore, know how to keep their poise in the final minute.”

Deion Sanders on NFL Network on the pass interference call on Cleveland cornerback Leon McFadden in the end zone against the Patriots, after the game: “This is suspect. You can call it but it’s really not pass interference…You could call it, but you have to let them play because that’s going to change the game.”

Tony Dungy on NBC, who disagreed with crucial defensive pass interference call on Browns late in the game, on the officials in the Browns-Patriots game: “In the last two minutes, everybody has to play under pressure, including the officials. In this play, everybody didn’t do their job.”

Willie McGinest on NFL Network after the game, on the Patriots moving forward without tight end Rob Gronkowski: “It’s survival mode. They go right back into what they were at the beginning of the year before they had [Rob] Gronkowski when he was hurt; finding different ways to get different guys the football.”

Rodney Harrison on NBC after the game, talking about Rob Gronkowski’s injury: “It’s hard for me to think they can go very far in the playoffs without his production.”

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