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Julian Edelman on key Sunday: ‘Practice execution becomes game reality’

01.18.14 at 2:25 pm ET

FOXBORO — Practice makes perfect. Always be prepared. Do your job.

There’s another Patriots spin on those time-tested football idioms.

“Practice execution becomes game reality,” Julian Edelman revealed Friday before taking off for what he tweeted this week was the biggest “business trip” of the season.

Has Edelman ever felt the Patriots won playoff games in the past simply by being more prepared for game situations than the opponent?

“€œDefinitely. It’€™s your foundation for the game,” Edelman said. “Everything you learn in the classroom, you take to the grass, and there’€™s a huge saying around here that ‘€˜Practice execution becomes game reality,’€™ and every game that we’€™ve played well in, we’€™ve always had a solid week of practice.”

Edelman feels the team is confident with the game plan and the preparation going into Sunday’s AFC championship at Sports Authority Field in Denver.

“€œDefinitely,” he said. “Of course you’€™re excited, and it’€™s the AFC Championship Game, so definitely excited.”

Naturally, the preparation mantra comes from the top and makes its way down the food chain. Edelman expects Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to demand more and more the bigger the game.

‘€”I think everyone does. When you come and you play for the New England Patriots, you know that preparation is huge, and just as a whole unit, everyone, you can just tell the sense of urgency for the preparation process. It increases and increases, because you don’€™t want to live with the regret of, ‘€˜I wish I would have,’€™ so we definitely kind of prepare to the max here,” Edelman said.

“€œFootball comes down to situational football, which the three big ones are turnovers, red area, and third down, so if you can’€™t execute those and take care of the ball, especially in a huge game like this, you’€™re going to lose, especially to an explosive team like Denver. I’€™m sure if we don’€™t take care of the ball, it’€™s not going to be like last time. This is a completely new game and there’€™s a lot more to more play for, so we definitely have to take care of the ball.”

Part of the preparation will come in Denver, as the team left Friday and was on the ground a day earlier than normal to get accustomed to the surroundings. Belichick downplayed it as something the team has done often in the past when traveling cross country.

“I’€™m sure if there’€™s an advantage to that or any of that, that our training staff and nutritionist and coaching staff made the decision for us to go out a day early on purpose,” Edelman said. “That’€™s their job.”

As for the players, they’re hoping to finish their job Sunday and advance to Super Bowl XLVIII, setting the stage, of course, for even more preparation.

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