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Donte’ Stallworth on D&C: ‘Bill [Belichick] was wrong to call out [Wes] Welker’

01.21.14 at 9:43 am ET

Former Patriots wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth joined Dennis & Callahan on Tuesday to discuss the controversies coming out of Sunday’€™s AFC and NFC championship games. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Stallworth said the play between Aqib Talib and Wes Welker was a “typical play” that he’€™s seen “a million times.”

“What Talib was trying to do, and I guarantee if you ask him this, this is what he’€™ll tell you, he’€™s been coached to — every coach in the NFL has coached their defensive players to do this — he was coached to not let separation between his defender and Wes Welker. So his job is to come underneath Wes. Wes’€™ job is to make him go over the top, and that is why they collided with each other.

“It’€™s not a sense of Wes running into him and trying to take him out.”

Stallworth tweeted Monday that Patriots coach Bill Belichick was “absolutely wrong about Wes Welker‘€™s hit on Aqib Talib … and he knows it.”

“Bill, he knows what the offensive job is to do and he knows what the defensive job is to do,” Stallworth said. “He’€™s coached both sides. He understands that Wes’€™ job is to make a team go over the top and Aqib’€™s job is to not allow that to happen.

“So I can’€™t get into the mind of Bill and say why he said that, but the reason why I tweeted that is because I know that Bill understands the position that Wes was in and the position that Aqib was in and it was one of those unfortunate plays that Aqib did not come back in the game. I guess it was a turning point in the game, but at no point would I say that it was deliberate, and I just thought Bill was wrong for that.”

In the NFC, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has been getting widespread criticism for his postgame interview with Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews.

“My initial reaction — I was laughing,” Stallworth said. “I honestly thought it was hilarious, but the thing that I did not agree with that he did was going into after he made that great play was getting in the face of [Michael Crabtree] and taunting him and doing the slash sign to [Colin Kaepernick].

“There were a lot of visceral words towards him for that, calling him a thug — a lot of racial undertones. Thugs don’€™t graduate from Stanford and this is a rough environment sport. It’€™s part of the attraction. … No one wants to see flag football, so for you to speak to an athlete after, literally seconds after making the biggest play of his life, sending his team to the Super Bowl, people are tired of hearing athletes speak about cliches trained by PR professionals.

“They want us to speak our minds, but then when somebody does, you know like Richard Sherman did in very, very passionate way — could he have handed it a bit better? Yes, he could.”

Following are more highlights from the interview. For more Patriots news, visit the team page at

On Julian Edelman: “For one, I really hope they re-sign Julian Edelman. He’€™s done so much for that organization in the past couple of years. He’€™s — and I’€™m not saying this regarding Bill or any of the personnel people that make these decisions — but I think he’€™s underappreciated. And I mean that throughout the NFL. This kid, I’ve been around him, he’€™s probably one of the hardest workers I’ve ever been around, great guy.”

On retiring: “No, I’€™m not officially retired. I have a lot of things going on outside of football right now, but I’€™m still trying to debate if I’€™m going to give it another go next year. Watching these playoffs have really amped me up, wanting to return again for another season. But we’€™ll see how it goes over the next few weeks.”

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