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Peter King on M&M: ‘Not a surprise’ that Nick Caserio is interviewing with Dolphins

01.24.14 at 1:54 pm ET

Peter King of Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports made his weekly appearance on Mut & Merloni on Friday to talk about the general manger opening in Miami and last weekend’€™s AFC championship. To hear the interview, go to the Mut & Merloni audio on demand page.

ESPN’€™s Adam Schefter reported Friday morning that New England’€™s director of player personnel, Nick Caserio, was in Miami interviewing for the Dolphins general manager position.

“It’€™s not a surprise,” King said of the report. “If you’€™re a personnel guy for an NFL team, why wouldn’t you want to interview for a general manager’€™s job in which you’€™re going to have personnel control?”

According to King, the GM spot is a good position because of Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

“Ryan Tannehill has a chance to be a top-10 quarterback for the next 10 years,” King said. “Is he right now? He’€™s borderline. He’€™s not there right now, but he’€™s got a chance to be in the 8-12 range, and I think if you take over the job you’€™re going to have the ability to build around a quarterback instead of being in the endless search for a quarterback.

“I was talking to one coach in this division who doesn’t coach the Patriots this past summer on my training camp trip,” King added. “He said, ‘€˜Look, Tom Brady‘€™s not playing forever. Bill Belichick‘€™s not coaching forever,’€™ and so at some point the Patriots are going to come back down to earth.

“I don’€™t know that that’€™s going to be in the next two or three years, but the day is coming where the Patriots are going to have to find another quarterback and eventually another coach. I have no idea when it’€™s going to be, but I would not be scared off by the fact that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are in New England if I’€™m interviewing for a job in that division.”

Following are more highlights from the conversation. For more Patriots news, visit the team page at

On Brady’s performance in the AFC championship game: “He’€™s a great player, I don’€™t think this tarnishes him other than to say it’€™s a rare occasion that he didn’t play well in a big game.”

On Wes Welker‘s hit: “It wasn’t dirty. Here’€™s the way I look at it: If there was some intent, I absolutely a thousand percent guarantee you that Wes Welker would have been acting alone. For John Fox or Adam Gase to send Wes Welker across the middle to do that coming off his concussion, his concussion history, would be absolutely a thousand percent unconscionable. I think it’s ridiculous to suggest that this was in some way premeditated or he was sent in to do that. I think it’s also ridiculous to suggest that he did it on his own.

“For Bill Belichick to say it’s one of the worst things … that to me says to me one of two things: He’s been in the game for about 15 minutes or he has something against Wes Welker, or he was really ticked off at [Aqib] Talib being knocked out of the game.”

On Belichick’s reaction reflecting his frustration with the league: “I do believe the Patriots got jobbed on two really significant plays so far this year: the one that they missed in that Jets game and the interference call in the end zone against Carolina. That doesn’t mean, then, that they have to either eject Walker or give him a 15-yard penalty or whatever for a play that, as explained in a calm rational way, was the correct call on the field.”

On if the Patriots should keep Julian Edelman: “At some point the Patriots have to start keeping their good receivers. … I think this is a case where when you look at a guy who is so incredibly reliable as Julian Edleman is. … I think the Patriots should aggressively try to keep him because he is a guy who you know he’s going to go out there and you know is going to go out and battle every week. This is nothing against Danny Amendola. This is simply stating the fact that you don’t know if he can make it through a season because he so rarely does so, you have to have insurance for that.”

On keeping Aqib Talib: “I would sign him before he got to market, do everything I could to sign him before he got to market and try to capitalize on the fact that he loves it in New England, and I’m sure he wants to end his career there. The Patriots need him very, very much. You can’t rely on the draft right now at the cornerback position. … You have to look at your history and be realistic that you haven’t drafted the position well at all.”

On his Super Bowl prediction: “At the end of the day, I think it comes down to [Peyton Manning] against that secondary. They force three turnovers, they’re going to win that game. I just think Manning is probably going to be able to make enough plays that if Denver’s defense plays as it did against the Patriots, I like Denver.”

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