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Cris Carter on D&C: Seahawks need to get Percy Harvin involved to win Super Bowl

01.30.14 at 9:50 am ET

Hall of Fame wide receiver and ESPN analyst Cris Carter joined Dennis & Callahan on Thursday to talk about the Super Bowl. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Carter picked the Seahawks to come away with the win on Sunday, but said there are two things the team needs to do at the start of the game in order to find success.

“Number one, from a Seattle standpoint, I’€™ll look at are they pinning Denver back,” Carter said. “Are they utilizing their special teams? Which I believe is an advantage in making Denver go the distance.

“From Seattle’€™s standpoint, people aren’t talking about their offensive line. Pass protection hasn’t been great. … The reason why [Russell Wilson is] ad libbing is because the offensive line has not been that consistent.”

Carter said the Seahawks will need to utilize Percy Harvin, who has played in just one game this season because of hip surgery.

“Hand him the football because you don’€™t have to have a lot of continuity,” Carter said. “Percy Harvin is one of the great runners in the National Football League — open-field running ability. … You also throw in some swing passes, don’€™t let the ball travel far before it gets in his hand.

“Those are the easiest ways, and you don’€™t have to have a lot of practice or timing with the quarterback to do that.”

Following are more highlights from the interview. For more Patriots news, visit the team page at

On Bill Belichick‘€™s reaction to the Wes Welker hit: “Well, it’€™s illegal, but what Bill Belichick did was wrong. He called a guy out. Made a guy look bad, and it’€™s personal. It’€™s personal about his contract. What Wes should’ve said was it was a misinterpretation of the rules — exactly what Belichick said when there was Spygate. That’€™s what I would have said if I was Wes Welker — ‘Well I didn’t understand the rules correctly.’ €™”

On Richard Sherman: “Richard Sherman is a little bit different than what we saw last week. He’€™s a good football player. I’€™d love to play with him, have him on my team. I’€™d love to play against him. We’ve always had this in the NFL, and Richard Sherman is just a new version of what we’ve seen in the past.

“He only did that, that was a personal issue. Something happened off the field between [Michael Crabtree and him] and it got personal. That’€™s the story behind the story. It was an offseason event they went to. Crabtree said some things to Richard Sherman not very flattering … which made Sherman go off after the game.”

On Peyton Manning being the best quarterback of all time: “You can’€™t even start the conversation. Also, he goes back to have a losing playoff record. He’€™s 11-11 now, I think, he’€™d be 11-12 if he lost this game. Given those guys’€™ [Joe Montana, Tom Brady] playoff records and multiple Super Bowls. Yes, of course. Your legacy, as long as you’€™re still out there playing, there’€™s still room to be writing on it.”

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