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Brandon Spikes anticipates emotional contest when he meets Patriots in 2014

03.18.14 at 6:30 am ET

Brandon Spikes is already dreaming about facing his old team.

‘€œIt’€™s going to be emotional for me,’€ the former Patriots linebacker said in his first session with Buffalo reporters on Monday. ‘€œI’ve dreamt about it already. I believe it’€™ll be an emotional game. I’€™ll probably be in tears the entire game. I know it’€™s going to be a battle. It’€™s definitely going to be a battle for all time. I’€™m looking forward to that, and I’€™ll definitely be dreaming about it every night until it comes this fall.’€

Spikes, who was drafted by the Patriots in 2010 and played four years in New England, signed a free agent deal with the Bills as a free agent earlier this month. On Monday, he explained why he decided to leave Foxboro, saying that former Patriots and current Buffalo assistant Pepper Johnson played  major role in his decision-making process.

“He’s a great coach and a great inspiration to the game. He loves the game and he is definitely what I want to be down the road,” Spikes said. “He’s a legendary ballplayer and coach. He just knows the game. I respect him as a man and as a coach.”

One thing that continues to stick in his craw is the perception is that he’s a two-down linebacker, a player who needs to leave the field on third down and other passing situations.

‘€œI played on it if they gave me the opportunity and I delivered when I was out there,’€ he said when asked about his work on third down while in New England. ‘€œObviously, we went to the Super Bowl, and I had one of the best games on third downs even though we lost. That whole entire season when I was given the opportunity and play on third down, I delivered.

“Like I said, that’€™s in the past and now I’€™m just here to change all that. Prove people wrong, if that’s what they’€™d like to say. I’€™m just ready to go play the game I love. Everybody don’€™t have an opportunity to have their dream and play. I’€™m just happy to have this opportunity and be in this situation to play the game I love.’€

That being said, he still takes a lot of pride in his work as a run stopper.

‘€œIf you can stop the run, you’ll make a team one dimensional,’€ he said. ‘€œI know a lot of people are saying the league is passing now and it’€™s pass, but as you can see in the playoffs everybody just starts running the ball. (You need) a run stopper that can take that away like in the playoffs late in the season when the weather becomes a factor and stuff like that. It’€™s big and it seems like the last couple of Super Bowl winners have had a great run game.

“I think that’€™s key — if you can make a team one dimensional and force them to pass, I feel like you have the edge.’€

Spikes inked a one-year deal, but he says that only serves as more motivation.

“My whole life I’ve had something to prove so it just helps put some fuel on the fire,” Spikes said. “It keeps that burning sensation I have inside of me for the game and, like I said, whatever, if they say I have something to prove, I just have to go out there and do it.”

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