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Highlights from rest of Robert Kraft’s Monday afternoon session with reporters

03.24.14 at 2:51 pm ET

ORLANDO — We’ve already covered most of what Patriots owner Robert Kraft discussed at the league meetings — check out those entries here, here and here — but here are a few other highlights of his Monday afternoon Q&A with the media:

Opening statement:
An interesting moment. We’€™ve owned the team 20 years and I was thinking back, I believe our first owners meeting was here 20 years ago. Different hotel, but when they voting to approve us as owners. A little emotional coming back and we’€™ve had an interesting couple of decades. So, fire away.

On the moves the team made in free agency were done with an eye toward the eventual retirement of Tom Brady:
We have the same system in place. There’s not one individual ‘€¦ I think sometimes there’s a misconception that we’re changing our philosophy. That isn’t true. All that has happened is that opportunities come up in the marketplace and when they come up we go for them. You want me to tell Brady that you’re suggesting he’s near the end of his career? Is that what you’re suggesting?

He did say he wanted to play until he was 50.
We hope he does. And he stays healthy and the way he trains and eats. It’s a good lesson for me.

Regarding the “arms race” with Denver:
When I bought the team, I was thinking ‘We could never really beat the Dolphins.’ I mean, for years, they beat us. We were able to transition and do OK against the Dolphins. Then, with the Broncos ‘€¦ for about 15 years, we couldn’t beat them. It looks like we’ve held our own. But it is a tremendous rivalry. We’re happy that they’re going to have to come to Foxboro this year — I”m hoping it’s in November or December. But we’ll see. I guess the schedule will be coming out in a couple of weeks. But it’s great for the game — the rivalry we have with the Jets ‘€¦ it’s unbelievable. I see little young children running around here coming up and telling me how they feel about the Jets. That’s awesome. We’re getting them ingrained at a young age.

Thoughts on losing Talib and Spikes:
They were both free agents and Aqib and Brandon both did a great job when they were with us and I personally had affection for both of them, and I wish them well ‘€¦ except when they’€™re playing us.

On the four rule changes proposed by the Patriots:
The goal post and the cameras, both should happen, it’€™s just a matter of money, anything that can determine the outcome of the game I think we should be investing and doing it, and bill spoke with me about these and actually I support all four that he came up with, I think are very good, I don’€™t think the goal post should be a problem and I hope and believe that will pass. The cameras on the goal line, it’€™s a big commitment for everyone, but once again, we want the outcomes of games to be without question, and I think his other two suggestions, moving the extra point to the 25-yard line or having any play be able to be reviewed are all intelligent. But we have a lot of football gurus who maybe think differently, (and) we’€™ll find out tomorrow.

On Roger Goodell’€™s salary:
I think the commissioner has done an outstanding job running the league. It’€™s never been healthier — we have labor stability for almost the next decade, our revenues should go up considerably, over $20 million a year each of the next five years, we put some things in place with NFL Now (and) this Thursday night package. I think he’€™s one of the most capable CEOs in America.

On Jim Irsay‘s issues:
Anyone who knows Jim Irsay (knows he’s) a good guy, he’€™s a kind man, he’€™s well intentioned, and he’€™s in my prayers. And what’€™s happened to him has not changed my opinion of him.

On being a new owner:
You don’€™t know anything when you come in, you might think you do, and I think there’€™s a lot of very smart accomplished people come into the league and they get dressed down pretty quickly, because this business is a business like no other business, and you have to go through some rough times and a learning curve I think to understand what it’€™s like, but in the end it’€™s like anything else, you have to get the best people you can find around you and delegate to them and manage them but let them have autonomy when they’€™re doing well ‘€¦ I’€™ll let you judge that.

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