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Mike Tannenbaum: Darrelle Revis will turn Patriots’ weakness into a strength

07.24.14 at 5:25 pm ET

On Thursday’s edition of “Inside Training Camp Live” on NFL Network, analysts Mike Tannenbaum and Solomon Wilcots discussed Darrelle Revis and the kind of difference maker he’ll be with the Patriots this season:

Mike Tannenbaum: ‘€œDarrelle is one of those players that he has attributes you can’€™t see; the toughness, the competiveness. He’€™ll bring a lot to that New England defense’€¦You look at some of the teams they’€™re going to compete against ‘€“ the Demaryius Thomas‘€™ of the world and Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Bowe — I think what [Bill Belichick] saw last year in the [AFC] Championship Game was we really struggled getting off the field against Denver. His answer was not only Darrelle Revis but Brandon Browner to couple that with some of the other pieces they have in the secondary. They’€™re going to try to turn a weakness into a strength, and with Browner and Revis and their physicality, I think it’€™s going to greatly improve their man-to-man defense.’€

Solomon Wilcots: ‘€œHe’€™s a transformational player. He allows the Patriots to transform their entire defense because he can neutralize the best wide receiver on the opposite side of the ball. He is that kind of player. You just love the fact that when you take a look at Darrelle Revis — and Bill Belichick talked about it — he has a high football IQ; he understands what teams are trying to do to him. He can neutralize the best player simply because he’€™s probably one of the most fearless cornerbacks I’€™ve ever seen. When he steps up in the box and that press man-to-man coverage, whether it’€™s Calvin Johnson, whether it’€™s A.J. Green, whether it’€™s Dez Bryant — it doesn’€™t even enter his mind that what happens when I get beat? I don’€™t even think it really toys with him that he even thinks I could get beat. There is not even a potential for that to happen in his mind. I think that’€™s what separates him from the rest of the pack.’€

Tannenbaum: ‘€œYou read reports that when he’€™s working out in Arizona ‘€“ which he does every year ‘€“ there were other Patriots down there with him, be it the Kyle Arrington‘€™s of the world, Logan Ryan, Devin McCourty. Darrelle has attributes you can’€™t see and when you’€™re trying to build a championship team on both sides of the ball, that’€™s really critical. It’€™s interesting in just his first season, to get that sort of attendance says a lot about the swagger that he has in that locker room.’€

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