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Tom Brady on D&C: ‘Just a great win by our team’

01.19.15 at 9:08 am ET
Tom Brady is heading to the Super Bowl for an NFL record sixth time. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Tom Brady and the Patriots had plenty to celebrate after Sunday’s rout of the Colts. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady checked in with Dennis & Callahan on Monday morning, following Sunday night’s rout of the Colts in the AFC championship game. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

“It was just a great win by our team,” Brady said. “It was an exciting one to be a part of. We put a lot of work into this year, and then to have it culminate in really a great all-around performance last night, it was pretty sweet for everybody.”

The Patriots were 2-2 after four games and raising concern for their inconsistent play before turning things around. Brady said he takes no additional satisfaction because of where the team was at the end of September.

“I don’t think it does [matter],” he said. “Look, there’s a lot of people that say good things about you, there’s a lot of people that say bad things about you. I think just as professional athletes you have to show up to work every day and focus on doing your job and doing everything you have to do to help your team win and succeed at a high level on a weekly basis.

“Sometimes it doesn’t go right, as I said, all season long. You don’t win every single game. You’re certainly never going to throw in the towel. We stayed focused, we stayed with what we were expecting ourselves to do, which was make improvements over the course of the season. It puts us in a pretty good place going into the playoffs, and we took care of business twice at home. So that was a great thing.”

After being favored in both of their AFC playoff games, the Patriots are underdogs for their Super Bowl matchup against the defending champion Seahawks. Brady claims the Patriots won’t use this underdog status as inspiration.

“Whatever it is, it is. I don’t know who makes those decisions or things like that,” he said. “We’ll go in there with a lot of confidence. It doesn’t matter whether they think you’ll win or lose. A lot of people think we’ll win, a lot of people think we’ll lose. None of that stuff really matters to us.”

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On a report that the Patriots are being investigated for not properly game balls during the game to get an advantage: “I think I’ve heard it all at this point. … That’s the least of my worries, I don’t even respond to stuff like this.”

On the emotion he showed Sunday night after advancing to the Super Bowl for the sixth time: “I’m always pretty excited, guys. Anytime we got a chance to go to this game, it was pretty amazing. It happened pretty early in my career three times. It happened in ’07, we had just a great football team. In 2011 we had a good football team. I’m excited. I’m an emotional player. It’s a great accomplishment for our team. I was sharing in the celebration with everybody last night. It was just a great, great team performance.”

On LeGarrette Blount, who rushed 30 times for 148 yards and three touchdowns: “He did a lot of that last year for us, too. He hasn’t had as much opportunity this year. But yesterday was just a hell of a game. He made great decisions running it, when to blow it up into the hole and then when to cut it back against the grain and try to make yards that way. All night he was making those types of choices. It was great to see. He had a hell of a night.”

On the third-quarter touchdown pass to offensive lineman Nate Solder: “It’s pretty amazing. Like I say, you never know how these games turn out. I’ve been a part of a lot of these games, and you’ve got to pull out some stuff that maybe the other teams haven’t been working on. We’ve found pretty good ways to do that. That was a huge play in the game at that point, coming out of halftime, putting together a great drive. It was a great call by Josh [McDaniels], great execution from all the guys, and then obviously Nate catching it and running was phenomenal.”

On working on the Solder play in practice: “Nate’s faster than me. Believe me, he’s a lot faster than me. We’ve never called it in practice from that close. We’ve normally called it out on the field, so he’s just been jogging down the field. We’ve never really called it down in the red area. But the situation came up. We tried to take advantage of them losing track of Nate, and they did, and it worked out perfectly.”

On staying in Sunday’s game late in the fourth quarter and taking a hit: “Football’s a dangerous game. You’re going to get hit in a lot of different places. That’s football. You’re going to be out there playing, you’ve got to be prepared. I feel great today. I’m not worried about it. … Whatever coach wants to do, that’s what we’re doing. The game wasn’t over. You just want to finish it out, finish it strong. We had a great chance to do that.”

On the Patriots offensive line: “They did a great job. They’ve done a great job all season. We gave up such a few amount of sacks this year. We did such a great job in the run game. That was one of our most consistent positions. Those guys have hung in there through different types of injuries. Guys have really made great strides and improvement over the course of the year with that offensive line. It’s great to be able to stand here at the end and see what those guys have accomplished. Offensive line’s about chemistry and playing together. The more you play together, the less mistakes you’re going to make, and the trust and confidence goes up. Our tackles, our guards, all the guys that have played center have just done such a great job for us. I’m proud of them. It’s just an awesome achievement for those guys. I’m proud of all of them, what they’ve been able to accomplish.”

On the home crowd Sunday night: “When they get rocking and the horn gets blowing — it was so loud yesterday. That was probably the loudest I’ve ever heard our stadium. It was awesome. It was just a great home experience. We’ve always had a great home-field advantage. … It made it pretty special to win it in front of our home crowd, too. That makes it extra special.”

On Richard Sherman taunting him after the Patriots and Seahawks last played in 2012: “Truthfully, at that time, I thought he was coming up to say, ‘Good game.’ That’s all I thought it was. It was loud after that game so I didn’t really hear anything. And then I went into the locker room after the game and everyone said that whatever it was the next day, that he said he was, I don’t know, talking trash to me. I just thought he came up and said, ‘Good game.’ So that was all a bit of a surprise to me.”

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