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Rob Parker on D&C: Tom Brady should be suspended 8 games for Deflategate

05.27.15 at 10:10 am ET
Rob Parker

Rob Parker

Rob Parker, formerly of ESPN and The Detroit News, joined Dennis & Callahan on Wednesday morning to discuss his column at in which he calls for Tom Brady to admit his guilt in Deflategate and accept his suspension. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Parker said he believes Brady should be suspended eight games, twice as many as the suspension the Patriots quarterback was given by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. He denied having any bias toward Brady or New England that affects his position.

“I don’t know Tom Brady. I have no reason to hate Tom Brady,” Parker said. “It’s just the idea that — and people can pooh-pooh it all they want — when you mess the integrity of the rules — and I believe, in the stuff that I read, that Tom Brady instructed the ball boys to do his dirty work — it makes no other sense whatsoever that a ball boy would take the air out of a football. Even the greatest football quarterbacks have all come and said the same thing: That’s something that would be instructed by Tom Brady. I just think he’s lying and got caught.”

Parker said Brady should have acknowledged from the beginning that he played a role in the deflation, and then it would have been over quickly, with a much lighter punishment. Now he suggests Brady accept his four-game suspension and put this issue behind him.

“Stop trying to save face. Just own up to it,” Parker said. “Bob Kraft has already given up the fight, and I think he was even more stern about it and mad and angry, huffing and puffing, but he gave in. Tom should just give in, accept your punishment and move on.”

Parker acknowledged that the evidence against Brady is circumstantial — indicating the texts from the ball boys were key — but he said that’s enough to convince him of Brady’s guilt.

“People in Boston, more than anybody, should know that, because you just saw in the [Aaron] Hernandez trial, where Robert Kraft testified, a murder trial, he basically lost on circumstantial evidence,” Parker said. “A lot of people get way harsher penalties in the criminal justice system on circumstantial evidence.”

Brady cooperated with NFL investigators to a degree, spending time answering questions but refusing to turn over texts from his cell phone.

“If you really were going to fight for your name and your reputation, you would be willing to work with investigators,” Parker said. “When Tom does not work with investigators and won’t work with them to clear his name, I have an issue with that. Now, people can say whether, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t give up my phone,’ but if my good name and my reputation that I’ve put up all these years is going to get trashed and all I have to do is show them that I don’t have any texts or phone calls from these guys — and the other problem I had is why is Tom Brady, who first claimed that he didn’t even know who the ball boys were — that was his quote, that he didn’t even know who they were. . . . And to have phone calls and texts between those guys. . . . And also the signing of the merchandise as payment and all that stuff. It all adds up when you look at it, because it just makes no sense that the equipment guys are doing this on their own.”

To read Jerry Thornton’s response to Parker’s column, click here. For more Patriots news, visit the team page at

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