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From Division 3 Tufts to NFL? QB Alex Snyder looking for chance to prove it can happen

04.21.17 at 1:16 pm ET
Former Tufts QB Alex Snyder is looking to make it in the NFL. (Photo courtesy of Jenkins Elite)

Former Tufts QB Alex Snyder is looking to make it in the NFL. (Photo courtesy of Jenkins Elite)

It’s not too often a Division 3 quarterback can make the jump to the NFL, but former Tufts quarterback Alex Snyder is looking for a chance to prove everyone wrong.

In his junior and senior seasons with the Jumbos, Snyder passed for 1,964 yards, 12 touchdowns and eight interceptions, but after graduating early last December, he’s been focused on football for the last four months and hoping to get a shot with a NFL team.

Snyder went out to Colorado and worked with former NFL quarterback Tim Jenkins, as part of his quarterback training program. He wasn’t the only quarterback there either, as he worked along side P.J. Walker out of Temple and Austin Apodaca out of New Mexico.

For 12 weeks it was all quarterback training, ranging from weightlifting, on-field work, film study, nutrition, etc. Snyder came away a much better quarterback.

“He took a giant step,” Jenkins said. “A lot of it has to do with the consistency of doing something for eight-12 weeks where he’s doing it six days a week and he’s getting more work every day. He is getting on the field every day and I really saw him mature into the player he should have been his whole college career.

“I think anyone who takes a shot on him — as a free agent, minicamp — that type of kid. He could really turn into a kid who can stick around on the practice squad and one day battle for the 53.”

Standing 6-foot-4, 220 pounds, his size is a definite strength and could potentially make him attractive to a NFL team, especially after how he’s been able to grow in the last few months.

“I mean, honestly, I can feel I have made tremendous strides and I think that is just from the coaching I was exposed to in the last few months to the past couple of years,” Snyder said. “That isn’t a knock on my coaches [at Tufts], it’s just Division 3 — they just didn’t know what they didn’t know. I can’t blame them. It’s just a different perspective.”

Through his agent, Snyder hooked up with Tim Tebow one day this spring and the meeting gave him great inspiration to one day be like him.

“I walked in there one day and [my agent] was giving me a tour and all of a sudden Tim Tebow was out there running wind sprints at like noon in Phoenix,” Snyder said. “It was ridiculous. Vintage Tim Tebow. It was great to meet him. I read all his books. I just admire — I am a type of person that really looks past, I am not going to engage in the debate whether he’s a great football player or not. I look past that. I realize he’s just a great person and role model. I strive to be like that. I just think he’s a great person.”

By working with Jenkins, Snyder was able to get into the Colorado State-Pueblo pro day where he put up some impressive numbers and good work on film (scroll to bottom of post for video). What doesn’t show up on tape is just how smart he is — how he can read defenses, and knows the overall game of football.

Jenkins compared Snyder to Andrew Luck and Ryan Fitzpatrick, just because of how smart he is. This could go a long way when it comes to getting picked up by a NFL team.

“I think they value it a ton,” Jenkins said. “The truth of the matter is any time you’re looking at a kid like Alex, he’s not going to come in right away and be your starter. Any time you can bring in a rookie who is going to fill that third spot or that second spot and you don’t have to slow down the meeting room, he won’t. If a team is looking for a third, or a developmental kid, to me Alex isn’t going to slow down a meeting room. Ideally, that is what you’re getting out of your No. 3.”

Now that he’s been able to get showcased at a pro day, all Snyder is looking for is a shot — get signed as an undrafted free agent, a chance at minicamp, anything. He just is looking for a shot to get in front of a NFL team and he believes the rest will take care of its self.

“For me, I really just think I am the type of person that needs an opportunity,” Snyder said. “Once the opportunity is in my hand I can take it very far. I am coming from Division 3, and that is tougher to make the NFL, but my whole goal ever since I decided I was going to go for it was just find a way to get in front of the people you need to. I need an opportunity in the coming months to get an opportunity at a minicamp. I think based on how my pro day went, my body of work, I think it’s enough and I am confident in the fact I am at least getting the opportunity. I think that is all you can ask for because then it’s up to you. I am confident in the fact once that happens I will do the right things to keep going.

“It’s been a different journey and different path than other quarterbacks in this draft class, but I am hoping for an opportunity and what I am working towards.”

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