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Fantasy Football: Week 2 starts, sits 09.12.14 at 2:15 pm ET
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Welcome to the Week 2 starts and sits. I hope you all did well last week, but if bad luck befell you, we’re here to help you up off the ground. There are some good sleepers this week and I’ve tried to bring a few to the surface. However, if you need more information on players not listed, you can always hit Rotobahn and check out my full Lineup Rankings, which will be updated over the weekend as always.

Jim Hackett and I will be back again on Sunday morning on 93.7 FM with another Fantasy Football Hour. We’ll be getting into some Week 1 fallout and looking forward to Week 2 by getting into some matchups and some potential value plays in both seasonal and weekly fantasy football. Join us! Our show comes on at 6:30 a.m. for all you early risers, but you can always listen to us later on as the show will be posted right here at To keep up with all of our fantasy football content, follow me on Twitter. I tweet links to all our chats, articles and rankings.



Andy Dalton, Bengals vs. Falcons

Dalton has a home matchup vs. a porous defense. This is when you use him if you have a need. He’s a better option than some guys who are typically QB1 caliber, like Robert Griffin and Jay Cutler.

Jake Locker, Titans vs. Cowboys

On paper, this is definitely the week to play Locker. He’s got the Dallas defense and he’s at home. After he stood up to KC on the road, you have to like his chances here. His weapons are all healthy and ready to go.

Brian Hoyer, Browns vs. Saints

You probably don’t need him, but he looked good last week in the second half and this is a better matchup at home. Hoyer’s a solid player and his knee looks healthy enough at this point. He can help you if you’re in a jam.


Alex Smith, Chiefs at Broncos

I just don’t trust his line, and though Dwayne Bowe returns, he’ll be shadowed by Aqib Talib all day. I’m staying away from Smith until the Chiefs get their offense sorted out.

Philip Rivers, Chargers vs. Seahawks

He’s got injured receivers and he’s facing an imposing defense. He’s playable if you need him, because he’s a fine player. However, if you have another option like Andy Dalton or Jake Locker, this is the week to consider using them.

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Tom Brady isn’t afraid of (preseason) blitzes: ‘You figure out how to solve the problem’ 08.21.14 at 6:08 pm ET
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Tom Brady isn't afraid of a little preseason pressure from defenses as was case against Philadelphia in Week 2. (Getty Images)

Tom Brady isn’t afraid of a little preseason pressure from defenses as was case against Philadelphia in Week 2. (Getty Images)

FOXBORO — As far as Tom Brady is concerned, go ahead and bring the heat, even in the preseason.

And certainly, with the Carolina Panthers coming to town Friday, the opponent certainly has the wherewithal to execute a blitz or two.

But usually, in the preseason, defensive coordinators like to hold off on showing too much on film when it comes to exotic or advanced defensive approaches. And offensive coordinators, similarly, do the same.

However, usual and customary are not two words commonly used to describe Rex Ryan. The Jets coach watched last Saturday as his defense was torched by Andy Dalton for 144 yards on 8-for-8 passing and a touchdown. His response? Start blitzing the Bengals second and third stringers along the offensive line.

Bengals offensive line coach Paul Alexander took some offense.

But if the Panthers want to do the same from the start against Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback says he’d have no problem with it, since there is no “wrong” defense to play, even in the third preseason game.

“They can blitz, they can do whatever they want to do,” Brady said. “Every defense is right. Like every call, there is risk and reward to everything. If they’€™re going to blitz, then you’€™ve got to figure out a way to beat the blitz. If you don’€™t fix the blitz, they’€™re just going to keep running them. It’€™s the same thing on offense.”

Then Brady got to the heart of the matter and revealed what competition is all about, even in games that don’t count.

“If you see a weakness, you’€™re just going to keep going to it, and that’€™s what separates pro-caliber players from guys who aren’€™t. There are guys who can fix problems and know that this is what a team is trying to do, and then you figure out how to solve the problem, and then they’€™ve got to work on something else. But if you know there are weaknesses, that’€™s what you go after. That’€™s what pro football is all about.

“We’€™ve got two games left, and they’€™re both very important for our season, for our preparation leading up to the opener. Coach told us we’€™re going to get a lot of work, and what that means I don’€™t know. I don’€™t think anyone ever knows with him. But we’€™ll be prepared and ready to go for 60 minutes, and hopefully it’€™s a good 60 minutes. We’€™ve had a couple doozies in the third preseason game lately, and it’€™d be nice to have a good one.”

Brady also took some time to talk about the other Ohio team, which named its starting quarterback this week, old friend and teammate Brian Hoyer, Brady’s back-up between 2009 and 2011. Hoyer was chosen as the Browns starting QB over Johnny Manziel this week by Cleveland coach Mike Pettine.

“I love Brian. He’€™s just such a great guy, person and friend. We’€™ve always kept in touch,” Brady said. “I’€™m proud of him. He’€™s fought through some tough circumstances over the years, being released here, going to Arizona, getting a little bit of an opportunity there, and then really taking advantage of his opportunity in Cleveland. It’€™s great for him, and he’€™s a great player, so I’€™m very happy for him.”

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Peter King on M&M: Patriots ‘desperately need Aqib Talib’ 10.04.13 at 2:16 pm ET
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Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, at Fenway Park for Friday’s Red Sox-Rays game, stopped by for his weekly visit with Mut & Merloni to discuss news from around the NFL.

Aqib Talib is having a tremendous season, leading to speculation that the Patriots will attempt to sign the cornerback to a contract extension to avoid having him become a free agent at the end of the season. However, questionable behavior in Talib’s past makes the decision more difficult.

“If you’re Bob Kraft, Jonathan Kraft, Bill Belichick, what you have to do is, you really have to do — I’m sure they’ve done a lot of homework already on Aqib Talib before they acquired him. And I’m sure that they’re doing more now. Because I’m sure Bill understands that as a football player, they desperately need Aqib Talib,” King said.

“I was thinking the other day when I read that [Vince] Wilfork goes down. This is the first thought that comes into my mind. I said, If I’m a Patriots fan, I’m saying, ‘Oh, boy, at least it wasn’t Talib.’ ‘€¦ Look, Vince Wilfork one day will get discussed in the room about going to Canton, in my opinion. But right now, this team, the way football is played — 61-39 pass-run ratio in the NFL so far this year, or something like that, it’s very close — 61 percent passing, going against Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Julio Jones last week, [Peyton] Manning down the road. If you don’t have at least one good [cornerback] — to me, you know who he is right now? He’s Richard Sherman. He’s good, he’s physical and he knows it. And I want my cornerback to have those three traits. So, to me, that is a gigantic [factor]. You can’t let him go. But on the other hand, you also can’t guarantee him [$]30 million, and a year and a half down the road he does something stupid.

“Hey, there’s no right answer if you’re the Patriots. But I think the rightest answer is to sign Aqib Talib for as long as you can, but build enough insurance points into the contract so that if he does something dumb in two years, you’re not liable for this gigantic cap hit.”

The Patriots added oft-injured Austin Collie to the roster Thursday in an attempt to add depth to the receiving corps.

“There’s nobody who knows — and I mean nobody — who knows if he’s going to last two years, two weeks or two days. He has had so many problems with concussions,” King said. “And with the way the league is right now, they’re going to be so adamant about Austin Collie being right every time he goes on the field. I viewed it honestly as a shot in the dark, what can it hurt. Bring him in here. He’s definitely a worthy player on a winning team.

“But the guy’s been out there for a while. And the guy was in camp this summer with San Francisco. ‘€¦ Really at that time, nobody needed Austin Collie more than the 49ers. And they didn’t keep him.”

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Chandler Jones on Patriots D: ‘Without swagger, you’re not anything’ 09.02.12 at 4:48 pm ET
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FOXBORO — There’s a very fine line in the NFL between swagger and overconfidence.

In training camp, the Patriots defense showed they might be able to return to the form of the mid-2000s when Rodney Harrison, Tedy Bruschi and Mike Vrabel led a defensive group that knew it had the other team beat before they stepped on the field. Time after time, the defense broke up plays by Tom Brady, Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer. There was yelling and back-slapping as defenders like Patrick Chung, Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo whooped it up on the field and on the sideline every time a big defensive play was made.

The faces have changed but the team remains the same and these Patriots are determined to be known as much for their big-play ability on defense as they are on offense.

‘€œThat’€™s big for any player,” Devin McCourty said on Sunday of the role swagger plays during an NFL game. “To play in this league and to go against the top players every Sunday, you have to have that confidence, you have to be able to take the field and believe in yourself and your teammates, and I think we have that right now.

‘€œI think what’€™s important to keep that is to keep getting better each day in practice. Confidence comes from you doing the right things in practice and watching film. We’€™ll continue to do that and get ready to go.’€

Even rookie Chandler Jones understands the importance of the “S” word.

‘€œSwagger? Without swagger, you’€™re not anything I feel like,” Jones said. “I have to have swagger to play this game.’€

Then there’s Bill Belichick‘s take on playing with a healthy dose of confidence. Asked if swagger were among the most important traits of a good defense, the Patriots coach threw out some words that are direct by-products. Read the rest of this entry »

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Patriots begin cuts with release of Deion Branch, Brian Hoyer and Dan Koppen 08.31.12 at 2:25 pm ET
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FOXBORO — Four big-name Patriots were released Friday afternoon before the team’s 4 p.m. practice as the team began its final cutdown to 53 players by the 9 p.m. NFL deadline.

The biggest name is Super Bowl XXXIX MVP Deion Branch, a release first reported by Shalise Manza-Young of The Boston Globe. The 33-year-old Branch has played 10 years in the NFL, including the better part of six seasons with the Patriots. The 5-foot-9, 195-pound Branch had 51 catches for 702 yards and five touchdowns last season.

Branch expressed his appreciation for his time in New England Friday afternoon on his Twitter page. Truly thankful for all the support from everybody. I Love You guys #LovePeaceandHappiness

According to league sources and various reports as of Friday at 1:30 p.m., the Patriots also cut back-up quarterback Brian Hoyer, offensive lineman Dan Koppen and defensive back James Ihedigbo in their attempt to get down to 53 players before the league-mandated deadline of Friday at 9 p.m.

The moves also cleared over $5 million in cap space on the 2012 Patriots roster. The release of Hoyer ($1.927 million), Ihedigbo ($765,000), Koppen ($1.375 million) and Branch ($1.325 million) total of $5.392 million in freed cap space.

Koppen, 32, has been with the Patriots since 2003, when he was drafted out of Boston College. The former Pro Bowler has started 120 regular-season games over the course of his career in New England and was a member of the 2003 and 2004 Super Bowl champions. The 6-foot-2, 300-pounder had struggled over the course of the summer but had played better as of late.

As for Hoyer, he had served as a backup to Tom Brady since he was signed as an undrafted free agent out of Michigan State in 2009. In limited regular-season action, the 6-foot-2, 215-pounder had gone 27-for-43 for 286 yards with one touchdown and one interception over the course of his career in New England.

The 28-year-old Ihedigbo, who tweeted his dismissal on Friday afternoon, played one season with New England, finishing the 2011 campaign with 69 tackles (46 solo) in 16 games, 12 of them starts. Ihedigbo, 6-foot-1 and 214 pounds, is a product of UMass.

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Ryan Mallett: ‘I feel a lot more confident in what I’m doing’ 08.30.12 at 12:21 am ET
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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The key question coming into camp for Ryan Mallett was just how much improvement could he show in the preseason.

After going 8-for-15 for 40 yards in seven possessions of the first half Wednesday night, the answer might still be up for debate.

“Not bad,” Mallett said after New England’s 6-3 loss to the Giants at MetLife Stadium. “There’s good things, bad things, stuff like that when we go look at the film, we’ll be like, ‘I could’ve done this better. I could’ve done that better.’ It’s just something you learn from.”

Learning wasn’t something he had a lot of opportunity to do a year ago. His preparation was shortened greatly by the lockout, limiting the number of live game reps he had.

“Last year, I didn’t really know too much, coming in late didn’t help,” Mallett said. “Having the spring and then the camp now was crucial for me, and I feel a lot more confident in what I’m doing.

“We’ve been practicing together for three or four weeks now. I wasn’t thinking about that. I just wanted to go out there and play.”

Mallett led the Patriots offense on it’s only scoring drive, leading them 51 yards in 12 plays during a four-minute, 58-second drive in the second quarter. Brandon Bolden finished it up by running three times into the line to set up Stephen Gostkowski‘s 20-yard field goal.

“As a quarterback, I don’t like the [term] game manager. You want to go out there and make plays when they present themselves. You don’t want to force anything but I don’t know about managing the game. You have to stay within yourself when you’re playing the game.

“It doesn’t change anything for me. I’m just going to go out there like I’m preparing to start every week and get the game plan down, get the opponent down, and keep moving along.”

With Wednesday night in the books and Friday’s two late TD passes at Tampa Bay, has Mallett shown enough to overtake Brian Hoyer as the No. 2 QB on the Patriots behind Tom Brady? Only head coach Bill Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels know for sure. But Mallett was the only Patriots quarterback not to get strip-sacked in the preseason. Brady was victimized twice and Hoyer was stripped late in the fourth quarter Wednesday, leading to the game-winning Giants field goal. Read the rest of this entry »

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Preseason stat check of Patriots quarterbacks 08.21.12 at 2:09 pm ET
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A quick look at where the Patriots quarterbacks stand statistically after two weeks of the preseason:

Tom Brady: 19 total snaps (all in the preseason opener)
4-for-7 for 30 yards, 1 sack.

Brian Hoyer: 41 total snaps (9 in the preseason opener, 32 on Monday)
13-for-32 for 100 yards, 1 touchdown pass, 2 sacks.

Ryan Mallett: 48 total snaps (14 in the preseason opener, 34 on Monday)
18-for-39 for 194 yards, 1 touchdown pass, 1 interception.

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