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Chad Johnson released from jail after apologizing to judge 06.17.13 at 10:43 pm ET
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Former Patriots receiver Chad Johnson was released from a Florida jail Monday after serving seven days of his 30-day sentence. Johnson, as part of a court appearance requested by his lawyer to appeal his sentence, apologized to Judge Kathleen McHugh for jokingly patting his attorney on the rear end during his previous court date — an action that infuriated McHugh and led to her disregarding his plea deal for a probation violation.

“I just wanted to apologize for disrespecting the court last time,” Johnson said. “I apologize. I did have time to reflect on the mistakes I made in this courtroom.”

After leaving court, Johnson told reporters that he respected McHugh for making him slow down and think about his life.

“No one has been able to do it, not even my parents,” he said. “I thank her. Everything she did was justified.”

Johnson was ordered to perform 25 hours of community service and attend domestic violence counseling sessions twice a week during his probation period, which was extended three months, through mid-October.

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Ex-Patriot Chad Johnson will serve 30 days in jail 06.10.13 at 12:39 pm ET
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Former Patriots receiver Chad Johnson (previously know as Chad Ochocinco) was sentenced to 30 days in jail Monday for violating probation after he was admonished by a judge in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., for not taking the proceedings seriously.

Johnson had a plea deal that would have avoided jail time, but when Johnson playfully slapped his male attorney on the rear end to show his satisfaction, eliciting laughter from the courtroom, Broward County Circuit Judge Kathleen McHugh abruptly rejected the deal. Despite Johnson’s apology, McHugh sentenced him to the jail time along with a three-month extension of his probation.

“I don’t know that you’re taking this whole thing seriously,” said McHugh, who noted that Johnson has misbehaved in the courtroom before. “I just saw you slap your attorney on the backside. Is there something funny about this? The whole courtroom was laughing. I’m not going to accept these plea negotiations. This isn’t a joke.”

Said Johnson: “This is your courtroom. I have no intent to make this a joke. It’s not funny. My life is in a shambles right now and I try my best to laugh and keep a smile on my face.”

In an interview with ESPN last week, Johnson claimed that his probation violation was the result of a “miscommunication” with his probation officer and that he accepted responsibility.

“I’m going to be OK,” he said. “I’m OK now, but I put myself in this situation and I have to deal with everything. With life, I’m at peace with everything. I would love to finish my career off the right way. If it happens, I’m not sure. But I would like to.”

Johnson, 35, has not played in the NFL since his disappointing 2011 season in New England following a decade of production with the Bengals. He signed with the Dolphins before the 2012 season but was cut in training camp, after the incident with his then-wife that landed him in trouble with the law. Johnson allegedly head-butted Evelyn Lozada during an argument. Johnson pleased no contest to the domestic violence charge, while Lozada filed for divorce after one month of marriage.

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Ex-Patriot Chad Johnson surrenders to police in Florida 05.20.13 at 1:22 pm ET
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Former Patriots wide receiver Chad Johnson turned himself in to police and was arrested Monday in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on charges that he violated probation. His bail was set at $1,000.

An arrest warrant was issued earlier this month after Johnson failed to meet with his probation officer and did not show proof of enrollment in a domestic violence education class. He has another hearing set for June 3.

Johnson, 35, is serving a year of probation following an altercation with his now ex-wife, reality TV star Evelyn Lozada. Johnson, who was known as Chad Ochocinco during his brief and unsuccessful tenure in New England, allegedly head-butted Lozada during an argument last August, one month after they were married. Lozada filed for divorce shortly thereafter.

Johnson was released by the Dolphins after the incident and has not played since.

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Report: Arrest warrant issued for former Patriots receiver 05.16.13 at 5:40 pm ET
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A warrant has been issued in Florida for the arrest of former Patriots wide receiver Chad Johnson, according to TMZ.

Johnson reportedly failed to report to his probation officer, which violated the terms of his probation. Johnson, formerly known as Chad Ochocinco, was on probation following his domestic violence conviction against his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada last summer. If a judge determines that he did violate the terms of his probation, Johnson could face jail time.

In his one season with the Patriots, the 35-year-old had 15 catches for 276 yards and one touchdown.

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Brandon Lloyd says Josh McDaniels ‘is my bridge’ to Tom Brady 01.10.13 at 5:24 pm ET
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FOXBORO — When Brandon Lloyd signed in New England, he admitted Thursday, it was all about making the playoffs.

He entered the NFL in 2003. He’s played with the 49ers, Redskins, Bears, Broncos and Rams. But this season, his first with the Patriots, he’ll finally be getting a taste of the NFL playoff when he takes the field on Sunday.

But joining the Patriots and having success with Tom Brady can be two different things altogether. Just asked Chad Ochocinco, aka Chad Johnson.

Lloyd had 74 catches for 911 yards and four touchdowns, far more production from this No. 85 than its predecessor in 2011. Still, Lloyd heard all season about getting comfortable with Brady. Now that the regular season’€™s over, what has it been like?

“It’€™s a work in progress,” Lloyd said.

The question was repeated. Still a work in progress?

“Yes,” Lloyd said.

This is the third year in a row where he’s caught at least 70 passes. Has it been a different process than in the past or relatively the same?

“It’€™s been different than the past just because of the organization,” Lloyd explained. “It’€™s been different than the past because of Tom and his style of preparation, but it’€™s been similar in the sense that we have to put the work in during the week in all the weeks and during the camps, and then we’€™ll go into the game and that’€™s where we’€™ll really find out about one another. That’s what makes it similar.

“In playing with the less experienced quarterbacks like in St. Louis playing with [Kellen Clemens], it would be different. When he was thrown into the staring lineup, it was more of a situation where I was like, ‘€˜Where do you want me to be? I’€™m not going to tell you where I’m going to be; you tell me where you want me to be and then I’€™ll do my best to get there.’€™ With Tom, we have a little bit of give and take. Some plays, I have that freedom and there are some plays where I can say, ‘€˜Hey, I want to be here’€™ and then he’€™ll work it out. Other plays, he’€™ll say, ‘€˜You need to be here and that’€™s the way the plays go. It’€™s similar and it’€™s different, but it’€™s equally rewarding.”

But, as Lloyd himself pointed out, the most important factor this year may have been Josh McDaniels, the offensive coordinator he’s worked with the last three seasons. How much has that relationship with helped bridge the relationship with Brady?

“I think the bridge with Tom is Josh because Josh gives me credibility,” Lloyd said. “Being with Josh the last three seasons, that’€™s what gave me the credibility to come here and be accepted as a productive member of this team.”

Here is the remainder of Lloyd’s transcript from Thursday’s press conference:
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Deion Branch on M&M: ‘We have to put it all together right now’ 08.13.12 at 12:02 pm ET
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Patriots receiver Deion Branch joined Mut & Merloni Monday morning to discuss training camp, the crowded Patriots wide receiving corps and his conversation with former teammate Chad Johnson. To hear the interview, go to the Mut & Merloni audio on demand page.

Starting next Monday the Pats have three games in 10 days, so this week of practice ‘€œis probably our most important week,’€ Branch said. ‘€œAll the stuff we’€™ve been implementing on offense, defense and special teams we have to put it all together right now.’€

At 33 years old, the 11-year veteran has sat out a number of practices during training camp but said there are no serious injuries and he’€™s feeling well.

‘€œEverything is fine. You know, I think the most important thing in my job is to come in and do everything the coaches ask of me, and that’€™s what I’€™m doing,’€ Branch said. “And that goes for everybody down the roster. If you come in and coach says to you, ‘€˜Take the day off, do half a day,’€™ that’€™s what we have to do. So, there’€™s no complaints. I’€™m always in the meeting room, I’€™m always paying attention to what’€™s going on on the football field, and I’€™m always trying to get a little work in on the side as well, but if coach [Bill] Belichick says to chill, then that’€™s what I have to do.’€

With a receiving corps so deep and full of players familiar with the offense, Branch said training camp has been great but a bit crowded.

Given the depth at receiver, Branch laughed when asked whether he’€™s been in touch with Troy Brown about learning to play defensive back. ‘€œIf coach Belichick wants me to do that, then that’€™s what I’€™ll do,’€ Branch said. ‘€œIt’€™s not hard for them to go see that film from high school and college when I played defensive back.’€

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Hue Jackson: You’ve got to let Chad Ochocinco be himself ‘to get the most out of him’ 09.28.11 at 1:33 pm ET
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FOXBORO — Raiders coach Hue Jackson isn’t suggesting Chad Ochocinco start taking over camera duties like he occasionally did in Cincinnati on the sidelines, but he does have one bit of advice for Bill Belichick: “Let Chad be Chad.”

In a conference call with Patriots media Wednesday in Foxboro, Jackson reminded everyone of his close ties to the Patriots receiver. Well before joining the Raiders coaching staff in 2010, Jackson was the receivers coach with the Bengals from 2004-06, when the then-Chad Johnson became a rising star with Cincinnati.

Chad Johnson is [like] my son,” Jackson said of his relationship with the Patriots receiver. “I know you guys probably have a hard time with him. He’s kind of colorful. But he is a tremendous young man. I really adore him, but I won’t on Sunday.

“I helped raise that young man in Cincinnati. He played for me, did wonders for me. He is a tremendous competitor and a doggone good football player. On Sunday, I’ll look across [the field] and look at him but he knows that this is about winning and he understands that.”

It was with Jackson as his coach and Carson Palmer as the quarterback that Johnson became one of the premier receivers in the NFL, help leading the Bengals to AFC North titles in 2005, and again in 2009.

“I think we grew. When I came to Cincinnati, he was really early in his career. He was right on the cusp of becoming a great player. What I tried to do was push him, and take him to where he truly wanted to go. He wanted to be one of the best in the league and at that time, his time with me, there’s no question in my mind he was. He really worked at it, the way he studied videotape, the way he prepared. I let him have his own personality because that’s Chad. You have to allow him to be him to get the most out of him.

“That’s what we were able to do. We forged a bond that’s been the same since my time in Cincinnati. I always check on him. I haven’t checked on him too much this year since I’ve been so busy but I do have a lot of respect for the player.”

And what about the frustration Ocho has had in the first three weeks of the 2011 season, as he gets accustomed to the Patriots’ way?

“I think a lot of players are that way,” Jackson said. “When you’re used to having success and things have gone for you the way his career has gone up to this point, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But one thing I know about him, he will continue to work. He’ll do everything that’s asked of him. He’s a tremendous pro. I’m sure he’s working at it. And eventually, it will come off right for him. I just don’t want to happen this week.”

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