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Devin McCourty really likes what he’s sees from young DBs: ‘Those guys are really learning’ 06.10.16 at 11:59 am ET
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Devin McCourty speaks Thursday after mini-camp practice at Gillette Stadium. (Mike Petraglia/

Devin McCourty speaks Thursday after mini-camp practice at Gillette Stadium. (Mike Petraglia/

FOXBORO — For Devin McCourty, this is a great time to be a leader in the Patriots’ secondary.

After spending the last several weeks and mini-camp this week with first and second-year members of the defensive backfield, the newlywed veteran safety is pumped up about what he’s seeing.

In addition to working with second-round pick Cyrus Jones, the eight-year pro McCourty has been playing alongside the likes of Darryl Roberts (2015 pick from Marshall), Jordan Richards (2015 pick from Stanford) and Brock Vereen (third year pro from Minnesota). Malcolm Butler and Justin Coleman are also entering just their third NFL season.

The natural question after Thursday’s final day of mini-camp was to get a feel for how Jones, a projected slot corner, has adapted from Alabama to the Patriots secondary.

“He’s another one of the smart guys from Alabama,” McCourty said with his trademark smile. “Between him and [Dont’a] Hightower, he knows his stuff. It’s been good. He’s been out there. He’s been trying to learn. [He’s] a younger guy so things happen fast but I think he’s been able to adjust and adapt. When he makes mistakes, he’s still out there playing hard. He’s correcting them. He’s a young guy that’s really working hard.”

But then unsolicited, McCourty raved about what it’s been like for veterans like Chung and him to work with a new generation of defensive backs, which now includes Butler, Jones, Richards and Roberts.

“The exciting thing is that we have a ton of rookies in that corner group that have been out here making plays, mini-camp, OTAs, those guys are really learning and they’re not making a ton of mistakes,” McCourty added. “I think it’s really exciting to see them as a group, DBs, safeties and corners.”

While Richards garnered a lot of attention last year and Butler stole the show in Super Bowl XLIX, Roberts was someone who caught the eye of McCourty in mini-camp and OTAs last summer before a wrist injury ended his season in training camp.
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Former teammates congratulate Kevin Faulk on Patriots’ Hall of Fame honor 05.18.16 at 8:33 pm ET
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Several former teammates of Kevin Faulk took to Twitter on Wednesday to congratulate him on reaching the Patriots Hall of Fame.

And Faulk himself took to social media to say thanks for the honor.

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Devin McCourty: Deflategate situation ‘ridiculous’ 04.26.16 at 10:31 am ET
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Devin McCourty

Devin McCourty

It’s been 15 months since Deflategate began and it’s still going in full force following Monday’s ruling that Tom Brady will in fact be suspended the first four games of the 2016 season.

For one Patriots player, Devin McCourty, he just wants it to go away.

“I’m kind of over everything with it,” McCourty said Monday night on CSNNE’s Quick Slants with Tom E. Curran and Kay Adams. “I mean, it’s pretty ridiculous. I don’t know. I think everybody will be ready to go and do whatever we have to do, but I am pretty sure a lot of people are just over everything that has to do with this whole situation — thinking it’s over, it’s not over. It’s been 15 months, so we’ll just move on and do whatever we have to do.”

McCourty isn’t pleased with Brady having to go through all of it, but hopes it can be over so the team can move on, as now it’s the second offseason they have had to deal with it.

“It’s ridiculous,” McCourty said. “The guy will be used as a front-center guy in the NFL with what you want to be as a player, or a person off the field and then he has to go through all this. We’ll see. I don’t know how it will all work out for him and what the next step he’ll have to do or chooses to do. We’ll see what happens from it, but I think as a team, it’s just when can we move on and just get past everything. I think coming off the Super Bowl a few years ago now, getting ready for last season and dealing with it and putting it behind us saying we’re moving forward, we go on, have a pretty good season and then now you come back and deal with it again. Crazy.”

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Devin McCourty knows attitude matters, even in offseason in Foxboro: ‘This place is a little different’ 04.21.16 at 3:32 pm ET
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FOXBORO — Devin McCourty has been around long enough to know that attitude matters year-round in Foxboro.

Obviously, when you start lifting weights in April, it’s not do-or-die. There’s bonding and friendship-building that takes place. But it’s all with the understanding that how you approach your work when you’re there does make a difference.

During the first offseason player availability at Gillette Stadium Thursday, McCourty said he doesn’t really need to sell new players – whether they be free agents, acquisitions or draft picks – on the idea of work ethic when they enter the building.

“No, I think guys know from the first day and I think it’s known throughout the NFL that this place is a little different,” McCourty said. “Obviously, guys come in, you don’t know how different. You might say, ‘This is really different’, or for some guys, ‘This is kind of what I expected’, but I think that is true. Those two guys were both new to the team and probably riding together like, ‘Wow’, and I think that’s the good part, when guys come in and they say it’;s different but they understand it’s different for a reason. [There are] higher expectations.

“The guys that we have that are here for a while they expect to play at a certain level and you understand that we have a guy in charge that knows what it takes, and if we follow that lead we’ll be OK no matter how hard it is, how much you might not want to do it one day, you know what it’s for and I think that’s what makes it tough when you don’t get to where you want to get, because you know what you put in and what you thought was going to happen and what you envisioned and dreamed of, and then when it doesn’t happen that’s what makes it hard when the season does end. You understand that’s a part of the game. You have to do the same thing again and hope you take that next step forward and win it.”

McCourty made it clear that he, like a lot of fans, are still learning the new names and faces. It’s just that his introduction usually comes in the weight room.

“I don’t know the guys. I know like when we signed [Martellus] Bennett I was like, ‘Well, he’s pretty good’. We played him in Chicago and playing safety we had to cover him and different things like that, so you’re like well if he plays how he had played there and we have another good tight end we should be pretty good. But I’m past the point of I’m not sitting in my room like, ‘This is great. We’ve got the master’.

“But it’s exciting. I think it was cool when [Chris] Hogan signed I was already working out with him like the week before and then he came up here and he actually signed so it was just funny how that all came together, but I think you know just from guys that are in the league you get to teams and you know there are other good players coming in. They see you walk, see how things are here, and you just catch up and you understand how much work needs to go into it.

Chemistry is not automatic, nor is it immediate.

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Devin McCourty on new safeties coach Steve Belichick: ‘A sponge learning everything’ at 3:03 pm ET
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Steven Belichick

Steven Belichick

FOXBORO — When there’s a coaching change at the position you play, it’s natural and understandable to have some trepidation and anxiety.

But when Brian Flores was moved from safeties to linebackers coach this offseason and Steve Belichick took over, Devin McCourty, the veteran member of the safeties group, had no worry whatsoever.

The 28-year-old Belichick has been in the Patriots program since 2012, when he joined as an assistant on dad’s coaching staff. He has worked extensively on the defense with other members of the coaching staff. Before that he was a lacrosse and football player at Rutgers, which makes him the perfect fit for McCourty, a 2010 product of the school.

“It’s the greatest thing. Why would we not do that? But I think it’s really encouraging,” McCourty said Thursday in a media session at Gillette Stadium. “Steve’s a guy that’s been here and just been a sponge learning everything. It’s been cool for me. I’ve been here since he got here and just to see how much he’s developed and worked hard and it seems like he’s always here so he’s very excited to be the safety coach and have a good group coming. We have some leaders and guys that are definitely going to try and help him out as much as possible.”

And oh yeah, there’s his family lineage.

“I think his dad is a pretty good coach so I’m sure he’s learned a lot from him and I think it’ll just be important for us to learn from what he’s going to bring and how it’ll change us a little bit,” McCourty added. “He really believes in a lot of the things Flo [Brian Flores] was saying to us in the previous years but he’ll have his own style and what he wants to do, so I’m excited to have a young guy come in and we know he’s going to be full of energy, ready to go every day. I’m just excited just to learn with him and go through the process.”

Steve Belichick was named after his grandfather, the former Hiram College and Navy coach who literally re-wrote the book on modern scouting. Steve, like his father, has a love for lacrosse as well. He played lacrosse at Rutgers and walked onto the football team as a long snapper under then-coach Greg Schiano.

In his Patriots bio, the team writes, “Belichick walked on to the football team as a long snapper to help in preparations for a career in coaching.” Belichick was a three-year starter at linebacker, tight end and fullback as well as a long snapper at The Rivers School in Weston, Mass., before heading off to Rutgers.

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Devin McCourty: ‘Tough’ to replace Jerod Mayo 02.17.16 at 1:37 pm ET
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It’s clear Jerod Mayo meant much more to the Patriots than what he did on the field. It went beyond football as Mayo was a person who cared about everyone in the organization and everyone felt the same way about him.

Speaking on Sirius XM NFL Radio Wednesday, safety Devin McCourty talked about what it will be like without Mayo on the team after the linebacker announced he will be retiring Tuesday night.

“First of all, I just think we’ll miss probably one of the best leaders that I have ever got a chance to play with,” McCourty said. “The thing I think with Mayo, he’s a special person. I think that is why going through the last couple years of his career — injuries, not being able to do the things he wants to do on the field because of rehab and different things like that, it didn’t bother him as much just hanging it up because he knows he has so much more he wants to do. I’m happy for him to be able to be at a space and time in his life where he’s OK not playing again.

“For us, from a football standpoint, it will be tough. That guy, no matter what, if he was on the field, if he was rehabbing, he kept the locker room light. He kept practice always entertaining and fun. I don’t think you will find a person in the building, top to bottom that doesn’t love Mayo and loved having him around. It will be tough.

“I don’t think we can replace him with a guy or even several guys. It will just be different, especially for me being there six years and him being there every year I was there. It will be tough going out here envision him playing and practicing and doing all those things not hearing his voice and him there in person.”

Mayo spent eight seasons in the league, all with the Patriots after being selected No. 10 overall in the 2008 draft.

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Patriots players pay tribute to retiring Jerod Mayo on social media 02.16.16 at 8:46 pm ET
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Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo announced his retirement on Instagram early Tuesday night and in the hours following, a few Patriots players took to social media to pay tribute to their former teammate, who spent eight years with the team.

Some of those players included Devin McCourty, Chandler Jones and Julian Edelman.

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