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5 things you have to know about Colts: Indy a massive underdog against Patriots 10.12.15 at 12:59 pm ET
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Andrew Luck has watched Matt Hasselbeck lead the Colts to a pair of wins.  (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Andrew Luck has watched Matt Hasselbeck lead the Colts to a pair of wins. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Five things you have to know about the Colts, who host the Patriots on Sunday night at Lucas Oil Stadium.

1. With Andrew Luck sidelined, they have gotten good play out of backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

The 40-year-old Hasselbeck, who took over after Luck went down with a shoulder issue, has started the last two games and has done a good job managing to wring just enough out of the offense to allow the Colts to escape with a pair of wins. In his two starts, Hasselbeck is 48-for-76 (63 percent completion rate) for 495 yards and three touchdowns, with no picks and a passer rating of 95.0. (Through the first three games, Luck was 65-for-116 for a 56 percent completion rate, with 753 yards, five touchdowns, seven interceptions and a passer rating of 65.1.) It has to be taken with a grain of salt because the wins were relatively narrow victories over Jacksonville and Houston, but Hasselbeck’s steadiness and consistent play the last two weeks has allowed Indy to climb just over .500 entering this game. It’s likely that the Colts will do whatever they can to keep the Patriots guessing this week when it comes to who will be under center at the start of Sunday’s contest, but Hasselbeck might be the first Indy backup quarterback in 20 years to show that he can do more than just hold a clipboard. (For what it’s worth, Indy released quarterback Josh Johnson on Monday, which likely is a sign that one or both of the Luck/Hasselbeck combo is feeling better.)

2. Hasselbeck isn’t the only veteran who has helped the Colts offense through a rough patch.

In his first season with Indy, 32-year-old running back Frank Gore (76 carries, 325 yards, 3 TDs) has provided the bulk of the yardage on the ground. Meanwhile, 34-year-old receiver Andre Johnson (13 catches, 128 yards, 2 TDs), also in his initial season with the Colts, has also seen action as a complementary pass catcher, augmenting the work of youngsters like the speedy T.Y. Hilton (a team-high 27 catches, 382 yards) and Donte Moncrief (24 catches, 278 yards, 3 TDs). The positional grouping won’t remind anyone of Peyton Manning, Edgerrin James and Marvin Harrison, but it’s provided just enough offense over the last few weeks to lift the Colts to three consecutive victories. (One more quick note on the Indy offense: the Colts are 31st in the league in giveaways with seven interceptions and five fumbles. In all, Indy is 31st when it comes to turnover ratio at minus-7. Not a good sign when you are facing a New England team that’s tied for fifth overall at plus-5.)

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Frank Gore makes recruiting pitch to Vince Wilfork to join Colts for University of Miami reunion 03.13.15 at 12:07 pm ET
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The Colts have made some noise this week at the start of NFL free agency, as they have signed a few players including running back Frank Gore and wide receiver Andre Johnson. Gore took to Instagram Thursday night and made a recruiting pitch to another free agent, former Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork.

Wilfork played college at the University of Miami where both Gore and Johnson played their college ball. They all played at the school in the early 2000s, and furthermore Colts coach Chuck Pagano was the lead recruiter there from 1995-2000.

Gore wrote: The u we waiting for big Vince wilfork now family

For more Patriots news, check out

A photo posted by Frank Gore (@fg2132) on

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Fantasy Football: Week 4 starts, sits 09.26.14 at 9:31 am ET
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Welcome to the Week 4 starts and sits! Is it too late to recommend Larry Donnell? Oh well. Don’t fret, we have plenty of other ideas for this weekend. If you need more guidance than I could fit into this space, check out my full lineup rankings over at Rotobahn or participate in our WEEI Sunday morning chat. It starts right here at 11 a.m. and I’ll tweet a link to the chat early Sunday morning as soon as it’s available. Follow me on Twitter to get all the fantasy football info we have to offer.

I will also be back on the air this weekend, so tune in Sunday morning for The Fantasy Football Hour with my co-host and good friend Jim Hackett. You can check out our latest podcast as well. I’ll also be on NFL Sunday with Dickerson, Price and DeOssie at about 10:45 as usual, so don’t miss it.

And, don’t forget to start your Week 5 with us on Tuesday, when I break down the best pickups in the Week 5 waiver wire.



Tony Romo, Cowboys vs. Saints

He’s been shaky in his return from back surgery, but he battled back last week on the road against a better defense. I expect a high-scoring game and a solid fantasy output from Romo. Don’t hesitate to use him in any format.

Philip Rivers, Chargers vs. Jaguars

He’s playing very well so far, and this is a very enticing home matchup. Treat Rivers like a QB1 in all formats in Week 4. He’s good for a solid outing.

Blake Bortles, Jaguars at Chargers

He’s a young QB making his first start on the road. That’s normally a red flag situation, but Bortles will be chasing a Chargers offense that can score points in bunches in good matchups like this one. Bortles can score points with his feet and with his arm. That should give him a solid fantasy floor. He can help you in big formats if you need some help in Week 4. If you are unfamiliar with the rookie’s skill set, check out my original scouting report on the UCF product.


Geno Smith, Jets vs. Lions

This is not a week with a lot of sits for quarterbacks outside of the obvious ones. Smith is a good passer to avoid this week because he struggles more than most when the pocket gets busy, and things certainly will get busy with Detroit’s front four in town. Factor in the injuries to Smith’s receivers and you have a recipe for bad play or at least limited success. Even on a slow week, there are better options out there than Smith.

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Fantasy Football: Week 2 starts, sits 09.12.14 at 2:15 pm ET
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Welcome to the Week 2 starts and sits. I hope you all did well last week, but if bad luck befell you, we’re here to help you up off the ground. There are some good sleepers this week and I’ve tried to bring a few to the surface. However, if you need more information on players not listed, you can always hit Rotobahn and check out my full Lineup Rankings, which will be updated over the weekend as always.

Jim Hackett and I will be back again on Sunday morning on 93.7 FM with another Fantasy Football Hour. We’ll be getting into some Week 1 fallout and looking forward to Week 2 by getting into some matchups and some potential value plays in both seasonal and weekly fantasy football. Join us! Our show comes on at 6:30 a.m. for all you early risers, but you can always listen to us later on as the show will be posted right here at To keep up with all of our fantasy football content, follow me on Twitter. I tweet links to all our chats, articles and rankings.



Andy Dalton, Bengals vs. Falcons

Dalton has a home matchup vs. a porous defense. This is when you use him if you have a need. He’s a better option than some guys who are typically QB1 caliber, like Robert Griffin and Jay Cutler.

Jake Locker, Titans vs. Cowboys

On paper, this is definitely the week to play Locker. He’s got the Dallas defense and he’s at home. After he stood up to KC on the road, you have to like his chances here. His weapons are all healthy and ready to go.

Brian Hoyer, Browns vs. Saints

You probably don’t need him, but he looked good last week in the second half and this is a better matchup at home. Hoyer’s a solid player and his knee looks healthy enough at this point. He can help you if you’re in a jam.


Alex Smith, Chiefs at Broncos

I just don’t trust his line, and though Dwayne Bowe returns, he’ll be shadowed by Aqib Talib all day. I’m staying away from Smith until the Chiefs get their offense sorted out.

Philip Rivers, Chargers vs. Seahawks

He’s got injured receivers and he’s facing an imposing defense. He’s playable if you need him, because he’s a fine player. However, if you have another option like Andy Dalton or Jake Locker, this is the week to consider using them.

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Fantasy Football: Postseason rankings, strategy 01.02.14 at 10:27 am ET
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The fantasy football season has concluded, but as most of you know, fantasy football lives on with postseason leagues. We’€™re here to help you stack the odds in your favor or at least to avoid doing the opposite.

Playoff leagues can be a lot of fun, and they are completely different than regular-season fantasy football. The key difference is that predicting game outcomes is perhaps the key factor in your team’€™s success. In most situations, you’€™d rather have your player advance than have a big game and lose. That’€™s because once your player’€™s team is finished, so is the player. That means no more points and a big old dead spot in your lineup. For this reason, it is important to project the number of games each team will play.

You may think Philip Rivers is a better quarterback than Colin Kaepernick, but if you think the Chargers are a one-and-done team as I do, and if you think the 49ers have a chance to play four games (the maximum), as I do, then you’€™d be kooky to draft Rivers ahead of Kaepernick.  This is true even if you project Rivers to outscore Kaepernick by a factor of two on a per-game basis. This is how you must think in a playoff draft. Get in that frame of mind — the same frame of mind that makes you want LeGarrette Blount over Jamaal Charles. Yes, really.

Since leagues are different sizes and many use different sets of rules, I am going to keep the rankings somewhat general. The first thing you need to do is to decide how you think the playoff games will go, then follow those predictions. I’ve laid out my current take below, but I won’€™t lie to you, I could flip a few games this week as I continue to think about things and assess the injury situations. Some of these games are very close. Value players accordingly. For example, I think Kaepernick plays twice, but I also think he’€™s the player with the best chance at playing four times. It will take an upset of the Seahawks in Seattle to make that happen, but Frisco probably is the best bet to pull that off at this point.


Broncos, 3 games
Seahawks, 3 games
49ers, 2 games
Eagles, 2 games
Patriots, 2 games
Panthers, 2 games
Colts, 2 games
Bengals, 2 games
Saints, 1 game
Packers, 1 game
Chargers, 1 game
Chiefs, 1 game

If you look at the projections, you might assume that Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson are the players to own. And they certainly are players you’€™d like to have, but a few of the quarterbacks with two projected games played are potentially as or more valuable. I already mentioned Kaepernick, but Tom Brady will have a very good chance at a third game, and I see most of the early round games being competitive. For this, I suggest that you play your own hunches if you have strong ones and if you trust your instincts. That’€™s really what make these postseason leagues so much fun. You get to do more prognostication.

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Niners’ Michael Crabtree, Jim Harbaugh convinced refs blew call on critical fourth-and-goal pass 02.04.13 at 10:16 am ET
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The 49ers mounted a furious comeback in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday night, but they fell just short in losing to the Ravens, 34-31. There also was some controversy, as a fourth-and-goal pass fell incomplete after what might have been a hold on Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith.

“It was a missed call,” stated the intended receiver, Michael Crabtree. “[The referee] missed two or three in the game, but that was it right there, the Super Bowl was right there.

“I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to think about it. I don’t know, man. What do you think? I thought it was holding.”

Should the Ravens have been called for holding on the 49ers' critical fourth-and-goal pass late in Sunday's Super Bowl?

  • Yes, it was holding (68%, 1,674 Votes)
  • Technically it might have been holding, but the refs were right to let it go in that situation (25%, 623 Votes)
  • No, it was not holding (7%, 184 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,477

Loading ... Loading ...

Added 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh: “You know, I really want to handle this with class and grace, and we had several opportunities in this game. We didn’t play our best game, and the Ravens made a lot of plays and battled back. They competed to win. But there’s no question in my mind that it was a pass interference and hold on Crabtree on the last one.”

Niners running back Frank Gore isn’t convinced the best team won.

“They got away with one,” Gore said. “We showed we were the better team. It was just a couple plays here, a couple plays there.”

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Fantasy Football: Latest on Frank Gore, Jeremy Maclin 10.02.11 at 10:52 am ET
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NFL Network’s Albert Breer is reporting that San Francisco’s Frank Gore will play this week after spraining his ankle in the second quarter of last Sunday’s 13-8 win over the Bengals.

“There’s Frank Gore warming up. He’ll play this afternoon, ? is how ankle holds up over the course of the day,” Breer tweeted Sunday morning.

Gore has struggled this season with the 49ers even before his injury. He earned 148 rushing yards on 59 attempts and is averaging just 2.5 yards per carry this season. If Gore plays Sunday, he likely will not receive the majority of the carries, as San Francisco rookie Kendall Hunter will likely serve as the main running back should Gore fail to perform well. Gore was listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Eagles.

Breer also reported via Twitter that Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin will play Sunday despite being limited in practice this week with a hamstring injury. Maclin has been the most consistent receiver this season for the Eagles, making a team-high 19 catches for 260 yards and two touchdowns through the first three games. Maclin was listed as probable for Sunday’s game against the 49ers.

St. Louis officially declared Danny Amendola out Sunday for the Rams game against the Redskins. Amendola has not played since dislocating his left elbow in the season opener against the Eagles. After reports emerged immediately after the injury that Amendola would miss the season, sources now say that Amendola should return close to 100 percent following the Rams’ Week 5 bye.

New Orleans announced that Marques Colston will play Sunday against the Jaguars but Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer is reporting that Colston will only see 15-20 snaps, which is consistent with the Saints tradition of easing injured players back into game action. Colston has not played since breaking his collarbone in Week 1 against Green Bay.

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