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Kevin Faulk on Tom Brady, Deflategate and comparisons between 2007 and 2015 Patriots 10.05.15 at 8:42 pm ET
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Even though he's retired, former Patriots running back Kevin Faulk remains friendly with quarterback Tom Brady.  (Elsa/Getty Images)

Even though he’s retired, former Patriots running back Kevin Faulk remains friendly with quarterback Tom Brady. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Following up on this story we did with Kevin Faulk where the former Patriots running back was asked about the early-season work of Dion Lewis, we also asked Faulk about the work of quarterback Tom Brady, as well as the comparisons people are making between the 2015 Patriots and the 2007 roster, which finished the regular season undefeated and came within a crazy helmet catch of a perfect season and Super Bowl title.

First, Faulk remains close with Brady, and while he refuses to acknowledge the name of the under inflated ball scandal that the quarterback has been caught up in since last year’s AFC title game, he believes Brady is using that as motivation.

“They do what they have to do to win football games. I’m not going to say it, but I know that they’ve been thinking about it, specifically [Brady],” Faulk said. “I know it’s in his mind. He’s thinking let’s just go out there and show them — this is what we do. It’s time to play football.”

And as for comparisons to the 2007 team — one that included Faulk — he says there’s a “long way to go” before this team can match the 2007 squad.

“That 2007 team was a special team,” he said. “Not saying that this team couldn’t eventually match that, but 2007 was a different team. A special team. When it comes to comparisons like that, we still have a long way to go.”

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In short span of time, Dion Lewis has made himself into integral part of Patriots offense 09.28.15 at 7:18 pm ET
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Dion Lewis has on;y been around New England for three games, but has already made his mark. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Dion Lewis has on;y been around New England for three games, but has already made his mark. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

FOXBORO — Ivan Fears knew the Patriots had something in Dion Lewis before most anyone else realized it.

The longtime Patriots running backs coach said Monday there were flashes of what Lewis was capable of over the course of the spring and summer workouts leading up to training camp.

“We knew there was something there — we had a feeling there was something there, and we let it play out,” Fears said. “He took advantage of preseason games and practice sessions and he’s done a good job. Like all the guys, he’s [carved] out a little role for himself.”

He added: “He’s got exceptional quickness and he’s got the vision to go with it. He’s got the Kevin Faulk-type of vision. He sees a lot, but he can make things happen because of his feet and his ability to change directions. So, we’ll see what happens. He was hurt when he first came into the league. He was not as productive. He had some injuries, and now he’s had a year since that injury, so he was ready. His body responded, and he’s ready to go.”

After being signed to a future contract by the Patriots late last season, Lewis has responded with an impressive start to the 2015 season. Through three games, he leads the Patriots in rushing (30 carries, 146 yards, two touchdowns), but has also become a vital part of the passing game (15 catches — good for third on the team — for 179 yards). While his two fumbles (one lost) have stood out, he managed to display some nice mental toughness when it comes to bouncing back after making errors.

One thing that’s really stood out for Lewis over the course of the first three games is not just his quickness and dependability as a pass catcher out of the backfield, but his willingness to get tough yards between the tackles. Despite the fact that’s not a usual part of the responsibilities for a third-down back, Fears isn’t surprised the 5-foot-8, 195-pounder managed to display some toughness while grinding out some of that tough yardage.

“That was his MO at Pitt when he was in college,” Fears said. “He was a very productive every-down back. He’s not unfamiliar with running in between the tackles, so we just let him do what he does. We try to feature the strong points of each one of those guys when they’re out there and Dion is an exceptional runner. That was his strong suit in college, and he’s kind of proven to us he can do more than that.”

Lewis joins an impressive lineage of offensive options who have lined up at third-down back for the Patriots over the last decade, a group that includes Kevin Faulk, Danny Woodhead and Shane Vereen. According to Fears, Lewis has a lot of Faulk in his game.

“He’s very similar to Kevin — Kevin, of course. played at LSU, and was a hell of an every-down back,” he said. “The only limitation that these guys have had is the size factor. Everybody just knocked them because of it. But believe me, they’ve proven a lot of people wrong.

“Dion has still got a lot of work to do. We’re not giving him any crown right now. We’re just saying he’s been very good through three games and we look forward to see what he can do for us in the future.”

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Mr. Consistency: TE Tim Wright setting new standard for reliability in Patriots passing game 11.26.14 at 10:26 am ET
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Tim Wright has caught 23 passes on 26 targets this season, the best target rate on the team. (Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

Tim Wright has caught 23 passes on 26 targets this season, the best target rate on the team of anyone targeted at least 20 times. (Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

FOXBORO — Tim Wright is in some rarefied air.

In his first season with the Patriots, the tight end has proven himself to be an eminently reliable part of the passing game — he has 23 catches on 26 targets. Even with the understanding that one of the targets was a throwaway by quarterback Tom Brady (an uncatchable ball), that’€™s an 88 percent catch rate, the best on the New England roster when it comes to players who have been targeted by Brady at least 20 times.

If he continues at his current rate, he’ll set a new standard for the Patriots. Since 2006, no member of the Patriots who has been targeted at least 20 times has a reception rate of better than 80 percent.

Of course, none of this is particularly new for Wright — last season with the Buccaneers, he proved equally sure-handed, as he caught 71 percent of the passes (54 receptions on 76 targets) that were thrown his way. But his target numbers this year — combined with his six receiving touchdowns (second on the team to fellow tight end Rob Gronkowski), have made him one of the surprise success stories when you’re talking about the 2014 Patriots offense.

Part of Wright’s success is rooted in the fact that most teams are solely focused on stopping Gronkowski, and have usually dedicated at least two defenders per play in hopes of trying to slow down the big fella. But it’s another thing altogether to take advantage of the opportunities when they’re presented to you, and Wright has done just that.

“Every time we throw to him it’s a touchdown — we’ll try to find him more down there,” Brady said after Wright’s two-touchdown performance against the Lions. “He does a great job in the coverage and finds the open spots.”

While the touchdown ratio is impressive — more than one-quarter of his catches have resulted in touchdowns — his work as a reliable target has really distinguished him from the rest of the field. Since 2006 — when targets were first tallied, on five different occasions, a New England pass catcher who was targeted at least 20 times caught 77 percent of the passes that were thrown in his direction. The latest high-level connection came in 2010 when running back Danny Woodhead caught 34 of the 44 passes that were thrown his way.

Prior to that, veteran running back Kevin Faulk did it three times: Faulk caught 58 of the 75 passes thrown his way in 2008, while both wide receiver Wes Welker (112-of-145) and Faulk (47-of-61) hit the 77 percent mark in 2007. And Faulk caught 43 of the 56 passes thrown his way in 2006 to reach the same plateau. (While Welker was targeted more than any other receiver between 2007 and 2012 and was consistently over 70 percent between 2007 and 2011, he never topped the 77 percent mark.)

According to Wright, the key to being a good target is simple.

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Stevan Ridley opens up about his benching: ‘I put myself there’ 12.26.13 at 2:39 pm ET
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FOXBORO — Stevan Ridley had politely declined to speak about his Dec. 1 benching for the last several weeks. On Thursday, the third-year running back felt it was finally time to open up.

“I just really believe this: God will never put you through anything more than you can handle,” Ridley told reporters in a five-minute session that appeared at times to double as a self-counseling session in front of his locker. “For me, it wasn’t what I wanted, but I know why I got there. It’s not like coach just woke up and decided, ‘Hey, let’s bench Stevan Ridley today.’

“I put myself there. For me, it’s about not letting your past mistakes hold you down. I think life brings you that. You’re going to have adversity, you’re going to have stuff that you’re going to go through. But it’s how you bounce back from it as a person.”

Ridley then made a point of assuring that his four lost fumbles this season, two of which have been returned for touchdowns, hasn’t diminished his love of playing, and playing with fellow running backs Brandon Bolden, Shane Vereen and LeGarrette Blount.

“I love what I do. I love the sport I play in,” he said. “God put me here. For me, I can’t sit on the past, whether it’s success or whether it’s something I don’t want. For me, it’s focusing on these upcoming weeks because I think if we finish this year the way we want to finish this year, nobody will remember what happened in the past. It’s going to take a total team effort. And it’s not just about me, it’s about the running back room, in general, being strong, whoever the number is back there. Whether it’s Shane, whether it’s Brandon, whether it’s Blount, whether it’s me, whoever it is, we have to be accountable and we have to go out there and be a strong point for this team.”

Ironically, one of those two fumbles came against the Bills in Week 1 in Orchard Park when Ridley’s second-quarter cough-up led to Da’Norris Searcy‘s 74-yard return for a score, allowing the Bills to jump back in game after trailing New England 10-0. He’ll get a chance to make amends on Sunday.

“Hold on tight, that’s all I can tell you because there’s no magic words, there’s not one thing I can do,” Ridley said. “I can’t change the player that I am. I just have to go out there and play ball. Honestly, I just spent a lot of time on my knees praying about it, talking to a lot of the people that I knew are close to me. The bad times will pass, too, just like the good ones. It’s all in the past. These upcoming games we’re trying to be mistake-free and if we can be mistake-free it definitely gives us the upper hand and the better chance of winning the ballgame. And that’s all our coaches are trying to do. There’s no hard feelings. I’m just trying to win every game from here on out, the Bills included, and that’s our team’s focus right now.”

Ridley also said he had conversations recently with two people who gave him words of encouragement as well as an attitude adjustment – Kevin Faulk and his high school coach from Mississippi.

“Faulk met me down in Texas,” Ridley said of the trip to Houston when he was benched. “I got to talk to him for a long time and told me some things I needed to hear. I also got to talk to my high school coach, David King, down in Natchez [Mississippi]. I just talked to the people who I knew had my best interests in mind. Regardless of what it was, I’m just focused on what it’s going to be from here on out.”

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Patriots legend Kevin Faulk will be part of NFL Draft next week in New York 04.17.13 at 3:46 pm ET
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The NFL has announced that former Patriots running back Kevin Faulk will be in New York next week to announce New England’s second-round draft pick at next week’s NFL Draft.

Faulk will be on the scene as part of a leaguewide initiative — which started two years ago — where 32 alumni announce second- and third-round draft choices in the draft. Other players who will be taking part include Atlanta’s Deion Sanders, Tampa Bay’s Warren Sapp and Baltimore’s Jonathan Ogden.

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Great playoff memories from Matt Light, Kevin Faulk and Robert Kraft 01.20.13 at 5:58 pm ET
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FOXBORO — There’s a reason for everything the Patriots do and when they chose Matt Light and Kevin Faulk to be honorary captains for the AFC championship there was a definite message from Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

“I just pinched myself coming over here because I was thinking as a fan sitting in the stands we had the privilege of one home playoff game in ‘€™78 which we lost to Houston, and I thought about that,” Kraft said on Friday. “We’€™re sitting here on the eve ‘€“ our family has owned this team 19 years and this is our 17th home playoff game. We have a record of 14-2. I was thinking that last year we had our honorary captains, Drew Bledsoe, Ty Law, [Tedy] Bruschi and Troy Brown representing the ‘€™96 and ‘€™01 [teams], which were our first two championship games. Our two captains this year have been here for five.

“How do you do this? It’€™s about having great coaches, but most of all, it’€™s having great players and we’€™ve been blessed to have some wonderful players here. I feel a special connection and attachment to both Matt Light and Kevin Faulk, who have been here for five championship games but also our three Super Bowl titles. It’€™s my great pleasure to introduce Matt Light and Kevin Faulk.”

Light and Faulk will be out for the coin toss moments before the Patriots look for their sixth AFC championship in the last 12 seasons.

What do Faulk and Light think?

“First and foremost I would like to say thank you to Mr. Kraft and the Patriot organization just for the opportunity and honor to be able to be the honorary captain for the AFC Championship game,” Faulk said. “It’€™s kind of different for me and I am pretty sure it’€™s the same for Matt because we are used to being on the other side of these in the locker room preparing for the game. But it’€™s one of those [things] right now where times have changed and we are on the other side of the fence preparing for it in a different way. To have the opportunity to do this and to know the guys that have done it in the past like Ty, Bruschi and Drew, it is an honor.

“You never think about what is going to happen at the end whenever you are done playing football. I never thought I was going to play 13 years in the NFL and to accomplish the accomplishments that we accomplished as a football team and to see this organization still on that same path after so many years, it just speaks volumes for the organization, the players, the coaches and just everybody around here. Once again I would just like say thank you for the opportunity to Mr. Kraft and the Patriots organization.

“So listen, as a fan, I have never seen anything but a win at Gillette Stadium,” Light added. “Besides what some of you know, as a guy that isn’€™t the biggest sports fan off the field, there is nobody that is going to be in this stadium that is going to be more fired up for this one than this guy right here. Secondly, the guy that is getting this honor alongside of me here, Kevin Faulk ‘€“ if there is one guy that I can walk out on a field one more time with, it would be the guy that did it on third down and every time he touched the field I felt better at my position. And even if I was getting smoked all game I felt better when he was out there because I knew that he would get rid of it quicker. It is just an awesome thing to be back here and be alongside Kevin Faulk.

“To have the Kraft family honor us in this way, to share in this special moment, at this time of the year, when everybody is amped up, it is truly a blessing. As Kevin said, the time that I have spent here, the time that Kevin has spent here, you look back on it and you say, as an organization, as a coaching staff and as the guys you play with, as all those things were combined to form what we experienced, it doesn’€™t get any better. We really appreciate it and we are really looking forward to it. I know we are. It is going to be good.”
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Matt Light and Kevin Faulk honorary captains for Sunday’s AFC championship 01.17.13 at 3:11 pm ET
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FOXBORO — Two former Patriots key to the franchise’s Super Bowl success of the 2000s will serve as honorary captains for Sunday’€™s AFC championship game against Baltimore this Sunday.

Running back Kevin Faulk and left tackle Matt Light, who played their entire careers in New England and together helped the Patriots become the most successful team in the NFL for over a decade, were announced as the selections by the team on Thursday.

Both players announced their retirements in 2012 and each were honored with special halftime ceremonies during games this season to allow fans the opportunity to thank them for their Patriots careers. Faulk and Light played key roles in helping the Patriots win three Super Bowls in a four-year span. Each played in six AFC Championship games and celebrated five AFC Championships.

Faulk, who announced his retirement on Oct. 10, 2012 after spending his entire 13-year career as a member of the New England Patriots, was honored on November 11 during the Buffalo game. Faulk, who filled various roles for the Patriots during his years with the team, joined the club in 1999 as a second-round pick (46th overall) out of LSU. He is the Patriots all-time leader in all-purpose yards (12,349) and kickoff return yards (4,098) and is the Patriots’€™ all-time leading return specialist, totaling 5,041 combined return yards (4,098 kick return yards and 943 punt return yards). Faulk ranks fifth in Patriots history in rushing yards (3,607), fifth in receptions (431), 11th in pass receiving yards (3,701) and sixth in total punt return yards (943).

Faulk recorded the longest non-touchdown kickoff return in team history when he covered 95 yards on a return against the New York Jets (11/15/99).

Light was originally drafted by the Patriots in the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft. Light left the football field having played a major role in leading the Patriots to 11 consecutive seasons with a winning record, nine division championships, five conference titles and three Super Bowls. On February 5, 2012, he tied an NFL record when he started in his fifth Super Bowl, joining teammate Tom Brady along with Cornelius Bennett, John Elway and Charles Haley as the only other players to accomplish the feat.

In 2009, he was recognized as one of the best players in franchise history when he was named to the Patriots’€™ 50th Anniversary Team. Light earned three Pro Bowl honors following the 2006, 2007 and 2010 seasons. He played in 175 regular season games with 173 starts including all 20 postseason games and helped the Patriots’€™ offense finish in the top 10 seven times.

For more Patriots news, visit the team page at WEEI-FM 93.7 will broadcast the AFC championship game between the Patriots and Ravens on Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

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