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Fantasy Football: DraftKings Week 2 09.19.15 at 8:57 am ET
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I hope you all had a good Week 1 with your DraftKings lineups. I know I did, and I am fired up for this week’s games. If you are looking for a deeper take or are looking to create your own Draftings board for Week 2, feel free to download my DraftKings worksheet over at Rotobahn. It’s a good look at all the players you might want to consider without all the deadwood you have to sift through on the DraftKings site.

Don’t forget to tune in to 93.7 on Sunday at 8 a.m. for this week’s edition of the Fantasy Football Hour, with my good buddy Jim Hackett.

Like last week, I have broken this week’s recommendations down into three cost levels.

BIG-MONEY OPTIONS ($7,000 and up)

Julio Jones, WR, Falcons at Giants, $8,900

The Giants have no answer for Jones. None. They can’t cover him, and they can’t put much pressure on Matt Ryan to limit downfield opportunities. This is the way I want to spend my big money in Week 2. And what’s great is that Atlanta will have some issues stopping New York, so Jones could be heavily involved for four quarters.

Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings vs. Lions, $7,700

The Vikings somehow, almost inexplicably, got away from Peterson in Week 1 and their offense sputtered. I can only assume that feeding Peterson will be a huge priority this week against a team he has run over many times in the past. It’s also worth mentioning that Ndamukong Suh now is a Dolphin and star linebacker DeAndre Levy is unlikely to play this week. The table is set.

Matt Ryan, QB, Falcons at Giants, $7,400

Matty Ice has a sweet matchup this Sunday against the hapless Giants defense. A bad game seems almost impossible, and the odds of a big game seem very strong. Yes, he is pricey at 7,400 units, but I think you will get what you pay for and perhaps considerably more.

Jordan Matthews, WR, Eagles vs. Cowboys, $7,100

He clearly is the lead target in the Eagles passing attack and he has a chance to go off in this game. Matthews played 85 percent of the offensive snaps last week, and that is a serious increase over what we saw most of last season. Just for some perspective, Jeremy Maclin played 87 percent of the team’s offensive snaps in 2014. Matthews played on 65 percent. The point is that you may want to start Matthews now, before his price goes up even higher. He will be in a lot of my lineups this week.

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Fantasy Football: Week 14 starts, sits 12.05.14 at 8:53 am ET
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Welcome to the Week 14 starts and sits! It’s win-or-go-home time in most fantasy football leagues, so lineup decisions potentially are crucial. If you are looking for a second opinion on players not listed in this article, head over to my site, Rotobahn, and check out our full lineup rankings for Week 14.

Don’t forget to tune in Sunday morning for another episode of the Fantasy Football Hour with my co-host Jim Hackett. If you have last-minute lineup concerns, you should check out my Sunday chat. It takes place right here at and it runs from 11 a.m. to noon.

If you want to keep track of all our fantasy football content, both here and at Rotobahn, follow me on Twitter. I send out links to all fresh articles and chats as well.



Matt Ryan, Falcons at Packers

The Falcons are going to trail in this game, and it should happen fast. They will go into this game knowing that they’ll have to score a lot of points to win. They will try to get Steven Jackson going to set up some play-action for Ryan to work off of, but in the end, the Falcons have to throw to have any chance at all. Ryan should post solid fantasy statistics based on volume of attempts, and he’s got big-game potential if he gets some pass protection.

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers at Bengals

It’s hard to see Roethlisberger not making some plays in this game. He’s got a lot of places to throw the football, and his team will need the points based on the way the Steelers have played defense recently. He’s playable if you need him.

Eli Manning, Giants at Titans

He’s a viable option in deeper leagues if you are in need. The Titans are an easy mark, and Manning has enough weapons to get the job done, most notably Odell Beckham. It might not always be pretty, but Manning should have decent numbers by the end of the day. Remember, the Giants need to develop their offense as much as they need to win. New York’s season ended weeks ago. The remaining games are about establishing things that can carry over to 2015. Expect plenty of pass attempts.


Joe Flacco, Ravens at Dolphins

His receivers are an issue, with Steve Smith slowing down and Torrey Smith nursing a sore knee. The Dolphins defense represents a tough road matchup, so this is a situation to avoid. I’ve got at least 16 quarterbacks ranked higher than Flacco this week.

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Fantasy Football: Week 7 starts, sits 10.17.14 at 1:35 pm ET
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All right, Patriots fans, after Thursday night’s big win, your heads should be clear and ready to focus on your fantasy fortunes. I’ve got the Week 7 recommendations ready for you and there’s more to come. As always, I will be available this Sunday at 11 a.m. to take all your last-minute lineup questions. Get them in early!

If you have questions about any players not listed in this space, head over to my free site, Rotobahn, and dig into my full Week 7 lineup rankings. And don’t forget to tune in Sunday morning for another episode of the Fantasy Football Hour with my buddy Jim Hackett, who will be in a good mood after the Patriots’ third straight victory. If you want to keep track of all my fantasy football content, both here and at Rotobahn, follow me on Twitter. I send out links to all fresh content.



Carson Palmer, Cardinals at Raiders

He’s back and we expect his arm strength to improve week to week. Palmer has a healthy offense around him and he has a nice matchup with Oakland. Start him if you need him in all formats.

Joe Flacco, Ravens vs. Falcons

He lit up Tampa last week and he could do the same thing to the Falcons when the Ravens visit Baltimore this weekend. The Ravens receivers are in a groove and so is Flacco. He’s a viable play in all leagues this week.

Matt Ryan, Falcons at Ravens

He’s not screaming “Start me” this week after light output in Week 6, but Ryan has enough weapons in addition to Julio Jones, who is a monster. He should have to throw the ball for most of the day to keep pace with the Ravens. Ryan is playable in all formats.

Blake Bortles, Jaguars vs. Browns

Need an option in a deep league? Bortles can help because he grinds out points with his arm and with his feet. The Browns should get a lead and force the Jaguars to throw and open up the offense. Bortles might throw a pick or two, but the numbers should be there in the end. A good play in big formats if you are in need.

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Which QB does best job spreading ball around in passing game? 02.18.14 at 6:00 am ET
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Piggybacking on a column we did last year about Tom Brady‘€™s ability to work in new receivers and spread the ball around — and with another full season in the books — we figured we should take another look at some of the league wide numbers when it comes to ball distribution in the passing game.

Using the 250-catch barometer as the mark for involvement, three over-30 veterans continue to set the standard when it comes to getting everyone involved in the passing game, as Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have managed to make stars out a variety of pass catchers on the way to record-setting seasons.

Using numbers culled from Pro Football Reference — which utilizes stats dating back to 1999 — the three are head and shoulders above the rest of the quarterbacking field when it comes to finding equilibrium in the passing game:

– Since 2001, Brady has completed at least 250 passes in the regular season to four different pass catchers over the course of his 13-year career as a starter: Wes Welker (563), Deion Branch (328), Troy Brown (323) and Kevin Faulk (310). Providing they stay healthy — and, in the case of Julian Edelman, return for 2013 — two more receivers could be added to the mix: Rob Gronkowski had 39 catches in an injury-shortened 2013 season, bringing his total of receptions via Brady to 223. And his 105 catches in 2013 boosted Edelman to 166 career receptions from Brady.

For those of you asking about guys who just missed out on the 250-catch mark with Brady, two jump off the page: one, Randy Moss caught 192 passes from Brady while the two were together in New England, including 98 catches in 2007 and 83 in 2009. And two, Aaron Hernandez finished with 166.

– In that same span, Manning has completed at least 250 passes to three different receivers: Reggie Wayne (779), Marvin Harrison (677) and Dallas Clark (387). Depending on how long he plays, Denver’€™s Demaryius Thomas could also be part of that group as well — he has 185 catches from Manning over the last two seasons, and could reach 250 in 2014 if he and the quarterback can both stay healthy.

To be fair to Manning, that time frame of 2001-2013 does cut off the first three seasons — from 1998 through 2000 — of his career. As a result, some of his early numbers aren’€™t included, particularly the formative years with Harrison, who had 276 regular-season catches with the Colts in that span. Our cutoff also means the work of an excellent pass-catching back like Edgerrin James goes unrewarded. He caught 230 passes from Manning from 2001-2005 before he departed Indy for the Cardinals. In all, James ended up catching a total of 355 passes from Manning while the two were together from 1999-2005.

– While Brady and Manning have impressive totals, when it comes to finding a variety of targets, they’€™re nowhere near Brees. When you combine his work in San Diego and New Orleans, the 35-year-old has complied at least 250 passes to six different receivers: Marques Colston (605), Lance Moore (346), Jimmy Graham (298 over the last four seasons), Reggie Bush (294), Pierre Thomas (284) and LaDainian Tomlinson (254). And a seventh — Darren Sproles — can hit 250 receptions from Brees in 2014. He’€™s already at 235 catches and counting.

When it comes to the next generation, it appears unlikely that anyone will be able to connect with six different pass catchers for at least 250 receptions. Among the quarterbacks who have been in the league for 7-10 seasons, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers has Greg Jennings (324) and Jordy Nelson (252), but just missed out when Donald Driver (241) called it a career. However, his two wild cards are free agents James Jones (216) and Jermichael Finley (214) — if they both return and are healthy, Rodgers is seemingly a lock to get four pass-catchers to 250-plus receptions.

Ben Roethlisberger also has a good chance of getting to four — he’€™s completed at least 250 passes to three different receivers: Hines Ward (513), Heath Miller (420) and Antonio Brown (250), and could make it four if free agent Emmanuel Sanders (146) ends up sticking around Pittsburgh. Meanwhile Atlanta’€™s Matt Ryan has three, having connected for 250-plus with Roddy White (520), Tony Gonzalez (383) and Harry Douglas (205). And New York‘€™s Eli Manning has Hakeem Nicks (306) and Victor Cruz (241) — he appears to have just missed with Plaxico Burress (244) and Steve Smith (213).

As for the quarterbacks who have between two and five full years in the league, Detroit’€™s Matthew Stafford has found tremendous success with Calvin Johnson (353 catches from Stafford), but Brandon Pettigrew (215) and Nate Burleson (154) are also within hailing distance of the 250-catch mark, providing Burleson somehow makes it back to Detroit. In addition, Indy’€™s Andrew Luck has Wayne (145), T.Y. Hilton (133) and Coby Fleener (78), while Cincinnati’€™s Andy Dalton has benefitted from working with AJ Green (256), Jermaine Gresham (165) and Andrew Hawkins (85).

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Fantasy Football: Week 15 starts, sits 12.13.13 at 10:35 am ET
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Welcome to the Week 15 starts and sits! If you are reading this, then congratulations are probably in order. It’€™s semifinal week in most leagues, so you are one win away from a bowl appearance and a shot at glory. Hopefully these recommendations will help you maximize your lineup, but if you need more, then head over to Rotobahn and check out our full lineup rankings. Additionally, you can attend our weekly Sunday chat right here at WEEI. You’€™ll find a link to the chat Sunday on the home page under ‘€œThis Just In.’€ I hope to see you all there.



Matt Stafford, Lions vs. Ravens

Stafford had a rough Week 14 due to the weather, but if you survived the storm, you should stick with him. He’€™ll be much better at home, even in a tough matchup. The Lions probably will lose, but Stafford will get his stats.

Andrew Luck, Colts vs. Texans

He’€™ll be solid this week at home vs. a pretty good defense. Luck now has enough weapons to get the job done. Da’€™Rick Rogers is a big upgrade over Darrius Heyward-Bey. Luck may not give you a big number, but he’€™ll produce like a top-10 quarterback.

Tom Brady, Patriots at Dolphins

Brady owners must feel cursed at this point. The rug got pulled out from under them this past Sunday when Rob Gronkowski was lost again, with perhaps his worst injury so far, and that is saying something. Giving up on Brady is a logical move, but I think even with significant missing parts, the Patriots offense as a unit is clicking now. Brady should be good for a few scores and 250-plus yards.

Jay Cutler, Bears at Browns

He should be the starter, but just to be clear, this recommendation goes for whomever starts for the Bears this week. If Cutler has another setback, go ahead and start Josh McCown, who has been astoundingly good this year in Marc Trestman‘€™s offense.

Matt Ryan, Falcons vs. Redskins

Yes, the Falcons already are toast, but they have most of their offense back on the field and probably will cut through the Washington defense like a hot knife through butter. Ryan is a viable option this week in any format.

Jason Campbell, Browns vs. Bears

The one thing to keep on top of here is the weather. There is some snow in the forecast, and if it gets really ugly, you’€™ll want to have a backup plan. Still, Campbell can help you if you are in a jam. The Bears have few answers for what the Browns will be throwing at them, namely Josh Gordon. The second-year receiver has been a one-man wrecking crew lately.

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Are the Patriots ready to handle the noise and heat in the Georgia Dome? 09.29.13 at 11:29 am ET
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In his 39 years in the NFL, Bill Belichick has learned how disrupting domes can be.

He remembers the Monday night in 2009 when the Patriots were overwhelmed by Drew Brees and the Saints. The Saints got their offense going that night in New Orleans and the boisterous fans in the Superdome followed, as the Patriots were blown out, 38-17.

It was that night, as the crowd was going nuts, Belichick made his famous “I just can’t get them to play the way we need to” observation to Tom Brady on the sideline late in the fourth quarter.

Sunday night in Atlanta has the potential of the same sort of nightmare if the Patriots aren’t careful and don’t get to quarterback Matt Ryan.

Of course, the Patriots have gone into domes before and have been successful. They beat St. Louis in 2004. They won Super Bowl XXXVI in the Superdome.

When did all of the crowd noise start to really impact the opposing offense?

“I’€™d say it’€™s really a shotgun formation,” Belichick said. “I think you could operate with the quarterback under center. It’€™s loud, but you can still do it. As the stadiums have gotten bigger, we’€™ve gotten away from the baseball stadiums where there might be 70 or 80,000 people but in a lot of those stadiums, the fans at midfield were 40 yards from the sideline because they were pushed so far back and the majority of the people were in the end zone so a lot of times it just got loud in the end zone.

“I think there are a lot of circumstances. You have a lot of artificial crowd noise that there are different regulations on and so forth. Over the years, that’€™s changed. Some of that was pumped in, now there’€™s different rules on that. There are a lot of different forces at work here. Certainly being in the shotgun, not under center, pistol, gun, whatever you want to call it, the crowd noise situation, the stadium configuration, all that, I think, all played into it.”

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Peter King on M&M: Falcons’ Matt Ryan still needs to prove himself in postseason 09.27.13 at 11:56 am ET
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Sports Illustrated’s Peter King made his weekly appearance on Mut & Merloni on Friday to discuss the Patriots and NFL news.

The Patriots are preparing for a Sunday night showdown with the Falcons, who are led by Matt Ryan. King said the former Boston College star needs to prove himself in the playoffs before he’s considered among the elite.

“I really like him,” King said. “I like him a lot. I think he’s on his way to being a long-term premier quarterback in the NFL. But I think we all know that if a guy doesn’t play great in the postseason, he’ll never be considered one of the all-time greats. And Matt Ryan hasn’t played great in the postseason.

“He did have a good postseason last year, obviously. He played well against the Seahawks, outdueling Russell Wilson — even though you could argue that Russell Wilson played a better game that day. And he played OK against the 49ers — and probably would like to have a couple of decisions on the last drive back. Because if he made a couple of decisions differently, they’d have been playing in the Super Bowl. ‘€¦ I think he’s a top-10 quarterback. Let’s see how he does in the playoffs the next three or four years.”

Broncos linebacker Von Miller was banned six games to start this season. According to multiple reports, four of the games were for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy and two were for conspiring with a sample collector to cheat his test. King said the NFL kept the second part of the punishment relatively light because “this was going to be a long, hard fight with the union.”

“I know the NFL has heard rumors that other players have attempted to do the same thing, perhaps in Miami, perhaps in other places,” King said. “It will be interesting to see what if anything the investigation that the NFL — I’m not saying it’s a formal investigation, but the NFL is looking into the specimen-collecting process right now. But just know that the NFLPA is very much going to fight for Von Miller and probably would have stretched this out for a long time — the hearing for a long time, as long as they could. And who knows when Von Miller ultimately would have been suspended.”

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