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Rex Ryan mocks Bill Belichick’s ‘We’re on to Cincinnati’ 10.02.14 at 11:42 am ET
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Rex Ryan. (Getty Images)

Rex Ryan. (Getty Images)

FOXBORO — Maybe it was a way to loosen things up after a 1-3 start. Maybe it was a way to remind his team that things aren’t all bad. Or maybe Rex Ryan was just looking for another reason to get in a friendly jab at nemesis Bill Belichick.

But on Wednesday, just hours after the Patriots coach answered every probing question about the problems with his team with “we’re on to Cincinnati,” the Jets coach couldn’t resist opening his press conference with the reference.

“Obviously, [we're] on to San Diego,” Ryan smirked, alluding to not only his team’s upcoming road game with the Chargers but Belichick’s answers in Foxboro.

After some silence in the Florham Park, N.J. media center, reporters finally caught on and laughed.

“OK, here we go,” Ryan said. “Can we just move on?”

For the record, Belichick said “we’re on to Cincinnati” three times, “we’re getting ready for Cincinnati” twice and “we’re preparing for Cincinnati” once in a span of two minutes when asked about Tom Brady and reports of his quarterback’s displeasure with the Patriots’ roster.

While Ryan might have been having some fun at the expense of Belichick, the Jets coach was repeating another theme coming out of Foxboro – urgency.

The Jets (1-3) have lost three straight, and are going cross-country to take on the 3-1 Chargers, who have handed the Seahawks their only loss. Still, they trail the 2-2 Dolphins, 2-2 Patriots and 2-2 Bills by just one game in the underwhelming AFC East.

“We know that, obviously, you drop three games in a row, that sense of urgency, it better pick up — and it has, I think,” Ryan said.

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Calvin Pace on Jets D: ‘We’re the best’ 07.28.14 at 5:48 pm ET
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Leave it to the Jets to make a Patriots off-day still worth paying attention to.

Jets linebacker Calvin Pace says his team’s defense is not only improved for 2014, but he insists it’s the best defense in football, not the defending champion Seahawks, not the vastly improved Patriots or Broncos or the young and hungry Bengals. The Jets.

“€œ[Compared to] the rest of the defenses in the NFL? S—€”, man, we’€™re the best,” Pace told the New York Daily News. “You ask anybody around the league, we’€™re not the team you want to see coming in, even in a down year.”

Why would Pace make such a statement? He believes the basis of such confidence lies in his head coach Rex Ryan.

“There’€™s a certain type of aggression when we come [play you]. You know we’€™re going to come with a lot of stuff and teams don’€™t want to see that,” he said. “They want to see a vanilla defense, that just lines up and you know where they’€™re going to be. I’€™ll take these guys and Rex and this system any day.”

Pace is hardly the first Jet to pop off this summer. After all he’s learning from the best. Ryan has already labeled David Harris the most underrated linebacker in the NFL and Ryan describing himself as ‘€œa great coach” while corner Dee Milliner says he’s the best corner in the NFL.

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Bill Belichick on report Patriots had Jets playbook: ‘Talk to Mike Pettine’ 06.19.14 at 12:30 pm ET
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FOXBORO — Here we go again.

In the latest edition of Monday Morning Quarterback on, columnist Greg Bedard reports that new Browns head coach and former Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine believes that old copies of the Jets playbook, circa 2011, may have wound up in the hands of the Patriots.

“The initial playbook itself is actually quite thin, and that’€™s by design,” Pettine told Bedard. “€œI don’€™t put a lot of graduate-level information in it. We know in places like New England, it’€™s only a matter of time that they somehow mysteriously end up with our playbook.”

Pettine told Bedard that there was a story circulating that at Wes Welker‘€™s wedding in 2012, Tom Brady laughed with Jets outside linebackers coach Mike Smith (Welker’€™s college roommate at Texas Tech) that the Patriots “may or may not” have had possession of some Jets defensive playbooks.

“It didn’€™t shock me because Rex would give them out like candy anyway,”€ Pettine continued. “€œHe gave one out to [Alabama coach Nick] Saban and I was like, ‘€˜Don’€™t you know Saban and Bill [Belichick] are pretty good friends? I have a feeling it’€™s going to end up in New England.’ ”

Belichick, who told reporters he was allowing just three questions before leaving for the summer, was asked about the charges after Thursday’s final minicamp session. Belichick was specifically asked if he has ever had the Jets playbook at some point.

“[Go] talk to Mike Pettine. I don’t know,” Belichick offered.

Darrelle Revis played for Mike Pettine as recently as 2012, when he tore his ACL in September in a game against the Dolphins. Revis was also asked about the playbook charges after Thursday’s minicamp. He laughed and was somewhat more insightful when asked if he knew the Patriots may have had the playbook.

“No, I don’t know anything about that,” Revis said. “I don’t know. I don’t even know how to answer that. If they did, they did. If they didn’t, they didn’t. At that point, it really doesn’t matter. You still have to go out there and compete and go out there and win the game.”

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Poll: Should Patriots sign Ed Reed? 11.14.13 at 10:41 am ET
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FOXBORO — When the Texans released Ed Reed on Tuesday, one of Bill Belichick‘s favorite players of all-time became available. The question is, with Reed 35 years old and coming off hip surgery, should the Patriots take a chance that he can still play at a high level?

The Patriots reportedly are interested, along with the Jets, who are coached by Rex Ryan, Reed’s former defensive coordinator with the Ravens. Late Thursday morning, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that, per league sources, the Jets and Reed were on the verge of an agreement.

The Patriots had natural interest in Reed when he became a free agent after winning Super Bowl XLVII with Baltimore in February. But the price tag became too high when he signed a three-year contract in March with the Texans worth $15 million, including $5 million guaranteed. Then, later in the 2013 offseason, Reed underwent arthroscopic surgery on his hip to repair a small labral tear.

Reed made his Texans debut on Sept. 22 against the Ravens in Baltimore. As the season progressed, Reed saw his playing time reduced. He eventually lost his starting job to Shiloh Keo during Week 9 against the Colts.

Reed was released Tuesday after just 16 tackles, no interceptions, no forced fumbles and no passes defended in seven games. Reed also made critical comments he made regarding coaching decisions, suggesting the Texans were outcoached in Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals.

Should the Patriots sign Ed Reed?

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Logan Ryan apologizes to fans for grab: ‘That’s not who I am’ 10.24.13 at 2:18 pm ET
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FOXBORO — It was pretty apparent Thursday that the leaders on the Patriots got to rookie Logan Ryan and discussed his inappropriate crotch grab celebration on his pick-6 last Sunday. Safe to say, it won’t be happening again.

“First off, I just want to apologize to all the fans and all the viewers who had to witness that,” Ryan said. “I own up to it 100 percent. It’s not acceptable, not acceptable for me and this team. I want to put it behind me and want to move on and focus on Miami and let people know it won’t happen again and that’s not who I am.

“It was a good play. It was a play where all 11 people on the field were doing their job. It was a great call and we had an opportunity. I had an opportunity to make the play and I did and it helped the team at the time.”

As for his accountability to his teammates and the organization?

“I want to be held accountable for this,” Ryan continued. “I think I have a lot of football in me in the future, and I just want to make the most of it and make the most of my opportunities in the future.”

Ryan made a point of praising the veterans who have taught him the ropes so far in the NFL.

“It’s been a lot of fun, it’s been a learning experience,” Ryan said. “I have a lot to learn and a lot to grow but I’m surrounded by great players on our team, and that’s in the secondary with Devin McCourty, Kyle Arrington, Aqib Talib and even Alfonzo Dennard. They’ve been playing extremely great ball and we want to continue that.

“It slows down week-by-week with repetition. That starts in practice. I’m practicing better than I have in the past. And I think as I practice better, I’ll play better and it will continue to slow down. I just learn a lot about the little things, how to prepare during the week, the things that go unnoticed and you do a lot of little things right, it adds up and make plays [possible] on Sundays.”

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Report: NFL fines Logan Ryan $10,000 for grabbing himself at 11:07 am ET
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FOXBORO — The move by rookie Logan Ryan to grab himself in mid-air as he was falling into the end zone on his first career interception will cost him, according to a report from Pro Football Talk.

The website, quoting a league source, says the rookie will be fined $10,000 for the on-field gesture as he ended his pick-6 of Geno Smith.

Ryan, a third-round pick out of Rutgers, has been seeing more playing time with the hip injury to Aqib Talib. Last week, he played corner in nickel situations and his read of the Smith pass resulted in a 79-yard interception return in the first quarter that gave the Patriots a 14-7 lead.

The move by Ryan is not unique in NFL circles. Marshawn Lynch grabbed himself and fell into the end zone in the 2010 playoffs after he steamrolled Darren Sharper.

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Rex Ryan on Bill Belichick and ‘Push-gate’: ‘He’s got to make up his mind’ 10.23.13 at 3:28 pm ET
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FOXBORO — The most controversial call of the season just won’t go away. And now it’s given new life to one of the more intense coaching rivalries in the NFL.

On Tuesday, Bill Belichick accused the Jets of the same “push” play on one of New England’s field goal attempts that the Patriots were called for, resulting in a second chance for the Jets and ending in a 42-yard game-winning field goal.

Only, on Stephen Gostkowski‘s 44-yard attempt no penalty was called.

On Wednesday, Jets coach Rex Ryan said of Belichick’s claim, “that’s not true.”

But Ryan went on to give a jab at Belichick. Ryan alluded to the fact that immediately after the game Belichick said that he wasn’t aware of a violation of the “second level” aspect of the “push” rule. He later was quoted as saying he wasn’t aware of the rule and that it was his mistake and misinterpretation of the new rule.

“He’s got to make up his mind,” Ryan said. “Was he aware of it? Was is second level?”

Sunday’€™s game ended in controversy, as the Patriots were called for breaking the NFL’€™s new ‘€œpushing rule’€ while Jets kicker Nick Folk attempted a 56-yard field goal to win the game in overtime. Folk missed that kick but Chris Jones was called for pushing Will Svitek into the Jets offensive line. A 15-yard unsportsmanlike call was made giving the Jets a new series of downs.

Four plays later, Folk took advantage and connected on a 42-yard attempt, giving New York the 30-27 win.

Following the game, various reports surfaced that Jets coach Rex Ryan had tipped off the officials that the Patriots have used this push technique.

Belichick was asked if it bothers him that there’€™s a report that the Jets tipped the officials off about the push play.

“Well, I mean, since they were using the play themselves I don’€™t even know about all that,” Belichick said Tuesday. “But basically, we’€™re just moving on here.”

It would appear Belichick was referencing Stephen Gostkowski‘s 44-yard field goal with 16 seconds remaining that sent the game to overtime.

Replays of Gostkowski’s kick show Jets outside linebacker Quinton Coples lined up to the left of teammate Muhammad Wilkerson, looped behind Wilkerson, and his right arm then pressed up against Wilkerson’s back as he then pushed Wilkerson, who then fell over snapper Danny Aiken and guard Logan Mankins.

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