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WEEI NFL Power Rankings — Week 8 10.27.09 at 4:00 am ET
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The Saints officially have the bragging rights associated with being atop WEEI’s NFL power rankings for three straight weeks, more than any other team. After an unbelievable comeback performance Sunday against the Dolphins, they remain at the pinnacle of the rankings.

Another team that entered Sunday with its undefeated credentials intact got handed its first loss. The Vikings lost to the Steelers but fell just two spots to No. 5. Meanwhile, the Steelers continue to climb and claw their way back toward the top spot, checking in this week at No. 4.

Sorry, Patriots fans, heading into the bye Tom Brady and crew stay at No. 6 following their obliteration of the lowly Buccaneers in the Old Country.

The Cardinals continue to ascend the rankings, this time leaping seven spots into the top 10 at No. 8. The largest collapse in the rankings takes us to the Windy City. The Bears plummet nine spots and now sit at No. 20 after a dismal performance against the Bengals.

For a league that prides itself on parity, there are a lot of good teams and a lot of awful teams. For that reason, there wasn’t much movement at the bottom as many teams are getting comfortable in their lowly spots, where they cannot escape the wafting stench of their first-half performances.

1. (Last week, 1) 6-0-0 Thirty-six points in one half is pretty impressive. Great teams in the NFL are never out of games, and the Saints proved they can come back from any deficit. This win will definitely be a confidence-builder for New Orleans. Quick stats to throw out: The Saints are scoring 39.7 points per game. They have scored 238 points this season, the second-most in NFL history through six games.

2. (2) 6-0-0 Peyton Manning is playing better than he ever has in his career. Since Manning has been playing so well, the Colts defense has fallen below the radar. Indy’s D is giving up just 12.8 points a game. That’s the second-best in the league.

3. (4) 6-0-0 Six straight wins deserves five days off, according to Josh McDaniels. The rookie coach gave his team the time off and the Broncos will be fresh, well-rested and prepared to take on the Ravens in Baltimore on Sunday.

4. (8) 5-2-0 Heading into the bye, the Steelers are finally looking like the defending Super Bowl champs. Let’s see how the defensive line responds to the loss of Aaron Smith. The loss of Smith could be just as damaging as if the Steelers had lost Troy Polamalu for the season.

5. (3) 6-1-0 The Vikings ran into a very hot Steelers team at Heinz Field and the result was a loss. The Vikings turned the ball over in the red zone and that killed them. Minnesota should be able to fix its mistakes and move on. Exciting matchup next Sunday, when Brett Favre travels back to Green Bay.

6. (6) 5-2-0 The Patriots head into their bye week at a perfect time as they are a little beat up. Ty Warren and Randy Moss were the latest Patriots players to suffer injuries. This is a good time for the Pats to heal up and prepare for a tough schedule ahead ‘€” Miami, at Indy, Jets and at New Orleans will be no easy task.

7. (9) 5-2-0 After a poor performance last week against the Texans, the Bengals came out firing. Cincinnati demolished the Bears and made a statement to the NFL. If Carson Palmer continues to trend toward being the quarterback he was a couple seasons ago, the Bengals will be a tough opponent week after week.

8. (15) 4-2-0 Huge win for the Cardinals over the Giants on Sunday night. Beanie Wells introduced himself as a playmaking running back and he complemented the offense nicely. The Cardinals can build off a great win — their first at the Meadowlands since 1999.

9. (5) 5-2-0 The Giants beat themselves on Sunday, uncharacteristically turning the ball over four times. The Giants are still one of the best teams in the NFC and will surely fix those mistakes and bounce back with better performances down the road.

10. (10) 4-2-0 Aaron Rodgers finally had the luxury of a strong run game on Sunday against the Browns. The Packers QB turned in another great performance but it was against one of the most putrid teams in the National Football League. Rodgers and the Packers face a real test this Sunday against the Vikings. The last time these two teams played, Rodgers was sacked eight times.

11. (20) 4-2-0 The Dallas defense was finally able to rush the quarterback and that resulted in a win against a pretty solid team. Dallas was able to get to Matt Ryan four times and force two interceptions. The NFC East title suddenly is a possibility again for the Cowboys, with the Giants suffering their second straight loss.

12. (7) 4-2-0 The Falcons are allowing more than 350 yards per game on defense. One of the main reasons is because of the defensive line’s inability to put pressure on the quarterback. The Falcons need to improve in that area before they take on Drew Brees and the Saints on Monday night or else they are in for a long evening.

13. (13) 3-3-0 The Ravens are well-rested and should be prepared to give the Broncos their first loss of the season. Let’s see if Baltimore will be able to eliminate stupid penalties. If the Ravens can play smart football, they’ll need their struggling cornerbacks to find a way to contain Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal. if they can do that, Joe Flacco will do the rest.

14. (14) 4-3-0 The Raiders were just what the doctor ordered for Mark Sanchez and the  Jets. Despite the loss of Leon Washington, the Jets run game stepped up and rushed the ball for more than 300 yards. Shonn Greene filled in nicely for Washington. The Jets need to rely on their run game and have Sanchez manage games instead of being the main playmaker.

15. (16) 4-2-0 You can’t take much from a win over the Redskins. Washington beat itself more than the Eagles dominated. Philadelphia now will square off against the Giants and Cowboys in back-to-back weeks. These two divisional games will say a lot about what kind of team the Eagles are.

16. (17) 3-3-0 The Super Chargers dismantled a bad Chiefs team. They still haven’t demonstrated that they can make plays on the defensive side of the ball. The Chargers will have a tough time winning a wild card spot with the Ravens, Jets and Bengals all looking like stronger teams ‘€” at least at this point of the season.

17. (19) 3-3-0 After back-to-back wins, the Texans are starting to look like a team that can have a winning record. Matt Schaub and the Texans offense continues to play well. Schuab now leads the league in passing yards and touchdown passes.

18. (18) 2-4-0 The Dolphins have a 2-0 record in the AFC East, with the easy part of their schedule ahead of them. However, don’t count on this Chad to be able to lead the Dolphins to the a playoff spot. Chad Henne is no Chad Pennington and showed his lack of experience in the second half against the Saints when the Dolphins needed him most.

19. (12) 3-3-0 Despite his good performance, it’s tough to believe Alex Smith is the solution at the quarterback position for the 49ers. Smith has the potential but has been unable to prove he can win games. It doesn’t get easier for the 49ers next week, when they’ll be at Indianapolis.

20. (11) 3-3-0 Jay Cutler threw three more interceptions on Sunday and now has 10 interceptions on the year. The Bears running game hasn’t helped Cutler much this year and that continued against the Bengals. Matt Forte is averaging just over 50 yards per game. On defense, the Bears can’t stop the run or the pass. They were unprepared for the Bengals and it showed.

21. (23) 3-4-0 The Bills were able to win their third game of the season but struggled again offensively. Their inability to gain yards and score points on the offensive side of the ball will prevent them from finishing anywhere but third or fourth in the AFC East.

22. (22) 3-3-0 The Jaguars should be able to take advantage of the Titans’ miserable secondary this Sunday. Last year when the Jaguars came out of their bye week at 3-3 they proceeded to lose eight of the following 10 games to finish the season at 5-11.

23. (24) 2-4-0 Hopefully for Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahwaks, offensive lineman Walter Jones will be able to play on Sunday. The Seahawks have a lot of injuries and are coming off a bye week. Head coach Jim Mora Jr. said the status was still unknown for Jones and other key players.

24. (21) 2-4-0 It’s time to try something new in Carolina and that starts with replacing Jake Delhomme. He has thrown four touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Delhomme turns the ball over at an alarming rate and the Panthers don’t have a chance to win with a quarterback who is constantly giving the ball away. Delhomme should be benched for Carolina’s Week 8 game against Arizona.

25. (25) 2-5-0 Did anyone think the Raiders were going to build off their big upset win against the Eagles and show up the next week to play the Jets? JaMarcus Russell does not know how to protect the football and will never be a successful quarterback in this league until he figures out how to avoid turning it over.

26. (26) 2-4-0 Albert Haynesworth calling out his teammates following the loss to the Eagles on Monday night won’t be able to solve any of the Redskins’ problems.

27. (27) 1-5-0 The Lions have a great chance to double their win total when they play the winless Rams this Sunday. This is the Lions’ must-win game of the season.

28. (28) 1-6-0 The first thing the Chiefs need to do to begin fixing their problems is get rid of running back Larry Johnson. Any player who is as disrespectful and immature as Johnson doesn’t deserve to play in the NFL. Johnson is 75 yards away from breaking the Chiefs’ all-time rushing record, currently held by Priest Holmes. With Johnson averaging just 2.7 yards per carry, the Chiefs could hang on to the disgruntled running back for another five weeks before he breaks the record, but I wouldn’t count on that. You can be certain Scott Pioli will find a way to rid the team of this cancer sooner rather than later.

29. (29) 0-6-0 Let’s see if Jeff Fisher wearing a Peyton Manning jersey can muster up some luck for the Titans.

30. (30) 1-5-0 Last in total defense and 31st in total offense. This team does nothing well, besides lose.

31. (31) 0-7-0 Tampa Bay has nothing left to lose. It’s time to put in first-round draft pick Josh Freeman and give him some NFL experience at quarterback.

32. (32) 0-6-0 The Rams’ best chance to avoid going 0-16 will come this Sunday when they play the Lions.

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WEEI NFL Power Rankings — Week 7 10.20.09 at 6:43 am ET
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And then there were four. The four undefeated teams in the NFL round out the top four spots in this week’s WEEI NFL Power Rankings. The Saints remain at No. 1 as they defended their top spot against the New York Football Giants.

The biggest drop in the rankings should come as no surprise. The Eagles drop out of the top 10 and fall all the way to No.16 after losing to the Raiders. Consequently, Oakland spent very little time at dead last and jumped seven spots to No.25. Unfortunately for Steve Spagnuolo and the Rams, they return to a very familiar spot, No.32. I guess some teams just don’t like change.

Tom Brady’s six-touchdown performance and the Patriots’ 59-0 butt-whooping has New England riding up to No. 6. Thirty-two first downs, more than 600 yards of offense, and holding a team to minus-seven passing yards always makes a case for rising in the power rankings.

1. (Last week, 1) 5-0-0 The Saints dominated the Giants. This is the most obvious choice for the top slot since the beginning of the season.

2. (2) 5-0-0 Chalk up another win for the Colts this coming Sunday. They get to play the worst team in the league, the Rams. If that wasn’t enough, they also expect to get safety Bob Sanders, cornerback Kelvin Hayden and tackle Charlie Johnson back from injuries. With Peyton Manning not having to worry about who is protecting his blind side, the Colts will continue to march through their schedule. The Colts will only get better and continue to strengthen their weak links.

3. (4) 6-0-0 Another close game ends with a Vikings victory. Was there any doubt that Brett Favre was going to put his team in a position to score points after the Ravens took a lead late in the fourth quarter? The Vikings continue to play well in all three phases of the game ‘€” offense, defense, and special teams.

4. (5) 6-0-0 Before the Broncos played the Cowboys I said I wouldn’t be surprised if they went 0-5 in their next five games. Well the Broncos are 3-0 in those five games and undefeated on the season. They are indeed, “for real.”

5. (3) 5-1-0 The Giants looked shell-shocked when they played the Saints on Sunday. The easy schedule to start the season definitely didn’t help the Giants prepare for the Saints. However, Antonio Pierce said after the game that this loss can help them move forward. The Giants will figure out how to fix their problems and be one of the top teams in the NFC by the time the regular season ends in January.

6. (11) 4-2-0 The Patriots offense was oozing, ready to explode, and it finally erupted on Sunday. Although the Pats played a terrible defensive team in the Titans, the way they dominated was very impressive. They made it look like they were playing a Pop Warner team. Tom Brady and the Pats will continue to get on track and find their groove over the next couple weeks. They have the luxury of playing the Buccaneers this Sunday and then will cruise into their bye. Expect the three-time Super Bowl champs to be playing like the Patriots of old sooner rather than later.

7. (6) 4-1-0 The Falcons didn’t let the loss to the Patriots get to them, it looks like they actually learned from it. Matt Ryan was great in the red zone again, and the Falcons find themselves on a roll after beating two solid teams in back to back weeks.

8. (12) 4-2-0 Ben Roethlisberger is having himself one heck of a season and Troy Polamalu is back patrolling that secondary. Which will be the first team to give the Vikings their first loss of the season? My vote is the Steelers this Sunday at Heinz Field.

9. (7) 4-2-0 A bad loss to the Texans, and that will have the doubters coming out of the woodwork. Although, we have to remember this is really the first loss for Cincinnati after that fluke play that gave the Broncos the victory in Week 1.

10. (15) 3-2-0 Christmas comes early for the Packers this year. Playing the Lions and the Browns back to back is definitely a huge gift. Aaron Rodgers has been playing great this year and has done a nice job replacing the Lambeau Legend Brett Favre.

11. (9) 3-2-0 Turnovers and costly penalties killed the Bears’ chances of beating Atlanta. If Lovie Smith and the Bears can fix these problems, they will be a major contender for a wild card playoff spot.

12. (14) 3-2-0 The 49ers have a lot to prove after getting demolished last week against the Falcons. It will be interesting to see if they will be able to fix the defensive problems they had against Atlanta with the advantage of the bye week and use the loss as a positive.

13. (13) 3-3-0 The Ravens never gave up, and despite being down 17 points in the fourth quarter, they managed to put themselves in a great position to beat the undefeated Vikings. However, a very makeable field goal was wide left, and the Ravens’ losing streak moved to three games. Joe Flacco showed a lot of poise in the final minutes of the game, and it’s tough to believe this team won’t bounce back.

14. (10) 3-3-0 Two questions: I’m just curious if Mark San”chise” is still an accepted nickname for the rookie quarterback? And Rex Ryan, what happens to your team when it loses to an awful Buffalo team in a game that you called a “must win”?

15. (18) 3-2-0 The Cardinals, much like their opponent this past Sunday, have been very inconsistent. They’ve been awful at defending the pass this year, but on Sunday they were able to shut down Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks passing game. The Cards need to continue getting Larry Fitzgerald the ball and continue to improve on defense for a chance to make the playoffs.

16. (8) 3-2-0 Who worse to lose to then the Raiders? The Eagles take over the top spot from the Redskins for most embarrassing loss of the season. The Eagles are a good team, the Redskins are not, and Washington’s loss to the Lions isn’t as shocking in my mind as the Eagles’ loss to the Raiders. Andy Reid was certainly right after the game when he said that he was out-coached. It’s tough to justify throwing the ball more than 40 times when you have Brian Westbrook and LeSean McCoy on your team to run the ball.

17. (16) 2-3-0 The loss to Denver on Monday night puts the division almost out of reach for the Chargers. San Diego had two weeks to game plan for its division rival but was unable to get the job done at home.

18. (17) 2-3-0 The Dolphins have struggled on pass defense and have the Saints coming to town on Sunday. We can be sure they will be well-rested and well-prepared coming off the bye week, but that won’t be enough to stop Drew Brees. The Fish obviously have a great run game but won’t be able to compete against the top teams in the NFL.

19. (21) 3-3-0 The Texans certainly found a way to spoil a good time in Cincinnati. Great win for Houston. Also, guess who has the most passing touchdowns in the NFL? If you guessed Drew Brees, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady you would be wrong. If you guessed Matt Schaub, you’re right.

20. (20) 3-2-0 The Cowboys might see a light at the end of the tunnel with the Giants, Eagles and Redskins all losing in Week 6, but I certainly do not. The Cowboys’ mediocre defense will face the Falcons’ Matt Ryan, Michael Turner and Tony Gonzalez next.

21. (23) 2-3-0 Jake Delhomme leads the league in interceptions thrown. Just two interceptions thrown against the Buccaneers can be considered a good game for Delhomme.

22. (21) 3-3-0 Despite great performances from David Garrard, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Mike Sims-Walker, the Jags still needed overtime to beat the worst team in the league. The Jaguars offense won’t be able to make up for a terrible defense.

23. (27) 2-4-0 The Bills showed a lot of character Sunday against the Jets. They have had every excuse to give up this season but continue to show up and play hard. Great win for Buffalo on Sunday.

24. (19) 2-4-0  The Seahawks need a running back to complement their passing game. Julius Jones and Edgerrin James have been unable to get the job done. Without a run game, Matt Hasselbeck can only do so much. Seattle’s offense needs to put up big numbers to make up for its defense and that is certainly difficult to do without a strong run game.

25. (32) 2-4-0 JaMarcus Russell played his best game of the year and delivered the Raiders their second win of the season. Impressive showing by the defense, allowing just three field goals to a talented Eagles offense.

26. (25) 2-4-0 It’s not all Jim Zorn’s fault, but he will lose his job sooner rather than later. It doesn’t make much sense to take away offensive play-calling duties. Just fire him already and put Zorn out of his misery.

27. (26) 1-5-0 With Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford both beat up, the Lions’ chances of winning more than three games this year is slim to none.

28. (29) 1-5-0 The Chiefs wanted their first win of the season so they took it. Eight points in the fourth quarter and coming up with a big safety late in the game gave Matt Cassel his first win since he was behind center for the Patriots.

29. (24) 0-6-0 After the game, Patriots players weren’t willing to say it, but I will: The Titans gave up. Not only did they give up, they did so in the first half. Absolutely a pathetic and pitiful performance.

30. (28) 1-5-0 Out of the four teams in the AFC North, there are three pretty good teams. The Browns are the odd team out. The Browns have the worst offense in the league. I think it says a lot about what Eric Mangini thinks of Brady Quinn when he makes the decision to start Derek Anderson, who only completed two passes last week and nine passes on Sunday.

31. (30) 0-6-0 The only person who will say the Buccaneers are a good team is Bill Belichick.

32. (31) 0-6-0 Just awful. I would pay big bucks to see the University of Florida play the Rams.

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WEEI NFL Power Rankings — Week 6 10.13.09 at 6:45 am ET
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Drew Brees and the Manning brothers are sitting pretty in the top three spots for the second straight week in WEEI’s NFL power rankings. However, they shouldn’t get too comfortable in those spots because next week guarantees some sort of shakeup. The Giants will face the Saints in the Superdome on Sunday. The NFL currently has five teams that are unbeaten and those teams all round out the top five: Saints, Colts, Giants, Vikings and Broncos.

The Broncos finally earn some respect this week and jump all the way to No.5. After being doubting for four straight weeks, Josh McDaniels and his team proved that they are indeed capable of beating good teams in the NFL. Props to the Broncos and their fans.

A new team moves into the dreaded No. 32 spot in the rankings. Despite having one win in a league with four winless teams, the Raiders crumble to dead last.

The Patriots fall six spots to No.11 and into their lowest rank all year. After a poor performance in Denver, New England will look to rebound against a Titans team still looking for its first win.

1. (Last week, 1) 4-0-0 The bye week came at a perfect time for the Saints. They will be well rested when the Giants come to town to battle it out for the top spot in the NFC.

2. (2) 5-0-0 The undefeated Colts head into their bye week playing at a high level. They will use the time off to rejuvenate and get some key players in the lineup. The rich get richer when safety Bob Sanders and cornerbacks Kelvin Hayden and Marlin Jackson all return in Week 7.

3. (3) 5-0-0 Eli Manning says his heel is fine and he intends on not missing any practices this week. The Giants will need Eli at 100 percent when they face their first true test of the season Sunday against the Saints.

4. (6) 5-0-0 Not to overshadow Brett Favre, but the Vikings defense has been outstanding and doesn’t get enough credit. Minnesota’s D leads the league in sacks and recovered fumbles, and is tied for fifth in the league for most interceptions. Any quarterback that plays the Vikings has to be scared looking over at Jared Allen.

5. (13) 5-0-0 A man admits his mistakes. I admit I underestimated the Broncos. Denver showed the NFL it is for real on Sunday. The Broncos D is allowing 8.6 points a game and was able to stop Tom Brady and the Patriots offense from winning the game. Impressive.

6. (10) 3-1-0 Coming off a loss to the Patriots, the Falcons flew into San Francisco and made a statement after blowing out the 49ers. Matt Ryan and the Falcons scored six touchdowns against San Fran’s D.

7. (12) 4-1-0 Child, please! If anyone doubts the Bengals, just take a look at who they have beaten. The defending Super Bowl champion Steelers, the Packers in Green Bay, and the Ravens in Baltimore. The Bengals could be undefeated right now if it wasn’t for that fluke play against Denver. By the way, Cedric Benson has more rushing yards this year than Adrian Peterson.

8. (15) 3-1-0 Don’t forget about the Eagles. Donovan McNabb came back healthy and played great on Sunday. Philly is the lucky team that gets to play the Raiders this week.

9. (11) 3-1-0 Good time to have  a bye week for the Bears. Receivers Johnny Knox and Devin Hester both needed time to get healthy. Plus, the Bears face a very good Falcons team in Atlanta on Sunday.

10. (4) 3-2-0 The Jets defense was rolled over by Chad Henne and the Dolphins. A lot of question marks surround this Jets team now that it has lost two straight. Also, who better than Braylon Edwards to replace Plaxico Burress in the Manhattan nightlife scene.

11. (5) 3-2-0 The Patriots’ success lies in the hands of Tom Brady. Patriots fans still are waiting for Brady to get on the same page with his receivers. Brady needs a few more games to get into his groove, and he is playing the perfect opponent to help him get back to being the MVP caliber quarterback he was in ’07. The Patriots play the Titans and the Bucs next before they go into their bye week.

12. (9) 3-2-0 The Steelers finally won on the road but it was certainly a shaky win against the Lions. The offense has struggled so far with putting away games. Pittsburgh’s very talented defense was able to come up with some big sacks during crunch time and seal the victory.

13. (7) 3-2-0 Back-to-back losses for the Ravens, and it seems like the defense lost its composure a little bit in both games. The Ravens need to eliminate the penalties and should be fine.

14. (8) 3-2-0 After the 49ers’ blowout loss to the Falcons, many were at a loss for words. The defense that has been great up to this point looked like a different team on Sunday. However, the turnovers from the offense didn’t help the D, either. The 49ers will go into their bye week and then be happy to have a healthy Frank Gore back running the ball and helping that offense.

15. (14) 2-2-0 Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback who can make plays, but every quarterback relies on his offensive line. So far, Green Bay’s offensive line has looked more like a turnstile.

16. (16) 2-2-0 Philip Rivers and the Chargers will get a shot at the undefeated Broncos on Monday Night Football. Coming off a bye week, the Chargers will be well-prepared and certainly capable of beating the Broncos.

17. (21) 2-3-0 Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are the best running back duo in the game. The Dolphins offense was able to move the ball very easily against a Jets defense that has been praised as one of the best in the league. Chad Henne deserves a lot of credit. He made some huge throws down the stretch and proved he is more than capable of filling Chad Pennington’s shoes.

18. (18) 3-2-0 The Cardinals have the personnel to have a strong ground game but still have been unable to establish the run. Giving up a 21-point lead to the Texans is inexcusable. They need Tim Hightower and first-round draft pick Beanie Wells to gain good yardage to help put teams away. The Cards defense stepped up and turned an interception into points toward the end of the fourth quarter.

19. (22) 2-3-0 Nobody can question the toughness and talent of Matt Hasselbeck. The Seahawks offense can be explosive with receivers such as T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Nate Burleson.

20. (20) 3-2-0 The biggest sign of a mediocre team is that team needing overtime to beat the Chiefs. Tony Romo needs to stay away from making critical mistakes and it’s tough to believe Romo can do such a thing.

21. (19) 2-3-0 Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson can’t do it all for the Texans. It doesn’t get easier for Houston next week when it travels to Cincinnati to face a hot Bengals team.

22. (17) 2-3-0 Jack Del Rio’s days in Jacksonville could be numbered. The Jaguars have been playing very poorly defensively, and after a couple great performances on offense, the Jags were shutout this past Sunday.

23. (25) 1-3-0 If Jake Delhomme doesn’t turn the ball over, the Panthers usually will be in a position to win the game. Just one pick thrown on Sunday and the Panthers finally got their first win of the season.

24. (23) 0-5-0 The Titans’ weak secondary will have a tough time with Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Wes Welker.

25. (27) 2-3-0 When will Jim Zorn be fired? The Redskins had trouble running the ball against one of the worst run defenses in the league.

26. (26) 1-4-0 The Lions continue to show improvements and gave the defending champs some trouble toward the end of the game. The Lions are a bad team but are on the way up.

27. (24) 1-4-0 The news didn’t get better for the Bills following the loss to Cleveland. Buffalo has lost linebackers Kawika Mitchell and Marcus Buggs for the season. T.O. had his best game of the year with just four catches for 44 yards.

28. (29) 1-4-0 The Browns are 31st in the league with a minus -7 in the giveaways/takeaways category. It’s pretty sad when the player that performed the best on your team on Sunday was the punter, Dave Zastudil.

29. (28) 0-5-0 The Chiefs defense gives up more than 25 points and 400-plus yards per game. However, it was great seeing a Matt Cassel to Mike Vrabel touchdown. What were the Chiefs thinking, playing Dallas with the state of Texas logo on their helmets?

30. (30) 0-5-0 The Bucs now have lost nine straight games dating back to last December and have the worst defense in the league. TB allows close to 400 yards a game.

31. (32) 0-5-0 Two turnovers in the red zone killed the Rams. St. Louis gives up nearly 30 points a game on average.

32. (31) 1-4-0 Waiting for Al Davis to make another brilliant move and announce Tom Cable’s five-year extension. Is it possible to coach an NFL team from jail?

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WEEI NFL Power Rankings — Week 5 10.06.09 at 1:48 am ET
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The Saints come marching in to the No.1 spot in this week’s WEEI NFL Power Rankings. After a strong performance against the Jets, New Orleans and Drew Brees find themselves on top of the football world. The Saints are joined by the Colts, Giants, Jets and Patriots in the Top 5. The Ravens drop from the top 5 to No. 7 after losing to New England on Sunday.

The Broncos improved to 4-0 and jump to the No. 13 spot. This Sunday will show us what the Broncos are made of, as they will likely face their toughest test yet in New England. The Patriots will play their fourth straight game against an undefeated team ‘€” New England is the first team to start a season against five unbeaten teams since the 1986 Philadelphia Eagles. For more on this, click here.

Lastly, congratulations to Brett Favre on becoming the first quarterback in the NFL to defeat all 32 teams. That is quite a feat. Favre, Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen and the rest of the Vikings are at No.6.

1. (Last week, 4) 4-0-0 Who would have thought the Saints defense would be the difference-maker four weeks into the season? New Orleans continues to cause turnovers and then capitalize on them. The Saints have 10 interceptions and are tied for first in the NFL with plus-7 in the takeaway/giveaway department.

2. (3) 4-0-0 Peyton Manning and the Colts offense are at the top of almost every offensive statistic possible. They rank first in passing yards, passing touchdowns and receiving yards. The Colts are firing on all cylinders.

3. (1) 4-0-0 The Giants have only their weak schedule to blame for falling a couple spots in the rankings. The undefeated G-Men are one of the best teams in the NFL and will be competing for the top spot all year. Many are looking forward to Week 6, when the Saints and Giants square off in New Orleans. Eli Manning has upped his game another notch this year after many thought he would suffer with the loss of Plaxico Burress. The Giants rank first in the NFL in total defense.

4. (5) 3-1-0 Mark Sanchez and the Jets came back to earth on Sunday in New Orleans, where Sanchez finally looked like a rookie. However, the New York defense is still one of the best in the league, allowing an average of 14.2 points per game. The Jets will take advantage of their easy schedule over the next five weeks ‘€” they play Miami, Buffalo, Oakland, Miami and Jacksonville leading up to their rematch against the Patriots in Foxboro.

5. (6) 3-1-0 New England’s defense has shut down top offenses in back-to-back weeks without its best defensive player (Jerod Mayo). This defense only can get better. Brandon Meriweather is flying around the field making plays, and the Pats have received valuable contributions from unexpected players such as Brandon McGowan and Gary Guyton.

6. (7) 4-0-0 Jared Allen showed the country that Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson aren’t the only two players on the Vikings. Favre said it best when he called Jared Allen a “beast.” Number 4 is playing great after four weeks, and he says his arm feels good.

7. (2) 3-1-0 I have a feeling the Ravens will get a chance to see the Patriots again this season. Baltimore has great talent on both sides of the football.

8. (14) 3-1-0 Patrick Willis is leading this 49ers defense, one of the best in the league. San Francisco is allowing 13.2 points per game, ranking second in the NFL. Plus, if the rumors are true about Michael Crabtree, the 49ers could be adding a major piece to their offense.

9. (9) 2-2-0 The Steelers running game is led by Rashard Mendenhall, who finally showed up on Sunday. Ben Roethlisberger threw for more than 300 yards for the second time this year and seems to be finding a great rhythm with tight end Heath Miller. When Troy Polamalu returns, this Pittsburgh team will be one of the best in the league.

10. (12) 2-1-0 Matt Ryan and the Falcons will have had two weeks to prepare for the 49ers come Sunday. They will be fresh and ready to show the NFL if they are for real or not.

11. (11) 3-1-0 Chicago goes into its bye week with a three-game winning streak. Jay Cutler and the offense have started off great. However, the defense has allowed the 17th-most yards in the NFL. That is an area the Bears will need to improve on if they want continued success this season.

12. (10) 3-1-0 The Bengals drop down a few spots after almost losing to one of the most pathetic teams in football, but you have to love watching this team. The Bengals are playing with confidence and tenacity, and it’s fun to watch. Cedric Benson said it best after the game: “We had nothing to lose. … It’s either a tie or a loss, and a tie is pretty much a loss anyway.” I couldn’t agree more! Who wants to see a tie after five quarters of football?

13. (17) 4-0-0 It’s tough to ignore the 4-0 record and the outstanding defensive play by the Broncos. It wouldn’t be fair of me not to mention that the Broncos are allowing just 6.5 points a game, or the fact that they are second in the league in sacks with 15. With all that said, I’m still not sold. The lack of talent on the opposing teams they have faced is alarming. Let’s see what they can do against the Pats.

14. (13) 2-2-0 The Packers‘ inability to protect Aaron Rodgers certainly was exposed on Monday night. Rodgers was constantly forced out of the pocket and sacked eight times.

15. (15) 2-1-0 After a week of rest for the Eagles, Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook both returned to practice on Monday. The bye week came at a much-needed time for this team.

16. (8) 2-2-0 The Chargers have underperformed through the first four games. Shawne Merriman hasn’t been that unstoppable force that made him so great before he got injured.

17. (22) 2-2-0 The Jaguars are on the way up after beating the Titans by 20 points. Jacksonville proved its offense can pass the ball just as well as run the ball. David Garrard threw for 323 yards and three TDs. He’s only thrown one interception this year.

18. (19) 1-2-0 The Cardinals are off to a slow start. Let’s see if they can use this bye week to their advantage and get Kurt Warner and the offense going again.

19. (23) 2-2-0 Currently, the best football team in Texas is in Houston. However, that’s not saying much.

20. (16) 2-2-0 Tony Romo is the mayor of Struggle City, USA. Once again, the Cowboys quarterback fails to get the job done when he is needed most. I don’t understand the strategy of constantly throwing the ball toward the best cornerback in the NFL.

21. (24) 1-3-0 The Dolphins shocked everybody on Sunday when they routed the Bills without Chad Pennington. Miami faces another tough test Monday night against the Jets.

22. (20) 1-3-0 Seattle’s defense was no match for Peyton Manning and the Colts. The Seahawks have been nagged by injuries to key players such as Matt Hasselbeck, offensive lineman Walter Jones and defensive end Patrick Kerney.

23. (18) 0-4-0 Starting Vince Young at quarterback won’t fix any problems, because Kerry Collins isn’t the reason this team is struggling right now. Tennessee has one of the worst pass defenses in the league and ranks 27th in points allowed.

24. (21) 1-3-0 The Bills haven’t been able to get anything done offensively. It’s time to simplify the offense and find a way to move on from the no-huddle strategy.

25. (25) The Panthers likely used their bye week trying to solve their turnover problems. Carolina is  last in the league in the giveaways/takeaways category with a minus-8.

26. (26) 1-3-0 I don’t think anyone really expected the Lions to beat the Bears. Matthew Stafford injured his knee in the loss to Chicago, but according to reports only is suffering from some swelling.

27. (27) 2-2-0 After an embarrassing loss to the Lions last week, I expected the Redskins to come out of the gate strong against a bad Tampa team. I think it’s time for the end of the Jason Campbell era if the Redskins want to win games.

28. (30) 0-4-0 The Chiefs’ third-down woes continued against the Giants on Sunday. Kansas City converted just 2-of-15 attempts on third down following an 0-for-11 performance against the Eagles the previous week.

29. (31) 0-4-0 After a devastating loss, Browns receiver Braylon Edwards allegedly punched a friend of LeBron James in the face at a club later that night. This is after Edwards didn’t make a single catch in the game against the Bengals. The Browns have serious problems.

30. (29) 0-4-0 The Bucs are at or near the bottom of every important team statistic in football ‘€” they’re 27th in total offense, 31st in total defense, 26th in points allowed and 28th in points scored.

31. (28) 1-3-0 “Bad Boys, Bad Boys, watcha gonna do?” … when they arrest your head coach?

32. (32) 0-4-0 The Rams turn the ball over more than they take it away. In addition, they allow an average of 27 points a week and they rank 30th in total offense.

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WEEI NFL Power Rankings – Week 4 09.29.09 at 7:27 am ET
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Entering Week 4, the Giants remain the kings of WEEI’s Power Rankings. The Giants steamrolled Tampa Bay and did not allow a single point.

The Baltimore Ravens jump ahead one spot and sit at No. 2 as Ray Lewis and the Ravens improved to 3-0 this season. The Colts, Saints and Jets fill out the top 5 as they all turned in impressive wins.

The biggest jump in the rankings probably comes as no surprise. The Cincinnatti Bengals rose up to No. 10 as they made Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers “Kiss the Baby.” The 1-2 Steelers still remain in the top 10 at No. 9.

Tom Brady and the Patriots hurdled four spots and sit at No. 6 after defeating the Atlanta Falcons without many key players, including Jerod Mayo, Wes Welker and Vince Wilfork.

Expect a lot of movement after next week’s games as there are many key matchups to watch. The Jets head to New Orleans, the Ravens play the Patriots, the Vikings take on the Packers, and the Falcons play the 49ers.

1. (Last week, 1) The one thing lacking from the Giants until Week 3 was their run game. That run game arrived and made a statement at Tampa Bay as Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs totaled 226 yards. As always the Giants D played great. They pitched a shutout and remain the top team in the NFL.

2. (3) Joe Flacco is maturing into a pretty solid quarterback. Flacco turned in another great game on Sunday with 342 passing yards and a touchdown. The Ravens defense continues to force turnovers. We’ll learn a lot about this team when they travel to New England on Sunday.

3. (5) The Colts have proven a lot over the past two weeks. They’ve played in two primetime games on the road and have come out victorious in both. Not to mention they went from Miami to Arizona and prepared on a short week. Peyton Manning and the Colts are a tough team to beat.

4. (6) The 3-0 Saints show no signs of slowing down. On Sunday the Saints did two things that showed they were for real. No. 1, they established a run game. No. 2, the Saints D proved it isn’t as bad as everyone thinks. Terrell Owens wasn’t able to record one reception. Looking forward to seeing what the Saints are made of over the next two weeks. The 3-0 Saints will face both teams from the “City that Never Sleeps” at home over the next two weeks.

5. (9) The Jets stepped up in the fourth quarter and that is a sign of a good football team. The first-place team in the AFC East forced an interception and did not allow a point in the final 15 minutes. Rookie QB Mark Sanchez continued to roll and put his team in a position to win.

6. (10) The Patriots came out with an excellent game plan to beat a very solid team. However, there are many concerns around this football team. Injuries are one problem (Vince Wilfork, Jerod Mayo, Laurence Maroney, Randy Moss and Wes Welker). The next major problem is the red-zone offense. The Patriots have scored one touchdown in their last eight tries in the red zone. One stat that has been overlooked following the win against the Falcons is the fact the Patriots only committed two penalties for a total of 10 yards after being penalized 11 times for 89 yards against the Jets. The Patriots will continue to get better as the season rolls on.

7. (7) After Brett Favre pulled off yet another miracle comeback, it’s tough not to like this Vikings team. Unbelievable pass by Favre and an even better catch by Greg Lewis. The Vikings beat a good 49ers team and proved they don’t need Adrian Peterson to rush for over 100 yards every time to win a game.

8. (8) The Chargers are running into similar red zone problems as the Patriots. Phillip Rivers has turned into one of the best quarterbacks in the league and will fix those offensive struggles in the red zone.

9. (2) The defending champs are struggling a bit at 1-2. They had plenty of chances to put the Bengals away but couldn’t get the job done. Kicker Jeff Reed missed another field goal this week and this could be turning into a major problem. The Steelers are too talented of a team to continue to make the mistakes they have over the past couple weeks. Big test for them Sunday against San Diego.

10. (22) I was pretty lonely on the Bengals bandwagon a couple weeks ago. Now, after Week 3, the Bengals chant of, “Who dey, who dey? Who dey think gonna beat them Bengals?” can be heard for miles. Although I believe overall the Steelers are a better team, the Bengals have made two huge statements over the past two weeks by beating Green Bay at Lambeau and now the defending Super Bowl champs. By far, the NFL’s best story this season after three weeks.

11. (11) Two straight weeks of solid football for Jay Cutler and the Bears. Many have forgotten about the QB’s miserable performance against the Packers in Week 1. Cutler showed what he can do on the road on the final drive of the game as the Bears came back and took the lead.

12. (4) The Falcons were just outcoached and outplayed against New England on Sunday. They weren’t able to establish a run game, their defensive line was pushed around, and Matt Ryan was only able to get Tony Gonzalez the ball once. The Falcons will look to rebound next week at San Francisco. Their offense is filled with too many playmakers to suffer another week like they did in New England.

13. (15) Aaron Rodgers was able to make a lot of big plays against St. Louis as he found his receivers for some huge gains. The Packers’ true ability and strength continues to be a mystery throughout this early season. They won a sloppy game against Chicago in Week 1 but lost to the Bengals at home in Week 2.  The win against the Rams didn’t really show us anything. I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat next week when the Packers and Brett Favre’s Vikings go at it.

14. (16) The loss of Frank Gore will hurt the 49ers and will force quarterback Shaun Hill to throw the ball more. From what we’ve seen of the young QB so far he is ready for the challenge. He’s thrown just one interception all year. The 49ers suffered a heartbreaking loss to Minnesota and this team’s talent and character will be tested following that loss and without their star halfback.

15. (14) The Eagles are 2-1 heading into a much-needed bye week. They will rest up, get healthy and be a tough team to beat when McNabb and Westbrook are back.

16. (13) Tony Romo did not turn the ball over on Monday night and the Cowboys running game rose to the occasion with the absence of Marion Barber. Dallas still needs to improve on defense.

17. (23) The Broncos‘ record does not reflect the type of team they really are. They have been blessed with a pretty easy schedule to start the season. It doesn’t get much worse than the Browns and Raiders. What’s next for the Broncos, you ask? Cowboys, Patriots, Chargers, Ravens, Steelers. I’d be surprised if the Broncos came away with one win.

18. (12) Being held scoreless into the fourth quarter with an interception and a sack on two drives down the stretch makes it tough to win a game. Plus Kerry Collins didn’t receive much help from his receivers — there were a lot of dropped balls. The Titans have run into some pretty solid teams and must be looking forward to the Jaguars this Sunday.

19. (17) The Cardinals’ defense had no answers for Peyton Manning and the Colts offense. Plus the Cards turned the ball over twice when they were driving in Indianapolis territory. The Cardinals have been under-performing and disappointing so far this season.

20. (20) Jim Mora Jr. made it quite clear after the loss to Chicago on Sunday that the Seahawks will be looking for a kicker to replace Olindo Mare. If Mare didn’t miss two key field goals they could be a lot higher in the rankings.

21. (18) Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Just counting down the days until Terrell Owens goes ballistic. Trent Edwards needs to find a way to get T.O. and Lee Evans the ball.

22. (27) The Jaguars need more than just Maurice Jones-Drew to be successful in this league.

23. (21) The Texans defense that many said would be highly improved this year ranks at 29th in total defense and 28th in points allowed in the NFL.

24. (19) Unfortunately for Chad Pennington, he suffered another major injury on Sunday and will miss the rest of the season. Chad Henne is no Matt Cassell. I don’t have much confidence in Henne, especially against teams like the Patriots and the Jets. The Dolphins season is “done like dinner” and they’ve only played three games.

25. (24) The Panthers continue to run into the same problems. Jake Delhomme threw an interception to Terrence Newman, who ran the ball into the end zone to seal the game for the Cowboys. Although the pick probably wasn’t Delhomme’s fault this time, the Panthers always seem to find a way to turn the ball over in the fourth quarter.

26. (30) The Lions jump higher once again after finally getting “King Kong off our back,” in the words of Lions owner William Clay Ford.

27. (25) The Redskins can’t seem to match results with the talent they have on their team. It doesn’t get much worse than a loss to a team that hasn’t won a game since December 2007 following a near loss against the worst team in the NFL, the Rams. Time to hit the panic button.

28. (26) You’ve got to feel bad for a guy like Richard Seymour who goes from playing with Tom Brady to JaMarcus Russell. When Russell figures out he’s not supposed to throw the ball to the other team maybe the Raiders will be able to pull off a W.

29. (28) The Bucs allow an average of over 30 points a game. Maybe if they had the offense of the Saints, Falcons or Patriots they would be able to win a game.

30. (31) The Chiefs were 0-11 on third down and committed 10 penalties in their loss to the Eagles. Scott Pioli has his work cut out for him.

31. (29) Things can’t get much worse for Eric Mangini and the Browns. The Browns have the worst offense in the NFL but that’s not even the worst part. When the players file a grievance against their own coach, a team has hit rock bottom.

32. (32) The Rams rank 28th in total offense and 26th in total defense. Marc Bulger suffered a bruised rotator cuff. How bad can it get for St. Louis?

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WEEI NFL Power Rankings — Week 3 09.22.09 at 12:11 am ET
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The Giants, Falcons and Saints are among a few teams that are “Moving on Up” in WEEI’s Week 3 Power Rankings. Week 2 is in the books, and we saw a lot of surprises. Two of the top three teams (the Patriots and Steelers) tasted defeat on Sunday. The Bengals “Lambeau Leaped” up in the rankings after their big upset win in Green Bay. The Titans dropped to No. 12 after falling to 0-2.

‘€¢ This week can be characterized as the week of the bounce-back ‘€” the Bills, Cardinals, Texans and Raiders all rebounded from tough losses in Week 1.

‘€¢ At the bottom of the barrel you’ll still find the same teams. The Rams remain the worst team in football. The  Lions are averaging a one-spot jump per week as they’ve gone from No. 32 to No. 31 and now No. 30.

‘€¢ And lastly ‘€” sorry, Kristine Leahy ‘€” the Patriots have fallen to No. 10 after their loss in the Meadowlands.

1. (Last week, 2) Big win for the G-Men against a tough divisional opponent on the road. Many thought this offense would struggle without Plaxico Burress, but that certainly hasn’t been the case after watching Eli Manning and his young wide receivers go to work.

2. (1) Despite the loss to the Bears, Pittsburgh remains the best team in the AFC. The Steelers could very easily have left Chicago with the “W” if the usually reliable Jeff Reed didn’t miss two field goals down the stretch.

3. (8) Big win for the Ravens against one of the top teams in the AFC. Joe Flacco didn’t put up the same numbers as he did last week but he certainly did enough to get the job done. This is a confidence-builder win, and Ray Lewis and the Ravens are riding high.

4. (7) Atlanta is firing on all cylinders. Matt Ryan looks like a seasoned veteran. (I think it’s safe to say that trading for Tony Gonzalez was probably a good idea.) Ryan and Gonzalez have hooked up 12 times this year for 144 yards. On the defensive side of the ball, linebacker Mike Peterson has been a force, making tackles and forcing fumbles.

5. (5)  It’s simply amazing that Indianapolis was able to win on Monday night after just 14:53 in time of possession. Peyton Manning and the Colts needed just 12 seconds in their opening drive to score a touchdown. The Colts get the job done on offense when they need to.

6. (14) The Saints offense is scary good. This offensive unit is the best in football, and Drew Brees is in line to break Tom Brady’s TD record. The offense isn’t the only unit doing its job. The defense forced three turnovers and returned an interception for a TD, and special teams caused a fumble. However, the defense is still the biggest question mark on this team as the Saints have yet to face a real test ‘€” Philadephia without McNabb behind center does not count as a difficult test.

7. (11) The 2-0 Vikings look good in the early going. Brett Favre isn’t hurting his team with turnovers, and is doing enough to help his team win. Adrian Peterson continues to be the biggest offensive threat in the game.

8. (6) The Chargers were forced to settle for field goals in the red zone three times. Philip Rivers was able to throw for more than 400 yards against the Ravens defense, but the Chargers weren’t able to execute when they needed it most.

9. (13) Rex Ryan has brought one hell of a defense to New York. The Jets made a statement on Sunday by not allowing Tom Brady and the Pats to score a single touchdown. Darrelle Revis has faced Andre Johnson and Randy Moss so far this season and completely shut down both of them. Mark Sanchez is a rookie starter, and has thrown just one interception.

10. (3) Brady doesn’t look comfortable in the pocket, and teams are going after No. 12 hard. It’s inevitable that future opponents will copy the Jets’ strategy and continue to pressure Brady and the offensive line. Let’s see how the the Pats respond Sunday when they face another tough test in the Falcons. Look for the Patriots to run the ball more and take advantage of their solid running backs, as I think Belichick realizes Brady has thrown the ball far too much over the past two games. The Patriots sit at No. 10 at this point, but by midseason Brady should be back in his groove and the defense will improve.

11. (18) Great win for the Bears after losing to their division rival at Green Bay last week. Jay Cutler came back this week and proved he was a lot better than his performance last week.

12. (4.) The Titans suffered a bad loss to the Texans after a solid performance against the Steelers in Week 1. Tennessee has fallen to 0-2. Matt Schaub and the Texans receivers tore up the Titans D.

13. (9)   The Cowboys played the Giants tough, but Tony Romo wasn’t at the top of his game. Romo was very inaccurate, but he should be able to bounce back next week against Carolina.

14. (15) Kevin Kolb will more than likely make the start for the Eagles next week against Kansas City. In his first pro start, Kolb made some good throws but also made some bad decisions and turned the ball over three times.

15. (12)  After a great win against the Bears last week, the Packers suffered a tough loss to the Bengals at home. Green Bay has to protect Aaron Rodgers better or it will be a long season. Rodgers was sacked six times on Sunday. Tackle Chad Clifton left the game in the third quarter with a sprained ankle, and it’s possible he could miss next week’s game against the Rams.

16. (16) It’s a shame that the 49ers‘ great play over the last two weeks has been overshadowed by Michael Crabtree talk.

17. (17) The Cardinals bounced back well this week, and that offense finally showed what it is capable of. It will be interesting to see how Arizona plays against a tough team in the Colts next week. This will be a good test to see what this Cardinals team is made of.

18. (20) The Bills showed some character on Sunday as they bounced back and beat the Bucs. Fred Jackson turned in a very impressive performance and the Buffalo running game will only get better when Marshawn Lynch gets back from suspension. This offense is very talented.

19. (22) The Dolphins fought hard and came away from the game Monday night with some positives. Chad Pennington and the Miami offense put together some great drives and took control of the game. If it wasn’t for Ted Ginn Jr. letting a couple of balls go off his fingertips in the end zone, the Dolphins might be celebrating a win.

20. (10) Matt Hasselbeck has a fractured rib and his status is unknown for next week. Assuming he doesn’t play, the Seahawks have to rely on Julius Jones and their running game to shoulder the load while Seneca Wallace fills in for Hasselbeck.

21. (25) The Texans looked like a completely different team on Sunday, as their offense was in complete control and manhandled the Titans D.

22. (26) If there were 15 more seconds on the clock, the Bengals probably would have blown another win. Cincinnati should be riding high after upsetting the Packers in Green Bay and after great performances from Cedric Benson and Antwan Odom.

23. (24) Not many people thought the Broncos would start the season 2-0, but look at who they have defeated.

24. (19) Even though Jake Delhomme played a lot better this week he still ran into the same “ole” problems when he threw an interception in the red zone during the fourth quarter. The ’08 NFC South champs are 0-2 and it doesn’t get easier next week when they travel to Dallas to take on a hungry Cowboys team.

25. (21) The Redskins couldn’t score one touchdown against the Rams ‘€” enough said.

26. (27) It’s difficult to believe the Raiders beat the Chiefs on Sunday after a very poor performance from JaMarcus Russell.

27. (23) The Jaguars are almost as pathetic as their fans … or lack thereof. Time to move the team to Los Angeles.

28. (28) The Bucs are in for a long season. Thirteen penalties for more than 100 yards isn’t the formula for success.

29. (29) Watching Eric Mangini and the Browns struggle puts a smile on the faces of Patriots fans.

30. (31) The Detroit Lions are showing signs of improvement after jumping out to a 10-0 lead against the Vikings.

31. (30) The Chiefs continued to burn themselves with mistake after mistake ‘€” nine penalties for 70 yards and one huge personal foul penalty during the Raiders’ winning drive Sunday.

32. (32) The Rams continued to struggle on Sunday. The team has scored 7 points in the last two weeks. Steven Jackson’s performance was the one bright spot on Sunday for St. Louis.

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WEEI NFL Power Rankings: Week 2 09.15.09 at 7:21 pm ET
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To quote Glenn Ordway, “You learn nothing after the first week of the NFL season.” But we’re going to analyze and rank the teams anyway. Among the teams that moved up this week are the Seahawks (17 to 10) and the Jets (18 to 13). The Bears (18) and the Panthers (19) are two teams that dropped dramatically in the rankings.

1. (Last week, 1) The Steelers don’t need a run game when they’ve got a guy like Ben Roethlisberger under center. Their defense was of championship caliber, and they beat a tough Titans team. The only question mark going into next week’s game at Chicago and beyond is how will the secondary respond without Troy Polamalu. Tyrone Carter and Ryan Clark seem ready to step up.

2. (4) One of the big question marks going into this game was how would Eli Manning perform without Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer. Manning spread the ball around to Steve Smith, Mario Manningham and Kevin Boss, and it was clear those players were capable of filling Plaxico’s shoes. Osi Umenyiora is back with a vengeance, and that Giants defense is scary with Justin Tuck and Osi on the ends.

3. (2) On Monday night, Patriots fans left Gillette Stadium happy — but shocked. The Patriots looked very shaky against a mediocre team. The Bills did a great job of getting pressure on Tom Brady, and I think everyone agrees Tom Brady didn’t play to the level we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. But all that being the case, check out these numbers: 378 passing yards, 39 completions and 2 TD’s. It will be scary when Brady is back at the top of his game. Any other team would have lost that game, but the Patriots are the exception. They get the key turnovers and produce under pressure.

4. (7.) The Titans played their hearts out in Pittsburgh on opening night, and proved that last year’s team was no fluke. Playing on the road against the Super Bowl champs is no easy task, and the Titans almost pulled it off. Former Steeler and current Titan Nate Washington said after the game, “‘The Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t beat the Tennessee Titans, the Tennessee Titans beat the Tennessee Titans.” The Titans have something to prove, and will start with the Texans on Sunday.

5. (3) This time it was the Colts defense that stepped up. Stopping Maurice Jones-Drew multiple times in the red zone is no easy task. Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne hasn’t lost a beat. We’ll see how Peyton responds to the absence of Anthony Gonzalez on the field next week.

6. (5) LaDainian Tomlinson? On the sidelines with the game in the balance? Shocker! Once again, LT watched his team from the bench. The self proclaimed “best back” in the NFL isn’t even the best back on his team. Philip Rivers showed why he is one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league with his Bradyesque comeback.

7. (8) As Jon Meterparel would say, “Take a bow Matty Heisman. Take a bow.” Matt Ryan continues to improve, and with Tony Gonzalez, the Falcons are a scary team. The defense that was under such scrutiny going into the season almost had a shutout to open the season.

8. (10) It’s starting to look like the Ravens offense is ready to step up and compliment that defense. Joe Flacco passed for over 300 yards and 3 TD’s. They’ll be a dangerous team if the offense can continue to put up numbers like they did against the Chiefs.

9. (13) How bout dem Cowboys? Tony Romo and the Cowboys don’t need Terrell Owens. Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton, Jason Witten, Marion Barber and Felix Jones help make Dallas one of the best offenses in the league. And, who didn’t love Williams’ snarky rip of Terrell Owens after the game.

10. (17) The Seahawks played well in their shutout win against the worst team in the league. But even though they played the Rams, Seattle can take a lot of positives out of this win. Julius Jones ran for over 100 yards, Matt Hasselbeck spread the ball around, and the defense shut out St. Louis, which is difficult to do against any NFL team.

11. (15) If Brett Favre keeps on handing the ball off to Adrian Peterson the Vikings will be a tough team to beat. That is, of course, if Brett stops tackling his own wide receivers.

12. (16) I don’t know what to think of the Packers game against the Bears. Jay Cutler looked awful, and some of the calls Lovie Smith made caused fans to scratch their heads. Positives: The defense looked solid in the 3-4 and Aaron Rodgers proved he can come from behind and win a game.

13. (18) The AFC East doesn’t look like so much of a lock as it did before the season started for New England — the Patriots have some challengers. Mark Sanchez played great and the Jets blitz packages kept the Texans offense on its toes. I might have considered ranking them higher if I didn’t have to see Rex Ryan in a wet shirt. I don’t care if it was Ryan’s first win as a head coach — the “Gatorade Shower” is a tradition that should be practiced only at the end of championship games.

14. (14) I don’t care how many TD passes Drew Brees threw — when a team allows the Detroit Lions to put up 27 points on the scoreboard,whether on special teams-offense-or-defense, they will not move up in the power rankings. The Saints stay at No. 14 with a mediocre defense and an explosive offense.

15. (6) If it wasn’t for the injuries to Donovan Mcnabb and starting right tackle Shawn Andrews, the Eagles would have moved up in the power rankings after a great performance against the Panthers. However, you can’t expect much from Kevin Kolb. Eagles fans should pray that Mcnabb will be back on the field by Week 3.

16. (24) Shaun Hill showed a lot with that 80-yard game winning drive. The 49ers defense did a great job at not letting Kurt Warner and the Cardinals offense get into a groove.

17. (9) The defending NFC champs lost to a mediocre team on Sunday. They had a total of 12 penalties and turned the ball over twice, but this Cardinals team is talented on both sides of the football. This offense can be explosive.

18. (12) The Bears can’t be this bad, can they? Cutler made some terrible decisions, and that resulted in 4 interceptions. However, the Bears still had a chance to win that game if it wasn’t for Lovie Smith being absolutely clueless. Dumb challenges and play calls was the main reason why the Bears looked unprepared and sloppy against the Packers.

19. (11) How much longer will Jake Delhomme be taking the snaps in Carolina? The Panthers have a tough schedule, and can’t afford to turn the ball over as much as they have in recent games.

20. (22) The Bills shocked everyone but themselves on Monday night; actually I think they did shock themselves. The Bills have potential to give a lot of teams trouble this year. However, a loss like the one they suffered Monday night can really hurt them. Let’s see how they bounce back against a bad Tampa team next week.

21. (19) The Redskins made a valiant effort to comeback in beat the Giants, but at the end of the day the Giants were just a better team. It’s not that the ‘Skins are a bad team — the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys are just all better.

22. (20) Four turnovers, three of them fumbles. The Dolphins looked more like the 1-15 team in 2007 then the 11-5 team of 2008.

23. (21) The Jags’ D can come out of this game with a moral victory after holding the Colts offense to just 14 points. M.J. Drew turned in another great performance but he’s the only high point of that offense.

24. (27) A win is a win, but the Broncos can’t expect balls to just drop in their hands all season.

25. (23) The Texans looked real bad at home against the Jets on Sunday. Matt Schaub looked pathetic against the Jets D. The Texans came into that game unprepared and it showed.

26. (25) The Bengals will improve this season — I’m convinced of it. Carson and Chad will find that groove, and it begins next week against Green Bay.

27. (30) The Raiders performance was more shocking then the Bills performance on Monday night. Oakland has some young talented players, and Richard Seymour played great after just a few days in that system. But how can anyone have faith in Jamarcus Russell?

28. (26) The Bucs had some bright spots on offense with Cadillac Williams coming back and rushing for over 100 yards, but they still have a long way to go in a tough division.

29. (29) I’m interested to see what Eric Man”genious” has up his sleeve to help fix this team. Congratulations to the Browns for scoring their first offensive touchdown in 7 games.

30. (28) Matt Cassel needs to get back on the field for the Chiefs to move up. With the play of the Raiders, the Chiefs become the worst team in the worst division in football. Congratulations.

31. (32) Detroit showed some life Sunday when they put up 27 points against the Saints. A moral victory for the Lions. Matthew Stafford had some good moments and some not so good moments but there is light at the end of the tunnel for this Lions’ offense.

32. (31) Pathetic and pitiful are the first two words that come to mind when I see the St. Louis Rams logo.

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