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Ted Wells: No one at NFL initially took Colts’ complaints about underinflated footballs seriously 05.12.15 at 4:44 pm ET
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According to Ted Wells, the league did not try and run a sting at the expense of the Patriots when it came to Deflategate. Instead, he said Tuesday that the league didn’t intentionally wait until halftime to catch the Patriots allegedly tampering with game balls. Instead, Wells acknowledged that the NFL thought very little about the complaint submitted by Indy GM Ryan Grigson before the game.

“When the Colts made the complaint, no one at the league office took the complaint seriously,” Wells said in a conference call with the media Tuesday afternoon. “They flipped the complaint to the operations people so they knew about it. They told the refs. Walt Anderson thought it was just a normal complaint. You get these types of complaints all the time. Nobody paid that much attention to it.

“There was no sting operation.”

According to the Wells Report, attached to Grigson’s initial e-mail regarding the complaint was a message from Colts Equipment Manager Sean Sullivan, who said, “it is well known around the league that after the Patriots gameballs are checked by the officials and brought out for game usage the ballboys for the patriots will let out some air with a ball needle because their quarterback likes a smaller football so he can grip it better, it would be great if someone would be able to check the air in the game balls as the game goes on so that they don’t get an illegal advantage.”

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Jim Irsay not surprised Deflategate probe has taken this long 04.26.15 at 9:15 pm ET
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Colts owner Jim Irsay said he isn't shocked that the Deflategate probe has taken this long to complete. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Colts owner Jim Irsay said he isn’t shocked that the Deflategate probe has taken this long to complete. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

This week will mark the 100-day mark since Indy GM Ryan Grigson griped to the NFL about the air pressure in the footballs in the AFC title game against the Patriots, sparking Deflategate.

In the wake of the uproar, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell appointed Ted Wells as a special investigator to look into the matter, but there’s been no new updates on the situation since the Super Bowl. Goodell told reporters on Friday that Wells has not been given a timeline as to when he needs to complete his probe.

One guy who isn’t surprised that the Deflategate investigation has taken this long is Colts owner Jim Irsay. Speaking with reporters on Friday, Irsay said Wells is a “very thorough investigator” who is going to do his due diligence when it comes to getting to the bottom of what happened.

“I know that they are still finishing up their investigation, and there’s really nothing new to report,” Irsay told reporters on Friday. “It could be a few days, it could be a month or more. I really don’t know. They’re working to be, again, comprehensive and thorough, and when Wells gets done with it, he’ll let us all know.

“He’s going to do what he thinks — sort of in his vacuum, so to speak. He’s not concerned about when he gets the results, how long it takes. He wants to be thorough. So I know he operates that way. So it’s not a shock, but I think everyone has wondered exactly when he’ll come through and let us know what he’s learned.”

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Colts GM Ryan Grigson: Indianapolis notified NFL with Patriots football concerns week of AFC title game 02.19.15 at 3:00 pm ET
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Ryan Grigson

Ryan Grigson

Apparently, at least according to Colts general manager Ryan Grigson, the NFL had suspicions the Patriots were using under inflated footballs prior to the AFC championship game.

Speaking at the NFL combine Thursday, Grigson said the Colts notified the league in the days leading up to the AFC title game they had concerns with New England.

“Earlier in that week, prior to the AFC championship game, we notified the league about our concerns,” Grigson said to reporters Thursday in Indianapolis. “We went into the game, we had some issues, but we are going to do what we can, and that’s to participate with the league in the investigation and wait until the Wells report comes out. We really have no other recourse but to wait until that investigation comes about.”

Grigson was asked about the specifics of why the Colts were concerned, but he didn’t want to get into anything, once again referring to the investigation by Ted Wells and his team. He said the Colts raised their concerns to make sure there was a level playing field.

“We had concerns,” Grigson said. “Just like I think any general manager would do — wants their team to play on a level playing field and we took the proper steps to try to ensure that. It’s up to the league to make sure that that happens. Again, if rules were broken, we’ll see. If not, that’s what the investigation’s for. Again, we are just doing our jobs and trying to ensure we give our team the best chance to win on a level playing field.”

As for coach Chuck Pagano, he didn’t want to get into anything, and is looking forward to the completion of the Wells report.

“I’m really not going to,” Pagano told reporters. “We all know there is an investigation going on right now. I don’t really have any comment as far as that goes. I’m as eager to hear the outcome of the investigation as I’m sure many of you are.”

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NFL exec: Colts GM Ryan Grigson asked league to check footballs during AFC championship 02.03.15 at 12:54 pm ET
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Ryan Grigson

Ryan Grigson

After conflicting reports of how the referees were notified to check the footballs in the AFC championship game, it seems like there’s a real answer.

According to Pro Football Talk, in an interview that will air Tuesday night on Showtime, NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said Colts general manager Ryan Grigson told the NFL in the second quarter of the AFC championship game that the Patriots might be tampering with the footballs.

It is still unclear of exactly how Grigson became aware of the deflated footballs and whether or not any other teams in the league had any involvement, or even if the Colts had suspicions from after the first game the two teams played earlier in the year.

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Ready to kick things off at the Combine 02.21.13 at 9:59 am ET
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INDIANAPOLIS — Hello from Lucas Oil Stadium, where the annual scouting combine is underway.

On Thursday, offensive linemen, tight ends and special teamers will meet with the media. NFL coaches and executives will also address the media over the four days, with Ryan Grigson, Chip Kelly and Rex Ryan among those set to speak Thursday.

As far as players go, Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel figures to be the biggest name in focus Thursday. The 6-foot-6, 310-pound lineman figures to be in the mix to go first overall in April’s draft, though a lot of that will depend on whether the Chiefs bring back starting left tackle Branden Albert.

The workout schedule is as follows:

Saturday: Tight ends, offensive linemen, special teams
Sunday: Quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers
Monday: Defensive linemen, linebackers
Tuesday: Defensive backs

Check back for updates from Christopher Price and yours truly through Sunday.

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Andrew Luck isn’t house-hunting in Indianapolis just yet 02.24.12 at 4:17 pm ET
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INDIANAPOLIS — While Robert Griffin III got a question about his unique sock collection right out of the gate — Ninja Turtles, for those of you keeping track at home — Andrew Luck got a real estate question. The Stanford quarterback, who many believe is the heir apparent in Indianapolis to Peyton Manning, was asked if he was doing any house hunting while he was in Indianapolis this week.

‘€œIt’€™s a little premature for that, I think,’€ Luck said with a smile.

The sight of Luck standing in The House That Peyton Manning Built and being asked about the possibility of replacing him in the Indianapolis lineup is surreal. But that’€™s what the Stanford product did for his session with the media that ran for 10-plus minutes at the NFL scouting combine on Friday afternoon. Luck talked about his game, the quarterbacks he admires now (a group that includes Patriots signal-caller Tom Brady) and his decision not to throw this week in Indianapolis.

But mostly, it was about Peyton.

‘€œI’€™m not too caught up in that right now. I understand that it is a possibility,’€ Luck said when asked about possibly taking over for Manning. ‘€œPeyton was my hero growing up. He was my football hero. It’€™s who I modeled myself after in high school, in middle school, whenever it was. You never truly replace a guy like that, and who knows what happens? So many different things could happen, but I’€™m not thinking about it too much right now.

‘€œI understand the questions have to be asked. It’€™s part of it. I understand its speculation,’€ Luck added. ‘€œIn my mind, too, nothing’€™s happened yet. I haven’€™t been drafted by any team and obviously with Peyton, that’€™s still going on with the Colts. It’€™s not uncomfortable. I understand the questions have to be asked.’€
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Colts GM not ready to make a decision on Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck 02.23.12 at 4:15 pm ET
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INDIANAPOLIS — Even if the Super Bowl and combine weren’t at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis was bound to get plenty of attention this offseason. With a decision to make on Peyton Manning and the likely addition of Andrew Luck, the Colts’ quarterback situation is the offseason’s No. 1 storyline.

Colts general manager Ryan Grigson, who was hired last month to replace the fired Bill Polian, has quite the decision ahead of him. Manning, who missed last season with a neck injury, is due a $28 million option bonus on March 8, and Luck is considered one of the best quarterback prospects to emerge in years.

Grigson spoke to the media Thursday at the scouting combine, but he wasn’t willing to say much on the team’s plans.

“It’s an ongoing process. It’s something that obviously is not going to be a rash thing. We’ve taken our time,” Grigson said on where the organization stands with Manning. “I know you guys would like to know more. Everyone would like to have this nailed down, but there’s a lot of variables and factors involved. There’s a great player involved that’s near and dear to the organization, and we want to just do it the right way and do what’s best for the organization and Peyton.”

The Colts have not seen Manning throw, and Grigson wouldn’t say what he needs to see out of the four-time MVP before making a decision. He did note that the sides have remained in contact, with Manning keeping in touch with owner Jim Irsay.

“We’ve been in talks with him,” Grigson said. “He’s talked with Jim quite a bit. They have a very amicable relationship, and they’ve spoken. He just needs to be healthy and we’ll hopefully, over the course of time here, have more for you but right now there’s nothing I can tell you that’s much different than before.”

Added Grigson: “I can’t comment on any medical questions or medical statuses. I’m not up here to do that. I’m here to focus on the combine. I can’t talk about Peyton’s medical status right now.”

As for Luck, the GM said the team has not decided who they will take first overall, but he did sing the Stanford quarterback’s praises.

“He’s a great player,” Grigson said of Luck. “The last guy in the last row of any stadium could tell you that he’s a heck of a quarterback, heck of a person, an intelligent kid. He’s got a lot to offer, as do a lot of other players, including other quarterbacks in this draft. This is going to be a good draft. There’s a lot of talent across the board positionally.”

Could the Colts potentially keep Manning and still draft Luck?

“He’s a great one,” the GM responded, referring to Manning. “We’d love to have Peyton or whomever in house, but there’s a lot of variables involved in this whole decision. It doesn’t make sense for me to speculate because it’s very hypothetical.”

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