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Tom Brady on D&C: ‘It’s nice that it actually goes our way’ after past Super Bowl frustration 02.03.15 at 9:44 am ET
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Tom Brady captured his fourth Super Bowl title Sunday against the Seahawks. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Tom Brady captured his fourth Super Bowl title Sunday against the Seahawks. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, still reveling in Sunday’s Super Bowl victory over the Seahawks, made his final weekly appearance of the season with Dennis & Callahan on Tuesday morning. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Recalling the final 80 seconds of Sunday’s game, Brady expressed his dismay with the circus catch by Seahawks receiver Jermaine Kearse that made it appear New England would be victim to another miraculous finish, and his elation when rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler made the game-saving interception.

“I couldn’t believe [Kearse] caught it,” Brady said. “I watched the play and then I saw the deflection and I thought it was incomplete so I turned my back pretty quick. And then somehow people were still cheering. I turned around and I saw the refs going to signal a catch. I really couldn’t see what happened. I looked up on the big screen and I saw the catch and I just shook my head. I said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’

“And then they gave it to Marshawn [Lynch] on whatever, first down. And then it was second down. And then it all happened so quick. The clock was running. I was like, ‘Are we going to call timeout? What are we going to do? We chose not to. There was obviously a great reason why we didn’t. Malcolm came up with the play of our season.

“It was very quick how all that stuff transpired. And that’s football. We’ve been on the other end of that. Things that would happen once every 10 years happened against us. So it’s nice that it actually goes our way.”

While Butler was not well known to most of America before his pick, Brady said the Patriots knew he was capable of making just such a play.

“A guy like Malcolm who makes that type of instinctive, quick play, that’s one of his strong suits,” Brady said. “I don’t think it surprised any of us players, because that’s really what his skill set is. A lot of people didn’t get to see that over the course of the season.

“It comes off as a great play, which it really was, obviously the biggest time of the year. Someone had to make a play. It happened to be Malcolm.”

Asked if he would consider giving his MVP truck to Butler, Brady said: “I would love to give him the truck. I would love to do that. I’m going to figure out how to make that work.”

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AP source: Julian Edelman passed concussion test in Super Bowl 02.02.15 at 1:33 pm ET
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Julian Edelman was fired up after his game-winning touchdown catch. (Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Julian Edelman was fired up after his game-winning touchdown catch. (Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman passed a concussion test in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl, a source told The Associated Press, and was cleared to remain in the game before catching the game-winning touchdown in a thrilling 28-24 victory over the Seahawks.

Edelman got up slowly after absorbing a punishing hit from Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor while converting a crucial third-and-14 in the fourth quarter. The source told the AP that Edelman was examined on the Patriots sideline by medical staff and an independent neurologist.

He remained on the field and helped the Patriots to two fourth-quarter touchdowns that erased a 24-14 deficit. He finished with nine catches for 109 yards, and his 3-yard touchdown proved the game-winner.

On Monday in Arizona, quarterback Tom Brady saluted Edelman’s toughness.

“Yeah, he took a big hit on what I thought, obviously, was one of the big plays of the game,” Brady said. “We were backed up third-and-long and he found a way — made a great route on an in-cut, I put it on him and Kam, who’€™s a big safety, laid a good shot on him.”

Patriots coach Bill Belichick said the decision for Edelman to return was solely a medical one.

“I am a coach,” Belichick said. “I have a deal with our trainers and doctors: They’re the medical experts and they don’t call plays, and I’m the coach and I don’t get involved in the medical part. They clear players to play, then if we want to play them, we play them. The plays we call I don’t have to get approval from them. It’s a good setup.”

Brady marveled at how far Edelman has come as a receiver.

“It speaks to him and his work ethic, his upbringing, his character, what he’€™s all about,” Brady said. “Just a phenomenal player who played, obviously, the game of his life in the biggest game of his career.”

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Tom Brady: Malcolm Butler made ‘perfect play at the perfect time’ at 12:56 pm ET
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Malcolm Butler makes the game-saving interception on a Russell Wilson pass Sunday night. (Harry How/Getty Images)

Malcolm Butler makes the game-saving interception on a Russell Wilson pass Sunday night. (Harry How/Getty Images)

PHOENIX — Tom Brady got to know Malcolm Butler pretty early.

On Monday morning — roughly 12 hours after Butler’s game-saving interception — the Patriots quarterback recalled the getting-to-know-you process involving the rookie cornerback out of West Alabama.

“He made a mark in the rookie (minicamp) — in OTAs,” Brady recalled with a smile. “This one player just kept making plays and I kept going, “Who is that? Who’s that guy running down balls?’

“He had great quickness, great speed, great jumping ability,” added Brady. “(He) played the ball so well, intercepting passes all season long practicing on the scout team, and got some opportunities as the season went along to play on defense. It all leads to that particular moment.”

When it came around, Butler was prepared for that moment — as scout team quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo recalled shortly after the end of the Super Bowl, Butler had been beaten in practice earlier in the week on the same play he delivered on against the Seahawks.

“You put a lot of hard work in over the course of the season and Malcolm did that,” Brady said. “To recognize a formation, a play, put it all together in your mind as a young player, it was the perfect play at the perfect time. Obviously, none of us will ever forget that play. I’m just proud of him.

“He’€™s been doing it to me in practice all season, so it was actually nice to see him pick somebody else off,” he added. “I’€™m so happy for him.’€

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Tom Brady confesses to ‘little bit of doubt’ after Jermaine Kearse catch at 12:45 pm ET
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Tom Brady won his third Super Bowl MVP Sunday night. (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Tom Brady won his third Super Bowl MVP Sunday night. (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

PHOENIX — It seemed like deja vu all over again for the Patriots.

After coming from 10 points down in the fourth quarter, Jermaine Kearse made a catch for the ages with the ball bouncing around before he ended up by catching the ball on his backside, setting the Seahawks up inside the 10-yard line for the potential game-winning touchdown, before Malcolm Butler stole the show and picked off Russell Wilson at the goal line.

Although Brady said he was confident they would win the game even being down 10 points, he had “a little bit of doubt” following the Kearse catch.

“I mean, I kind of turned away,” Brady said. “I saw Malcolm [Butler] make a great play and he tipped it and I turned my head and then the guy got up and started running and I said, ‘€˜What happened?’€™ I saw the review and couldn’€™t believe it. I felt like we were going to win the whole game, and then they made that catch and then I had a little bit of doubt, and then we made a great play.

“Like I said, we’€™ve been on the other end of some great catches and not been able to finish it out, and this time. We made the play.”

The 37-year-old, three-time Super Bowl MVP, was asked about how long he can keep playing at the level that he is, and Brady maintained he wants to keep playing for a long time.

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Bill Belichick: ‘I couldn’t be prouder of all the people in our organization’ at 12:15 pm ET
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Bill Belichick reflected Monday morning on Sunday's win and the season as a whole. (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Bill Belichick reflected Monday morning on Sunday’s win and the season as a whole. (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

PHOENIX — Roughly 12 hours after the Patriots’ 28-24 win over the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX, Bill Belichick and MVP Tom Brady spoke at the Phoenix Convention Center reflecting on both the game and the season.

“In the end, I couldn’€™t be prouder of all the people in our organization,” Belichick said. “The players, Tom [Brady] referred to some of them, and the coaching staff. All year long, this team grinded it out. They’€™re tough physically. They’€™re tough mentally. They competed day after day. I can tell you that I work this team hard.

“I know from personal experience that this team came to work every day. They didn’€™t make any excuses. When things didn’€™t go right, they just rolled up their sleeves and got back to work and tried to fix them. It wasn’€™t always perfect like last night. It’€™s a group that never stopped competing, never stopped fighting and never stopped playing.”

With the team coming back from 10 points down in the fourth quarter after allowing 17 straight Seattle points from the end of the first half to the third quarter, Belichick said it as symbolic of the team’s season, led by their quarterback.

“I think last night’€™s game, for me, was reflective of the entire year, what I saw on a daily basis from that group of players and coaches. Tom, a lot of things have been said about him this morning and they’€™re all true,” said Belichick. “He’€™s a great player. It’€™s been a great privilege to coach Tom for the last 15 years, 14 years as starting quarterback. We have a great relationship. We meet on a regular basis weekly several times. I can’€™t think of a more deserving player than Tom to be the recipient of the accolades that he has this week, and particularly last night and today here.

“He’€™s our leader. He competes as well as any player I’€™ve ever coached. He’€™s well-prepared. He has great poise and great presence. He may not always be perfect, as it is for any of us. We all have our moments, but Tom, like many other players on our team, is the guy that fights to the end and competes until the end. There’€™s no player I respect more for that than Tom.”

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Tom Brady Sr. defends son’s reputation: ‘He is all class’ at 10:29 am ET
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When all was said and done Sunday night after the Patriots had won the Super Bowl, Tom Brady Sr. talked about Deflategate and expressed how he felt about his son’s reputation being challenged for the past two weeks.

“He is all class,” Brady Sr. told ESPN while on the field for the victory celebration. “For people to question his integrity …”

Brady Sr. said that the way the leaks about the investigation came out was a “conniving way to do business.”

“There was no sting? B.S. They’ve never gauged footballs at halftime,” Brady Sr. added.

Though the Seahawks and Patriots were allowed to practice all week with the footballs used during the game, on Sunday the balls were “kept under lock and key,” according to ESPN, until 10 minutes before kickoff.

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Tim Hasselbeck on D&C: Peyton Manning still greatest QB of all time at 9:56 am ET
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ESPN’s Tim Hasselbeck checked in with Dennis & Callahan on Monday morning to give his take on Tom Brady and the Super Bowl. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

The Tom Brady-Peyton Manning debate arguably was settled Sunday evening when Brady picked up his fourth Super Bowl win. For Hasselbeck, though, the better quarterback doesn’t necessarily come down to who’s won the most championships.

When asked in a previous interview whose career he would rather have, Hasselbeck picked Manning over Brady, citing the way Manning changed the game offensively as his reasoning and noting that you can’t use postseason success as a measuring stick for a career. He defended that answer Monday.

“As somebody who played at the quarterback position in the NFL, at a time that both of those guys were playing, nobody’s changed the game more than Peyton Manning or changed the way that that position is played more than Peyton Manning,” he said. “And from my experience as a quarterback in the NFL, that’s a fact. Also what I said was when you look at wins and losses, especially in the postseason, there are so many other factors that dictate who wins and loses the game. It’s such a team environment, so … I just don’t think it does the careers justice for any of these quarterbacks to try to narrow it down to just what happens in these postseason games.”

Hasselbeck also pointed out that other contributions have to be considered when considering who is the best. For example, Manning never had a Bill Belichick in his ear. But Hasselbeck said that Manning has had a more lasting impact on the game of anyone else.

“As a player, as somebody that watched both of these guys play and we face common opponents and things like that, I had a huge appreciation for that, just like I had a huge appreciation for Brett Favre and his toughness, the way that he was ready to play each and every week, and just like I had an appreciation for Kurt Warner and his journey to achieve the things that he achieved,” he said. “So you’re asking me my opinion on what I would rather have, as somebody that played that position, that’s exactly how I feel about it.”

Were one to phrase the question differently, however, Hasselbeck said there’s little to no debate on the topic of who is the best postseason quarterback is or who is the best coach-quarterback duo. He also maintains that “Brady’s better right now,” but if you ask who the best of all time is, his answer remains Manning.

Peyton Manning has won a Super Bowl, he’s achieved things that most quarterbacks aren’t able to ever achieve,” he said. “He’s going to own basically every passing record that exists. So you ask me whose career I would rather have, based on that and how I explained to you he changed the game of football from an offensive perspective, that was my answer.”

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